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This last Friday I saw one of the best movies I've seen in a year, it's a Japanese animated movie. I laughed, cried, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about this movie. I saw the subtitled version and it was a full audience. The animation is gorgeous, the characters felt real, and I loved the score.

If you have the opportunity you should watch this movie while it's still out in theaters.
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Footloose - Loaded March
INSTANT REC!!! This is a must read for anyone in Merlin fandom. I'm glad I waited until the series finished because once I started reading I couldn't stop. I loved the military aspects, the character voices, the plot, the scope and ambition of the story isn't something you find every day.



jadedace - Eihwaz
Summary: After the battle of New York, Loki was sentenced to be executed by an Aesir trial. What the god didn't expect was to wake up the morning after his private beheading in the body of a recent adversary, on a realm he had only just left...with the other person still very much alive and kicking inside. Tony is not too happy about his new headmate, and Loki is hardly thrilled over his new living arrangements. But with a new threat from the Mad Titan on Midgard's horizon, it's up to the two of them to keep the Tesseract out of hands that mean to misuse it's power.

Review: I loved the concept, character voices, and seeing Tony and Loki work together.


Harry Potter

firethesound - Twice as Much as an Earthquake
I had a fun time reading this fic. The sex was hot and I liked how Draco and Harry interacted.


Teen Wolf

JoeLawson - Wolf in the House
I liked the character voices and that Stils and his dad took care of Derek when he needed help.


Yiichi - Specialized Technical Intelligence and Logistics for Earth and Space (S.T.I.L.E.S)
I loved the concept and a had a fun time reading.



Avengers/Harry Potter

esama - Spellist
I loved the concept.


Bleach/Harry Potter

metisket - There May Be Some Collateral Damage
I liked the humor, character voices, and seeing the outsider perspective of Hogwarts.


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It's that time of year again where I post my favorite stories and vids of 2011. Not all the stories were posted in 2011 but it's the year I found them for the first time, so it counts in my book. :)

The stories below are listed in no particular order or fandom preference. This year it was again difficult to narrow down my absolute favorites.

I have ebook versions for all the stories listed here (except for Family Matters) if you'd like a mobi/epub version of a story listed here and the author doesn't already have one email me at amalthia at and I'll share my copy with you.

Star Trek Reboot, Merlin, Marvel (Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, X-Men), DCU (Batman, Young Justice, Flash), Fullmetal Alchemist, Inception, Vid Recs

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Impulse Control by ahja_reyn (Pairing:Tim/Kon) I loved how in character the guys were and Kon's observations at the end. Plus the sex was pretty hot.

Things You Get Used To by Te (pairing:Tim/Kon/Bart) This was hot and I loved that there was fallout from the sex pollen Tim going crazy thing.

Ever More Reckless by merelymine (Pairing:Dick/Tim) This was a very hot first time story with some wonderfully tender moments.

Star Trek Original

Father to the Man by Frankie I loved Spock's pov and the way he and Jim become friends.

Iron Man/Batman

I Hate Everything About You by thedevilchicken (Pairing:Bruce/Tony) This was a lot of fun to read. I adore xovers and this one was funny and the character voices felt real.

Never Thought by jane_potter (Pairing:Bruce/Tony) This was hot and my only complaint is that there isn't more to read.


It's Electrifying by waketosleep (Darcy/Hawkeye) I LOVED Darcy's character voice and laughed more than once reading this story.

X- Men

Shattered, Rebuilding by tartanshell (Pairing:Xavier/Magneto) I loved seeing Erik's pov and this was sad and quiet.


Driving and Other Lessons by scribblinlenore (Pairing:Clark/Lex) This was hot and perfect. I loved Lex's pov and it was funny and sweet.

Star Trek Reboot

Autocorrect Never Dies by scraplove INSTANT REC!!! I don't think I laughed this hard in ages. It's not really a story but all these autocorrect messages gone wrong. It's like Damn You Autocorrect but for Star Trek.

Fullmetal Alchemist

The Best Thing by truths_in_lies (Pairing:Ed/Roy) I loved the concept and Ed's character voice felt spot on.

Must Like Cats by scimitarsmile (Pairing:Ed/Roy) This was so sweet and funny.

