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Star Trek Reboot

Eye of the Storm by littlebirdtold (Kirk/Spock) I had a lot of fun reading this story and the sex was hot. I liked the merging of the chess verse the reboot verse.

A Mighty Fine Man by Zauzat (Pairing:McCoy/Pike) I loved this pairing and how the story unfolds with the guys becoming friends and then so much more. I would not mind reading more Pike/McCoy fics.

strive seek find yield (spoctoria) by waldorph (Kirk/Spock) This was a fun story to read. :) I loved the cast of characters and had a hard time putting this story down.

Bang a Gong by waketosleep (Kirk/Spock) I had a blast reading this story. I loved the character voices, the dialog, the sex was funny and hot and it was lighthearted fun.

Feathered Frenzy by triskellion (Kirk/Spock) INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. I loved the premise, the character voices, and I loved the resolution.


The Curious Incident of the Harpies in Broad Daylight by kaydeefalls I had a blast reading this story. I also would not mind more stories of Gwaine and Lancelot's adventures together.

A Warlock's Worth by ella_bane (merlin/arthur) I had a blast reading this story. I loved Arthur&'s pov and the sex was hot.


Midnight Of the Century by glasslogic (Sam/Jess/Dean Sam/Jess Sam/Dean) I Loved the premise of this story and how Jess and Sam do their best to find Dean before it's too late to save him.

Immigrant Song by trinityofone (Pairing:Castiel/Dean) I had a blast reading this story. I loved the mini-episodes, the character voices, and the ending worked.

Revisionist History by nutkin (Sam/Dean) I loved the conversation between Soulless Sam and Dean. It also didn't hurt that the sex was hot. :)

Stargate Atlantis

Hell Is Empty by busaikko (sheppard/mitchell) This story pretty much hit one of my major kinks and the sequel was heartbreaking in a way.

Supernatural Vid Rec

| Love the Way You Lie by fatedcreations (vid:recs:spn) I loved the song and the clip choices.

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Stargate SG-1/Supernatural

Syndicated Sci-Fi Show by claudiapriscus This was a fun action adventure story and I adored the crossover and at the end I really did want more. :)


Something Wicked This Way Hums by like_a_raven I had a lot of fun reading this story! I loved Dean's pov and there were plenty of funny moments. :)

Star Trek Reboot

Strength of Men by 1lostoneficspot (Kirk/Spock) INSTANT REC!!! I think it's safe to say this story hit just about every one of my kinks. There was even accidental bonding! which I do not have a tag for. I loved the plot, the angst was through the roof, and I was on the edge of my seat a few times reading to find out what would happen next.

Cultural Differences by 1lostoneficspot (Kirk/Spock) I had a blast reading this story. The spanking scene was incredibly hot and I really liked the character voices.

Tear You Apart by lalazee (Kirk/Spock) I loved Jim's pov, the sex was hot, and I could not stop reading once I started.

Star Trek Original Series

pantswarrior - The Voyages of His Excellency, Supreme Shipmaster I-Voka of Vol-kahn This was an incredibly fun story to read. :) I'm still smiling.


Full Service Firm by [personal profile] rivkat (Jared/Jensen) This was hot and sweet and romantic. I loved the premise too.

Stepford by ash_carpenter (Sam/Dean) This story was creepy and the ending was chilling.

Supernatural Vid Rec

Blaze of Glory by giandujakiss (vid:recs:spn) I loved the song, the action scenes, and the vid was fun to watch. Can't ask for more than that!

Doctor Who/Vorkosigan

Electric Blue by philomytha This was a short but fun adventure story. :) I thought the character voices were spot on. :)


Darlin', I'm Losing And It's A Mean Game by leonidasden (Pairing:Arthur/Cobb) I loved the premise, character voices, and the imagery. Arthur's pov worked for me.


Vorkosigan's Day by Philomytha (Gen) I can't describe why this story is so good but the character voices were spot on and I loved Galeni's pov.

Legend of the Seeker Vid Rec

Cara - Tongues by ana_jo (vid:recs:LotS) This was a good Cara vid. It was fast paced and kinda hot.

