Dec. 31st, 2008

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Harry Potter/Supernatural

As Small as a World, as Large as Alone by mimblexwimble (Gen) This was heartbreaking in a way. And I loved Dean's voice.

The Stand

Signs, Not Always Meaning Portents (The Stand) by yuletide I really loved Nick from the Stand and this worked for me.

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In no particular order or fandom preference. Though I did add SGA and SPN last because I really could not narrow down the list to just 5 each. I went through my instant rec tag on my delicious page. And the stories I remembered best I added to this list.


Missing Persons by [ profile] dsudis (Don/Charlie)

Due South

Chicago's Most Wanted by [ profile] cesperanza (Fraser/Kowalski) Technically this wasn't written in 2008 however I just found Due South fandom in 2008 and this was my favorite story.


walked right out of the machinery by [ profile] rydra_won (Gen, AU)


Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive by [ profile] dsudis (Jack/Ianto)

Stargate Atlantis

Indelible by [ profile] shaenie (Sheppard/McKay)
Decreasing Radii by [ profile] cathalin (Sheppard/McKay)
Theory of Everything by [ profile] rheanna27 (Sheppard/McKay)
See No Evil by [ profile] greyias (Gen)
Ghost in the Machine by [ profile] friendshipper (Gen)
Rewind, Reboot, Restore by [ profile] rheanna27 (Sheppard/McKay)
Forget Me Not by [ profile] maisierita (Sheppard/McKay)
The Difference Engine by [ profile] copperbadge (Sheppard/McKay)


Do I seem bulletproof to you? by [ profile] fleshflutter (Jared/Jensen)
The Fetters of Fenrir by [ profile] leonidaslion (Sam/Dean)
Hangman is Coming Down From the Gallows by [ profile] withdiamonds (Sam/Dean)
Filthy Minds by [ profile] rivkat (Sam/Dean)
On Phthonus' Altar by [ profile] leonidaslion (Sam/Dean) HOTTEST story of the year.
Now We Are Come to Our Kingdom by [ profile] cormallen (Sam/Dean)
This is Sparta by [ profile] lovesrain44 (Gen)
Phantom Load by [ profile] lovesrain44 (Gen)
Last Outpost of All That Is by [ profile] eighth_horizon (Sam/Dean)
And So Awakens Devils by [ profile] concernedlily (Sam/Dean)
You Take It With You by [ profile] lazy_daze (Sam/Dean)
Familiar Admonishments by [ profile] teand (John/Dean, underage pre-series)
Gone Again by [ profile] candle_beck (Sam/Dean)

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