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I went through the Angst Archive and found the epic sized hurt/comfort stories listed there. Turns out there were a lot more than I expected.


Any Means Necessary
Dark Angel Fire (Okay this one is freaking epic in size and scope)
Life From the Ashes This one should make every hurt/comfort epic list. I think it defines the term epic.
Prone Okay this is more Krycek oriented but it's longer than 50k words and there is a lot of hurting and some comforting, more emotional type stuff.
The Adversary Xanthe's written some epics. This is one of my personal favorites.
The Changing Series
Wild Justice This had a lot of hurting and it clocks in at 90k words give or take a few thousand.
Out of the Dark long novel, but very good.


Just a Guy 392931 words of good stuff. And yes there is hurting and comforting.


Cold Comfort
Distorted Image
Perfect Timing
The R Series
the Shattering of Masks 161291 (okay this really does fit criteria of epic hurt/comfort though I think this story has A LOT more hurting than comforting)
Tom, Dick, and Harry


A Mad Wind
Jack's Viking Sky 319513 I think this is the longest hurt/comfort fic I've found in this fandom.
the Mountain's Hail 100k...
Quality of Mercy Gen but wow is there a lot of hurting going on in this story.


Dark Moon, High Tide (PegBa'al)

Star Trek: TOS

The Taming

Weiss Kreuz

Popcorn Series about 50k but lots of hurting....
Shadow Games
Unexpected Talents 89651 words


Special: The Genesis of Cyclops awesome story, not sure if I really want to know how many words are in it. Long read. (okay I changed my mind, it's 140k words....)
Summers in Slavery


Ad Astra Per Aspera
Away Series

Harry Potter

Reptile 150786 words of hurting and well actually not a lot of comfort going on in this fic either, but I couldn't put the story down...
Spellbound 90k words
Under Your Spell


Mentor (one of my personal favorites in this fandom) 125641k
Shattered Soul
True Minds


Reality Squared

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