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It's that time of year again where I post my favorite stories and vids of 2011. Not all the stories were posted in 2011 but it's the year I found them for the first time, so it counts in my book. :)

The stories below are listed in no particular order or fandom preference. This year it was again difficult to narrow down my absolute favorites.

I have ebook versions for all the stories listed here (except for Family Matters) if you'd like a mobi/epub version of a story listed here and the author doesn't already have one email me at amalthia at and I'll share my copy with you.

Star Trek Reboot, Merlin, Marvel (Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, X-Men), DCU (Batman, Young Justice, Flash), Fullmetal Alchemist, Inception, Vid Recs

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This is about a months worth of recs...I think this may be my only rec post for the month of February and second post of the month. I think school is keeping me far too busy. That and re-watching all of Farscape...I'd forgotten how awesome this series was and I'm having a tough time finding good fan fiction in the Farscape fandom.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Sex Ed Teacher by skydark - The Adventures of Roy Mustang (Pairing:Ed/Roy) INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. I don't think I've laughed this much from the antics of the characters in forever. I highly recommend reading the sequel, Better Living Through Alchemy and the 3rd story in the series is a WIP so read that one at your own risk. Basically, this was an all around fun story to read and I loved the character voices.

Window Dressing by thehoyden (Pairing:Ed/Roy) This was short but I loved the Roy's character voice and Ed's was spot on. :)

You and Your Fuck Awful Timing by lightgetsin (Pairing:Ed/Roy) I loved the character voices and the progressions in the story. :)


Ties That Bind by thehoyden (Pairing:Bruce/Dick Tim/Kon) This was hot and funny. :)

Stargate Atlantis

Character Witness by mad_maudlin I LOVED the premise and the character voices. This was short but said a lot.


These Castle Walls Bleed Lies by marguerite_26 (merlin/arthur) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the character voices, the plot, and I loved the ending.

Doctor Who

The Swan Princess by Mad_Maudlin (Pairing:Amy/Rory) I loved this fusion and the character voices were spot on and Rory was so awesome. :)

Harry Potter

In Loco Parentis by Dolores_Crane (Pairing:Hermione/Harry Harry/Snape) INSTANT REC!!! This wasn't like any Harry Potter fic I've read in ages. It's probably because it's told from Hermione's pov but it also it touches on some much deeper issues and I could not stop reading once I started. I'll also add that one part made me cry.


Rough Trade by whiskyrunner (Pairing:Arthur/Eames) It starts off with hot sex and just gets better. :)


One Brick at a Time by nutkin (Sam/Dean Sam/OFC) This was very hot. I loved the build up and the ending really worked for me.

Worship Not These False Idols by killabeez (Sam/Ruby) I loved Sam's pov and the sex was hot.

Some (Don't) Like It Hot by strangeandcharm (Pairing:Castiel/Dean Pairing:Castiel/Sam) I loved the concept and this was hot. :)

Farscape Vid Rec

Deep by rhoboat (vid:recs:farscape) This vid hit all my buttons and I loved how twisted it was.

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Until My Dying Day I just loved this video. Not sure if it was supposed to be LKBV but it sure is a contender in the sense that it's good, but the topic is so over the top! and yet I loved this video. :)

p.s. I also really loved the editing. :)
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I'm in the LJ community [ profile] the_reel and someone reviewed a vid called Fix You. [ profile] chasarumba does a much better job of reviewing the vid. Me all I'm going to say is that it's a sad video but gorgeous and captivating. One of the best Farscape music vids I've ever seen.

If you want to go directly to the vid, you'll have to stop by RadiantAerynSun's homepage first.

to read the really nice review/breakdown of why this vid is awesome. go HERE

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