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I know a few people on my flist are librarians and I thought I should post about two librarian positions I saw recently on

One is a copy cataloger:
The other is part-time cataloging:

Please along the information to anyone you know who may be interested.
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For those that would like to learn more about Ebook Formats I'd like to refer you to this post. Ebook Formats It's one of the best break downs of the formats, what devices they go with, and how you can read them on your computer.
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"If you are a Californian voter and you vote for Proposition 8, then I'm afraid it means you're a bigot. You favour depriving a subset of the population of their civil rights, you are willing to vote for a measure that will destroy existing marriages, and you will refuse to honour marriage contracts acknowledged elsewhere in the world. And you've tacitly admitted that your own marriage does need protecting (which is kind of pathetic)."

This paragraph would probably make more sense in the context of the original article where I found it. A Revolting Proposition
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You should enjoy this link.

it's a DVD extra with Angel, Tony Head, Colin and Bradley at an amusement park. I got this link from [ profile] derryderrydown because she was completely awesome and found the link first and shared it.
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Mibbit online IRC chat

Okay this is awesome, now I can use IRC via a web browser. :) It still has some kinks to work out and MIRC has a lot more options. but in a pinch this site is pretty neat.
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this community may be of interest to you.

mobilefic So far this is for people who want to be in on the planning of an archive/site/forum something set up for people to download fan fiction more easily.
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So on we go by [ profile] elohvee (Sam/Dean) I liked the imagery.

Oxford by [ profile] setissma (Sam/girl!Dean, pre-series) I really liked this.

The World Gone Still by [ profile] katjad (Sam/Dean, non-con?) This was very surreal and I couldn't stop reading.

Land of Sky-Blue Waters by [ profile] maygra (Sam/Dean) I really loved the way this story unfolds, the imagery, and the plot.

Die Hard

Open Source by [ profile] poisontaster (Matt/John) This was very hot and not long enough. :)

link rec

Info about how to post to LJ and not hurt anyone's eyes by [ profile] setissma Okay this post was made of WIN. I personally think EVERYONE should read this because we all post to LJ and some of us are writers and some of the writers have no clue what they are inflicting upon their readers and then they wonder why no one is reading their stories. Well this posts gives info on what you're doing wrong and how to fix it. honestly, I can list about 3-4 good authors that REALLY need to read this post because I'm not reading their fics because well they hurt my eyes and they've done nothing to fix the problem.
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For how shall I endure by [ profile] maygra (Sam/Dean, futurefic au) This was sad and lovely and I really do love all the stories in this verse.

The Ninth Circle by [ profile] eighth_horizon (Gen, wingfic) INSTANT REC!!!! I could not put this story down once I started reading, I was on the edge of my seat, my heart was beating faster and I just just had to know what happend next. Some of the best storytelling I've ever read.

Paper Weight by [ profile] vaznetti (Gen) I loved the outside pov and the way Kathleen pieces things together.

You Would Cry Too, If It Happened To You by [ profile] superbadgirl (Gen) this was kind of funny and just wrong. :)

and a very funny link

hilarius Part of Your World parody I got this one from [ profile] wyrdfae
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I don't have a lot of recs for today, I think I spent more time playing with my JF account now that I have a paid account and new toys. :) Plus, watched Cool Runnings, went out to meet the Houston Browncoats for a lunch shindig, and basically just took it easy.

Stargate Atlantis

Another Sunday by [ profile] jescaflowne (VID, INSTANT REC!!!! I don't even know where to start on the goodness of this video. I loved the song, the effects were so well used, and it was just a blast to watch. I couldn't stop smiling after seeing it.:)

Paschal's Lamb (the Rabbit in the Moon mix) by unknown. (Sheppard/McKay, non-con) I liked this.


Two Queens by [ profile] belyste (Sam/Dean) INSTANT REC!!!!!! This was beyond awesome!!!! I loved Dean's voice, once I started reading I couldn't stop until I reached the end, I loved the story, it was funny and almost sad and at this point you should already be reading this story.


For JF users I made a feed for the supernatural vid community..
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This is just too cute for words P.S. Make sure you watch until the end. :)

edit: tonight after an intense discussion with my husband and after going through wikipedia we have come to the conclusion that these are not otters but beavers. Nevertheless, he did admit they were cute regardless of species. :)
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Sweet Charity it's open for bidding and yeah I had to pull myself away from the site before I went overboard. There are a lot of talented writers, vidders, and graphic artists in this group.

Mar. 7th, 2007 10:59 pm
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I just spent a scary amount of time at fan Basically, I got this tool that will compile the chaptersand present me an RTF file. Which for me is great because it's so much easier to take RTFs and format them for my sony ebook reader where as normally I have to convert the html to rtf...and it's a real pain combining multi-chaptered stories.

Now the downside is that not everyone can post their fics at I'm finding a lot of stories I'd never seen before because I don't think all the people posting at have livejournals and I'm just checking out people's favorite authors/favorite story page. I figured if I really love a writers work there's a good chance anything she loves will be at least halfway decent if not really really good.

So anyway I have a lot more stories to add to my ebook reader. :)

fanfiction downloader

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