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Star Trek Reboot

Vulcans are Fangirls Too by jouissant (Kirk/Spock) I loved the concept and it was romantic. :)


Mirror, Mirror by nomelon (Sam/Dean) This was incredibly hot and I loved Sam's pov and how the story plays out.


You're A Mile Away and Your Have Their Shoes by Mad_Maudlin (Merlin/Arthur) INSTANT REC!!! I love Merlin stories that actually have something magical gone wrong as a premise and this one exceeded expectations. I could not stop reading once I started. I loved the character voices, the premise, and it kept me up quite late.

Stargate Atlantis/SG-1

Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves by auburn (Sheppard/McKay) INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story, it had a lot of action, adventure, and plenty of drama and trauma for the main characters. I loved the character voices for Vala, Sam, and Teyla. This is a story I had couldn't stop reading until I finished, so I'm glad I started it on a Saturday after I had finished my homework for the day.

Supernatural Vid Recs

Channel Surfing by ash48 and maichan808 (vid:recs:spn) This was very well made.

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead by still404ing (vid:recs:spn) This was a really good trailer for the story. :)

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The Gauntlet (Master Post) by lovesrain44 (Gen) I had a blast reading this story it's a great continuation from Soldier's Son and I love Sam's story.

Supernatural Vid Rec

Behind Blue Eyes by ash48 (vid:recs:spn) INSTANT REC!!! This was an awesome Sam vid.

Writing Update

I didn't get as much written as I'd hoped however I did get some amount of my homework started so that's something.
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Stargate Atlantis

Tongues of Men and Angels by [personal profile] mad_maudlin INSTANT REC!!! This story had it all. Wonderful character voices, good plot, interesting premise, and a good intro to two original characters and plenty of action with a dash of romance. :) I also really loved the premise.

Star Trek Reboot

Searching for the Ghost by hollycomb (Sulu/Chekov) I loved the character voices, the world building, and how the story plays out. This was romantic and I loved how Chekov and Sulu connect. Wonderful storytelling.

Bragging Rights by ragdoll987 (Kirk/Spock) This was funny, sweet, and romantic. I also really liked the character voices.

Like the Stars, Like Your Destiny by anodyna (Spock/Uhura) I LOVED Uhura's voice, the imagery, the way the story unfolds, and how Spock and Uhura fell in love. wonderful storytelling. :)

Terminator Salvation

As Much as I Ever Could by hollycomb (Marcus/Kyle) I could not put this story down once I started reading it. I loved the plot, the character voices, and the ending.


Secret Place Inside my Head by rivers_bend (Sam/Dean) This was hot.

Equinox by luchia13 (Castiel/Dean) I loved the premise, the character voices, and how everything came together at the end. :) This was a lot of fun to read.

What Happened to Sam Winchester? by she_rockstar This was some really good meta about Sam's character.

Supernatural Vid Rec

SPN J2 BigBang 2010 trailer by secretlytodream (vid:recs:spn) This made me want to sign up for Big Bang!

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Underneath My Skin by libraryofsol (Sam/Lucifer) This was really hot.


Little Lion Man by killabeez (vid:recs:spn) INSTANT REC!!! I think I re-watched this vid about 4 times before I realized I hadn't recommended it! really go and watch, the song, the clip choices, the shifting pov, all of it blended together to create this heartbreaking Sam and Dean vid that really showed what they'd been through. I LOVE this video.

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Stargate SG-1/Supernatural

Corner of Your Eye by maychorian (Gen) I really loved the casefic and the character voices. This was a lot of fun to read. :)

Stargate Atlantis

Snakeheads: A Love Story by taste_is_sweet (Sheppard/McKay) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the concept, the character voices, and I could not stop reading until I reached the end. :)


With Flaming Sword by tetsubinatu (Merlin/Arthur) I love stories where Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic. :)

One Point Five, Tops by longsufferingly (Jared/Jensen) This was incredibly sweet and perfect. :)

Stick Together by maskedfangirl (Gen) This was funny! and I loved Castiel's pov and really I felt bad for the sells representative.

When the Stranger Comes Along by lotrabc (Sam/Dean) This story hit my buttons.