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This is about a months worth of recs...I think this may be my only rec post for the month of February and second post of the month. I think school is keeping me far too busy. That and re-watching all of Farscape...I'd forgotten how awesome this series was and I'm having a tough time finding good fan fiction in the Farscape fandom.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Sex Ed Teacher by skydark - The Adventures of Roy Mustang (Pairing:Ed/Roy) INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. I don't think I've laughed this much from the antics of the characters in forever. I highly recommend reading the sequel, Better Living Through Alchemy and the 3rd story in the series is a WIP so read that one at your own risk. Basically, this was an all around fun story to read and I loved the character voices.

Window Dressing by thehoyden (Pairing:Ed/Roy) This was short but I loved the Roy's character voice and Ed's was spot on. :)

You and Your Fuck Awful Timing by lightgetsin (Pairing:Ed/Roy) I loved the character voices and the progressions in the story. :)


Ties That Bind by thehoyden (Pairing:Bruce/Dick Tim/Kon) This was hot and funny. :)

Stargate Atlantis

Character Witness by mad_maudlin I LOVED the premise and the character voices. This was short but said a lot.


These Castle Walls Bleed Lies by marguerite_26 (merlin/arthur) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the character voices, the plot, and I loved the ending.

Doctor Who

The Swan Princess by Mad_Maudlin (Pairing:Amy/Rory) I loved this fusion and the character voices were spot on and Rory was so awesome. :)

Harry Potter

In Loco Parentis by Dolores_Crane (Pairing:Hermione/Harry Harry/Snape) INSTANT REC!!! This wasn't like any Harry Potter fic I've read in ages. It's probably because it's told from Hermione's pov but it also it touches on some much deeper issues and I could not stop reading once I started. I'll also add that one part made me cry.


Rough Trade by whiskyrunner (Pairing:Arthur/Eames) It starts off with hot sex and just gets better. :)


One Brick at a Time by nutkin (Sam/Dean Sam/OFC) This was very hot. I loved the build up and the ending really worked for me.

Worship Not These False Idols by killabeez (Sam/Ruby) I loved Sam's pov and the sex was hot.

Some (Don't) Like It Hot by strangeandcharm (Pairing:Castiel/Dean Pairing:Castiel/Sam) I loved the concept and this was hot. :)

Farscape Vid Rec

Deep by rhoboat (vid:recs:farscape) This vid hit all my buttons and I loved how twisted it was.

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It took a week but my husband and I finished watching all 64 episodes! I can't describe just how much I loved this series. I cried, laughed, sat on the edge of my seat, and LOVED so many of the characters. I can't remember enjoying a show this much in ages. If you've already seen the first Fullmetal Alchemist you should still give this one a try. The story veers off into a completely different direction and introduces whole new characters. I'll also add that the ending made a lot more logical sense than the original series ending.

I'm now off to see if I can find any recs for this fandom. I checked and it seems like they have over 30k FMA stories listed. Um I would not turn down any pointers to good stories if anyone on my flist has recs. :)
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Star Trek Reboot

Still Life by garryowen (dogpoet) (Kirk/Spock) INSTANT REC!!!! I loved the imagery, the character voices, and I had tears in my eyes through half the story. I loved the story concept and the images of the monastery.

Streetlight People Masterpost by ladyblahblah (Kirk/Spock) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the premise, the character voices, and I could not stop reading once I started.


The Music Makers by mami_san (Pairing:Arthur/Eames) INSTANT REC!!! This has been one of the most satisfying Inception stories I've read. The world building, character voices, and plot were all compelling. I could not stop reading once I started the story.

Metaphors As Mixed As You Can Make Them by halflinen (Pairing:Arthur/Eames) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the writing style, character voices, and I loved how Eames at the beginning of the story isn't the same as the one at the end. There was character change and growth and it made sense.

Towards Zero by mirabella (Pairing:Arthur/Eames) I loved Arthur's pov and the sex was incredibly hot.

Call and Answer by airgiodslv (Pairing:Arthur/Eames) The sex was hot and I loved the character voices.

Perfect Recall Verse by mami_san (Pairing:Arthur/Eames) INSTANT REC!!! This premise hit my kinks in all the right ways. I loved the character voices, the buildup, and the sex was hot.

