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Aug. 23rd, 2017 11:15 am
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Oy, the subway this morning, I can't even. One of the great joys of vacation, even if I'm staying home, as I am this time around, is not having to get on the subway unless I want to, and certainly not during a really screwed up morning rush.

I keep checking FedEx to see if the package with the contracts/check was delivered. By 10:30 they said! But at 11 am, it's still in transit. Sigh. eta: And delivered as of 11:20 am. Whew./eta

Anyway. It's time for what I'm reading Wednesday:

What I've just finished
nothing yet.

What I'm currently reading
The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin, the third book of the Broken Earth trilogy. I'm not finding it quite as compelling as the first two books. spoilers ) I'm about 60% through, so I imagine more terrible things are coming.

What I'm reading next
As always, it's a mystery. I have many things on my iPad, so we'll see what catches my fancy.



Aug. 22nd, 2017 08:21 pm
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This is going to be a very tiring week. You see, I knew I had an audit today. Internal, one where I was leading it. That was planned for. Tiring but productive so it's okay. I still have to write up the audit report and get the notes organized but hey, that's more or less done.

Tomorrow, there is a customer audit. This was known, planned for and loathed but known. I'm going to be Very Tired tomorrow so don't expect much of a post if I manage one at all.

Then, on Monday, we discovered that there was another customer audit this week, on Thursday. With a humongous scope that should, properly, take at least two days to cover. We've had, like, next to no time to prepare for it. There was hope that it'd be moved out a couple of weeks but nope, the auditor decided to come Thursday despite crisis on his side.

*loud desperate whining*

I am going to be completely and utterly flattened by the end of this week. One audit exhausts me. Two, back to back, is not just exhausting but devastating to my RSI. Taking that many notes is physically painful for weeks.


JFC, I'm going to be miserable.

But it's what has to happen so I'll survive it. Unhappily.

It's a good thing I'd already decided to ramp down my writing production as of this week. Because man, I'm going to be lucky to get even 500 words per day for the rest of the week.

I managed 1100 today, on the newest short story. It's squarely urban fantasy though, as always, I've no idea where I'm going with it. Doubt I'll finish it before the weekend. It feels like about 5-6K of story right now.

Goals for tomorrow are small: write 500 words, get this week's cover done (and ebook if possible), survive the audit. That's it.

Off to bath and early, early, EARLY bedtime for me. Goodnight everyone!
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It didn't do so for the physical world with its main character, who was hunting a killer in the Cloud World of the AIs.

It did so for the physical world with two of the supporting characters.

One was a detective working the case of the robot that'd killed.

The other programmed that kind of robot.

Their conversation turned to development. )

Happy Birthday Two You

Aug. 22nd, 2017 10:05 pm
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So I guess this being labeled a Two-Face story is a bit of a spoiler but then again the title isn't exactly a subtle one. In addition to the expected character moments I also chose this story for how it depicts Bruce Wayne.

Story under the cut... )

Midnight, Texas 1x05 - Unearthed

Aug. 22nd, 2017 09:15 pm
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Still digging this show although it's got some issues that came into focus with this one. I'm starting to think it might be fun to offer it for Yuletide.

spoilers )

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