Hurt by ash48 (vid:recs:spn) INSTANT REC!!! This blew me away, I loved the pacing, the clip choices, and how the vid comes together at the heart wrenching ending.

In other news, I saw Pandorum on Sunday and I had a blast. It was scary, I loved the concepts, and I can't stress just how creepy this movie was. I actually had a nightmare about it which was awesome! Not many movies in the sci-fi/horror genre are actually that good. This was one of the better movies in terms of production values, acting, plot, and concept. I appreciate it when it looks like the movie creators put some effort into the story and visual effects.

I'm also slowly but surely catching up on Smallville, someone on my flist had said season 9 is better and they were right! I've been really enjoying season 8 and so far I'm hooked on the story they set up for season 9 it also helps that I really love the Justice League stuff aka Oliver Queen, Lois Lane, Choloe, the new really really hot guy (played by Brian Austin Green formally of Sarah Conner Chronicles and 90210) and I love Tess. Um I guess Clark is okay but I realized I'm pretty much watching the show for the women and special effects. If someone had asked me four years ago if I could ever love Smallville I would probably have laughed and said no way in hell...not sure what changed since then but I think the story lines are more interesting.
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Searching For Answers by varkelton (Sam/OFC/Dean) This was incredibly hot and wrong but mostly HOT.

Stargate Atlantis

Saving Sheppard by mcshep_match (Sheppard/McKay) I LOVED Rodney's voice and the character Death was rather awesome too. :)

Supernatural Vid Rec

in your room by bionic (vid:recs:spn) I loved the song, the story, and how the scenes just blended together. Very well done!

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Waterstains by leonidaslion (Sam/Dean) This was hot and I loved Dean's voice.

Torn Apart by varkelton (Sam/OMC) This was chilling and I couldn't stop reading once I started.

All of Those Abiding Here by marlowe6468 (Jared/Jensen) I liked the plot, character voices, and this hit some of my kinks. :)


One Dimension Removed by tafkarfanfic (Gen) INSTANT REC!!!! This story blew me away. I loved the character voices, the way the story unfolds, and I especially loved Sha're's pov. I could not stop reading once I started. Wonderful storytelling.


The Course of True Love by puckling (Merlin/Arthur) INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. I LOVED Merlin's pov and character voice and the sex was very hot. I also really loved the concept and how the story plays out.

Buffy/Supernatural Vid Rec

Club Vivid 09 - Thriller by buffyann (vid:recs:spn vid:recs:buffy) INSTANT REC!!! this was so awesome! the timing, the song choice, the way she mixed Buffy and Supernatural together!

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Live & On Stage by allamboy (Jared/Jensen) This was cute and romantic.

God Loveth His Children by mystic_reader (Jared/Jensen) This was interesting.

Queensguard by aramuin (Jared/Jensen) INSTANT REC!!! I love stories that take a leap out of the stratosphere. The concept really drew me in, I loved the artwork, the characters, the world building, and my only complaint is that there isn't more. I had a blast reading this story. Plus there were DRAGONS!!!!

Multifandom and Supernatural Vid Recs

New multifandom vid: Who Knew? by nel_ani This was good but sad. Do read the spoiler alert before watching though.

Sultans of Swing by spn_summergen (vid:recs:spn) I loved the pacing the song and the story. It also doesn't hurt that it's a rather good John, Dean, and Sam vid.

Update on mediawood website: I went through every html page and I only found one suspicious looking code embedded in the index file on I'm getting the impression that it may take a day for google to re-review my site and I'm also getting the impression that any other website on the domain is going to give an attack site warning especially if the malicious code was on the main directory. I'm also reading that the attack site does give some false positives...but I'd rather play it safe for myself and anyone else visiting the site. At this point, I think I did all that I could for the time being. Tomorrow when I'm back from work I'll see if the changes I made helped or not. I did search for iframes and javascripts. So that was my evening. I think I may go watch Doctor Who. I've been watching Season 4 backwards and wow it's still an awesome show and season 4 was really good.