White Collar

love's a universe beyond obey by hoosierbitch (Pairing:Moz/Neal) I loved the language in the story and the quiet moments. Moz was awesome.

Always Starts the Same, with a Boy and a Girl by lightgetsin (Peter/Neal/Elizabeth) I loved how this story unfolded and the twist on how things turned out.

Hikaru No Go

The Rival by harukami (shindou/touya) I absolutely adored the character voices and laughed more than once. I could see this happening. :)

Issues by Mirabella (shindou/touya) I loved Shindou in this story.


Every Me and Every You by runedgirl (Sam/Dean) This was very hot and I loved Sam and Dean's character voices.

Due South/Supernatural

Cabin Fever by strangeandcharm (Pairing:Castiel/Dean) I loved the character voices and the concept. :)

Battlestar Galactica Vid Recs

I'm Not Dead by dualbunny (vid:recs:bsg) INSTANT REC!!! I watched this vid about a million times and I'm still not tired of it.

Who Knew by dualbunny (vid:recs:bsg) This was another good relationship vid that summed up the Kara/Lee storyline rather well. :)

Some Time Around Midnight by bop_radar (vid:recs:bsg) INSTANT REC!!! This vid blew me away. It's the Kara/Lee vid I've been wanting to see for years and didn't know it.

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Respect by darksilvercat (Castiel/Dean) This was rather hot.

I've Got A Hand For You by valiant This was hot.

Sincerely, Castiel by mabele (Castiel/Dean) This was so sweet. :)

In Skewed Ascension by someblazingstar (Castiel/Dean) This was short and hot.

Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full by leonidasden (Sam/Dean) I loved Dean as a vampire. This had some very hot moments and Sam's torment felt real.

Second Childhood by cloudy_fic (Castiel/Dean) I love de-aged kidfic stories and seeing Sam as a child was fun.

Miracle Anti-Aging Cream by vikki I loved the concept and the character voices. :)

Stargate Atlantis

If You Can't Be With the One You Love by auburn (Sheppard/McKay McKay/Keller) This was entertaining.

Hikaru No Go

Waterloo by bookshop (Touya/Hikaru) I LOVED the character voices and this was awesome. :)

Legend Of The Seeker

Five Things That Never Happened to Cara by irony_fics (Gen) I loved Cara so much in this story.


It Doesn't Work If You See It Coming by themadlurker (Merlin/Arthur) This was a fun read. :)

Doctor Who Vid Rec

Tenth Doctor: The Musical by di_br (vid:recs:doctorwho) This was rather awesome. :)

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Stargate Atlantis

Blackout Conditions by whizzy (Sheppard/McKay) INSTANT REC!!!! I LOVED the plot, the character voices, and I could not stop reading once I started. This series has been consistently exciting and well told and this story is no exception. This is one of those series if you're not reading it, you should be. :)


Louder Than Bells by [personal profile] dotfic(Castiel/Dean) I loved Dean's pov and the sex was hot.

Like Diamonds In a Cave by lazy_daze (Sam/Dean) I loved the character voices, imagery, and the ending really worked for me.

Star Trek Reboot

Lessons in Control by jouissant (Kirk/Spock) This was hot. :)

Weiss Kreuz

Gefallen Engel by mami-san (Schuldich/Yohji) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the premise of this story, the character voices, and how the plot falls into place. This story is all about Schwarz which is one of the things I really loved about it. :)(the author doesn't warn for character death but expect character death for the Weiss Kreuz team)

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The stories below are listed in no particular order or fandom preference. These are my personal favorite fics from the year 2009, as in I've re-read or obsessed about the stories more than normal. Out of the 400-600 fics I've read this year it wasn't easy selecting just under 20 to highlight. My original plan was to do a top five fics per fandom but I actually want to have a life. :) This year there were some truly awesome fics that were shared in multiple of fandoms and I look forward to seeing what the year 2010 brings. :)

I don't normally say much about fics when I do my normal recommendations mostly due to fear of leaving a spoiler but on these ones I wrote a bit more than normal and some fics may have spoilers so read the reviews at your own risk.

