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The stories below are listed in no particular order or fandom preference. This year it was again difficult to narrow down my absolute favorites.

Star Trek Reboot, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Merlin, Inception, Vid Recs

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Battlestar Galactica

Twelve by [ profile] rheanna27 (Kara/Lee) INSTANT REC!!! I could not stop reading this story once I started. I loved how this AU branches off from season one after Hand of God and yeah I could buy this premise. The character voices were spot on, I loved the action, and this worked for me on so many levels.


Drastically Redefining Protocol by [ profile] rageprufrock INSTANT REC!!! This was hilarious, sweet, romantic and I absolutely loved all the magazine articles embedded within the story. Most especially the Vanity Fair article at the end. :) Awesome storytelling and world building.

(Self-)Preservation by esohpe (Merlin/Arthur) I loved the tone, character voices, and Arthur really worried me there for a minute.

Loss, And The Finding by shinetheway (Merlin/Arthur) I loved the imagery, character voices, and the sex was really hot.


Until I'm Ready by inlowercase I'm having a blast reading this verse.


Precious by shoopdancer (vid:recs:spn) I loved the song and clip editing.

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Battlestar Galactica

Daybreak by palmetto (Kara/Sam) I really liked the character voices and the story.

Dark Angel

Surrender by alethialia (Alec/Max) This was hot and I loved the character voices.

Iron Man

Iron Man Being of Sound Mind and No Body by hackthis (Gen) This was funny and perfect.

Employer/Employee Relations by hackthis (Tony/Pepper) I loved Pepper's pov.


Gravity Sings by pillow_book (Sam/Dean) I loved the plot, character voices, and the sex worked for me. this was a solidly written story.

Do I seem bulletproof to you? by fleshflutter (Jared/Jensen) INSTANT REC!!! This story blew me away on every level. I LOVED the character voices, the imagery, the plot, and the sex was really HOT. Basically, you can blame this story for me not getting many stories added to the ebook archive today. I just couldn't s

Sarah Conner Chronicles/Supernatural

Woman Inflammable by vee_fic (Gen) I really liked this story.

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Battlestar Galactica

Sol Invictus by poisontaster (Helo/Lee) I liked this.


My Own Kind of Freedom by Steven Brust (Gen) I had a blast reading this story, the character voices were spot on and I liked the plot.

Stargate Atlantis

Posture by toft_froggy (Sheppard/McKay) This was very hot. :)

Flesh Wounds by toft_froggy (Sheppard/McKay) This was lovely.

as lost as you get by lilysaid (Sheppard/McKay) INSTANT REC!!!! I loved the plot, and the character voices were perfect.


Mournful He Would be on Wednesday by misskittye (Sam/Dean) oh wow this almost made me cry.

And Death Shall Have No Dominion by thenyxie (Sam/Dean) I loved Sam's pov and this hurt and was hot at the same time.

Because I Could Not Stop for Death (He Kindly Stopped for Me) by kroki_refur (Gen) INSTANT REC!!! I know this shouldn't have been so funny but it was and it was heartwarming too.

Walked Like a Woman, Talked Like a Man by ygrawn (Sam/Dean) I had a blast reading this story. :)

North of Wednesday by merryish (Sam/Dean) This was sad, lovely, and I loved Sam's pov.

tuesday's gone by dontyouwaitup (Sam/Dean) INSTANT REC!!! I adored this story, it was sad, hot, and the ending was perfect.

Nolo Contendere by dreamlittleyo (Sam/Dean) I liked Dean's voice and the sex was hot.

Middle of Nowhere by valiant (Sam/Jo) Oh this was perfect. It was sad and the sex was hot.

Burning Up the Quarter Mile by musesfool (Gen) I liked the character voices and this was nice. :)

The Thousand Fingered Wait by sanyin (Sam/Dean) Wow, I loved the imagery, the sex was hot, and the story just doesn't let up. Wonderful storytelling.

Wanted Men by anasuede (Sam/OFC/Dean) Okay, I needed a new fan after this story. :) wow this was really really hot.

Spank War by girlfan1979 (Gen) I liked this story.

Wraith by memphis86 (Sam/Dean Sam/OMC Sam/OFC) INSTANT REC!!!! I loved the concept and wow this really packed a punch.

BSG rec

May. 17th, 2006 09:22 pm
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One on One by [ profile] widget285 Apollo/Helo the sex was hot, the sense of connection between Helo and Apollo, I loved the character voices, I really love Widget's writing style, I'm captivated by all her stories and this one is no exception.
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Tangible by [ profile] mmmchelle I liked the Teyla/Weir and Sheppard/McKay storylines.

Showboat by [ profile] panisdead pwp that's hot and I just love John's uncertainty and Rodney's cluelessness.

Battlestar Galactica

The Absolutely, Positively True (Sort Of) Fictional Adventures... by [ profile] widget285 This is one of the best BSG I've ever read, I don't think Ive laughed this much reading a story in ages. The characters voices were perfect and this is just an awesome story. I also just realized this is the same author that wrote Undertow the really hot Lee/Leoben fic I read three or four weeks ago...
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Undertow by [ profile] widget285 (Lee/Leoben) I'm still melting from the hotness of this story. Um besides the sex, the author did a great job with the character's voices, and the plot just worked for me.

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