Or I can keep reading the football J2 big bang story. Right now the guys are kind of hating each other.
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X- Men

Another Word for Alive by blue_soaring (Victor/Remy) I liked Remy's pov and this hit my kinks. :)

Supernatural Vid Rec

Favorite Disease by wolfpup2000 (vid:recs:spn) I loved the song, the clip choices, and this was captivating.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Supernatural

This Above All by [ profile] sylvanwitch (Sam/Giles) I had a blast reading this story, I loved the character voices, the case, and how the story played out. Wonderful mix of these two verses.


As We Fall by lasvegas_lights (Jared/Jensen) I loved the character voices, the plot, and how the story plays out. I got tears in my eyes more than once.

Ride the Lightning by keerawa (Gen) I really liked this casefic and the character voices were spot on.

Top This by leonidaslion (Sam/Dean) This was incredibly hot! and funny and wow very very hot. :)

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Blue Skies From Rain by lovesrain44 (Sam/Dean) INSTANT REC!!! I adored this story. The details, character voices, premise, and sex were incredible. I couldn't stop reading once I started and I loved how the story plays out. This was an amazing novel. At this point you should already be checking out the story! :)

All the Way Down by nomelon (Sam/Dean) I loved the imagery and how broken Sam and Dean are and the voices worked for me.

Warm Strangers by extraonions (Gen) I loved all the outsider povs and this was moving.

Soul-Eater, Death-Dealer by nynxlynx (Sam/Dean) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the character voices, the sex was HOT, and the plot really drew me in. Wonderful storytelling!

SPN Vid Rec

Crashed by absrip (vid:recs:spn) I loved the way she blended outside sources in with Supernatural and this worked for me.

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Last Day on Earth by candle_beck (Sam/Dean) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the voices, the tension, not knowing how it would end, and really it's candle beck...not sure if I need to say more.

Supernatural Humor Vid

YouTube - Supernatural's Downfall (vid:recs:spn) This has a bunch of spoilers for season 5 supernatural but omg it's so funny. Warning: not politically correct at all.

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Topspin by lazy_daze (Jared/Jensen) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the character voices, the tension, the sex! and yes I really loved that it features Tennis!!!! I was on the varsity team in high school so I'm kind of biased...I could not stop reading once I started.

Dreams of War and Liars by [personal profile] concernedlily (Sam/Dean Dean/Alistair) I really liked the plot, the character voices, and the sex was hot.

Sleepwalking Back Again by elohvee (Sam/Dean) I loved the imagery, the voices, and this was bittersweet.

The Lights of Home Master Post by maychorian (Gen) This was interesting.


The Truth Is You by bigmamag (Merlin/Arthur) I loved the character voices, the plot, and the ending really worked for me.


Let the Good Times Roll by [personal profile] blue_soaring (Sam/Bumblebee) This was funny and awesome.


Repent at Leisure by [personal profile] rivkat (Clark/Lex) This was funnier than I expected. I loved the character voices, the plot, and the sex was hot. :)

Torchwood and Supernatural Vid Recs

This Is Everything by sol_se (vid:recs:torchwood) I liked the song, the clips, and the editing really worked for me.

And I Will Try To...(Fix You) by secretlytodream (vid:recs:spn) I really liked the pacing, the story, and I enjoyed watching.

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Star Trek

Our Emotional History is in the Kitchen by [personal profile] raphaela667 (Kirk/Spock) I liked the outsider pov and this was heartbreaking in some ways.

cut and fucking paste by crimsonclad (Kirk/Spock Gen Spock/Uhura) I LOVED Kirk's character voices here!

I Had The Best Idea by [personal profile] frostfire this was VERY hot and I kind of hope she decides to write more...


I'll Be Watching You by zenamydog (Sam/Dean) This was interesting and I liked Castiel's pov.

Circuit by ebolacrisis (Sam/Dean) This was hot.

United We Stand by [ profile] smallcaps (Gen) This was cute.

Supernatural and Stargate Vid Recs

Above and Below by counteragent (vid:recs:spn) This was good.

Open Your Eyes by scifi-tv-addict (vid:recs:sga) (John/Vala) This was really awesome. I loved the constructed story and it worked.

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