Recs under the cut )
Some conclusions )

EDIT: Forgot to say that this is the first year I'm trying this format for my end of the year recs. My format for Favorite Stories 2008 was a list of stories sorted by fandom. The plus side of that method was more stories! But the downside was that I couldn't really talk about why I loved the stories so much.

This year it was rather time consuming to do reviews for each story on the 2009 list so I narrowed my list down even further to get it posted before midnight tonight.

If anyone has an opinion on which type of recs they prefer I'd love to hear your thoughts. I wasn't sure if I should do this again next year, or go back to how I did things in 2008.
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Hikaru No Go

desynchronization by ontogenesis (Ogata/Sai) INSTANT REC!!! I could not stop reading once I started. I LOVED the character voices, the setup, and how everything came together. To find the story scroll down until you get to the big graphic of Sai and Hikaru.

Star Trek Reboot

On A Day Like This by oxymoronic (Kirk/McCoy) I liked the character voices and the plot. I had a hard time putting this story down!

Refractions by bigmamag (Kirk/Spock) This was fun to read. I loved seeing glimpses into other realities. Some where a bit heartbreaking.

For the Greater Good by meri_oddities (Kirk/McCoy Kirk/Spock Kirk/Uhura) I really liked the concept and the world building.

Love is Strange by [personal profile] garryowen (Kirk/Spock) INSTANT REC!!! I loved that the author took this concept and made it believable! I loved all the touching, the character voices, and the sex was hot.

Making a Living Out of Hope by casspeach (McCoy/Chekov) I really liked the plot, the character voices, and the way the story wraps up. Very well told.

Cowboys Lost At Sea by ayalesca (Kirk/McCoy) This was interesting, I liked the concept, character voices, and it was romantic.

Stargate Atlantis

Calling Down the Lightning by [ profile] dreamwaffles (Sheppard/McKay) INSTANT REC!!! I had a lot of fun reading this story. I loved the concept, character voices, and the ending worked for me.

The Magical Number Seven (Plus or Minus Two) by [personal profile] general_jinjur (Gen) INSTANT REC!!! I could not stop reading once I started. I loved the plot, the character voices, and this was bittersweet in a way but the ending worked for me. wonderful storytelling!

Dark Shadows

Faith in the Atmosphere by lovesrain44 (Willie/Barnabas) This is the final story in the Splinter Verse and this entire series was rather captivating. I loved the character voices and I felt for Willie.


An Offering For Sin by varkelton (sam/dean) INSTANT REC!!! This was incredibly hot and hit just about all of my kinks. I loved plot, the character voices, and it goes without saying I loved the sex in the story.


you must remember this by seperis (Merlin/Arthur) I really loved the imagery and this was interesting.

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Die Hard

National Pastime by dsudis (John/Matt) This was fun and I really liked the character voices.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Play to Win by lightgetsin (Ed/Roy) This was fun and I loved Roy's voice and the sex was hot.


Treason to Us by janne_d (Merlin/Arthur) I liked the character voices and the plot.

Obeisance by casspeach (Merlin/Arthur) I really liked this story.

Stargate Atlantis

Faith Healing by aesc (Sheppard/McKay) I really enjoyed the character voices and premise.


Once, Again, and Always by thenyxie (Sam/Dean) I liked this.

Steadfast by rivkat (Castiel/Dean) I liked this.

I Can't Speak the Sounds That Show No Pain by jamesinboots (Sam/Dean) This was very very HOT.

Down That Road (The Fifth Step) by in_catilinam (Sam/Dean) This worked for me.

Walls Come Tumbling by destina (Sam/Dean) I loved the imagery, Sam's POV and the sex was hot.

Sorry this was so long...I was home sick and finally had the chance to read. :)
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Hikaru No Go

Ogata's Loss by ravenna_c_tan (Akira/Ogata) This was hot and I LOVED the character voices.


Practical Volitation by allothi (Merlin/Arthur) This was funny and sweet and I loved the character voices.

Hikaru no Go Meta

Intentional Ambiguity - coded references to same-sex attraction in Hikaru no Go by stirring_still I really liked this essay on Akira/Hikaru.


a new front page sky by whereupon (Dean/Jo) I loved the imagery and how this is very similar but different from season 1.

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