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Title: Becoming a Hero
Vidder: [ profile] amothea
Song Artist: Brian Tyler
Song Title: Main Title (House Atreides)

Vidder Notes: I'd like to thank [ profile] lierdumoa who helped me through a rough patch on this vid, really I'd stalled out and she got me going again. [ profile] sylvia_bond who kept encouraging me when I felt like quitting. I'd also really like to thank my bidder and friend [ profile] icarusancalion for her patience and keen eye. This vid took me about 20 hours to create give or take an hour or two.

Direct DL: Becoming a Hero (AVI 18MB)
Direct DL: Becoming a Hero (WMV 9MB)
Imeem: Imeem streaming
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It took me two hours!!!! to grab clips from just two episodes. I think when I get back from a b-day get together I'm going to. I'm going to have to prioritize or something and not just grab every pretty shot of the city I can find. Sure Atlantis has some awesome special effects and wonderful city shots but I can't just make a vid full of shots of the city like a tourist guide! grrrr

Um anyway, kind of got to re-watch Echos and Return 2...I think I need to move into season 2 because it doesn't seem fair to use clips from season 3 when there are a lot of people who don't have dsl or cable internet and can't download the newest episodes of SGA. (even though I really love some of what they've done in the later half of season 3.)

vid update

Jan. 14th, 2007 01:45 am
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I started some serious revisions on my Captain Nemo vid, this time I'm working out who's narrating this vid and what I want to say through the vid...not sure if I'll succeed in that regard but I'm trying.

I also shortened the song by about 30-40 seconds so instead of 5:10 minutes of music to work with I'm at 4:35 which is still long but I think more manageable. I've cut out the clips I'm pretty sure I don't want to use on this version, I kept the parts I absolutely loved in terms of timing and imagery.

tomorrow, I'm going to need to start filling in the blanks. I want to get this vid finished in time to submit for Escapade and I really wish I could get a hold of the vid show coordinator.

If anyone on my flist is willing to beta watch? my vid I'd appreciate any and all help. It's not done yet but I hope to have it finished by Monday afternoon and I'd love if someone can watch it and point out areas that may need more work. If the original version still ends up being the better version I'll probably just scrap this all together and focus on a vid idea i've been tossing around for awhile now.
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Last week and the rest of this weekend I finished ripping and encoding Supernatural season 1. I did this mainly because I could not find any logo-free versions of Supernatural anywhere and I figured maybe I'm not the only one out there that would like logo-free versions of Supernatural.

If anyone is interested in downloading the dvd encoded version of Supernatural season one here is the demonoid torrent link I'm not sure what other trackers to this is what I stayed with.

audio: 192 MPEG Layer 3
Frame Rate: 23 fps
Data Rate: 137
video sample size: 24 bit
video compression: XVID
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It's been over a YEAR since I've made any new music videos. Instead, I have spent this time listening to music, playing around with 4 different video editors, searching for plugins and basically planning to vid but not actually vidding! :(

Hmm the good news is I have come to a firm conclusion that Ulead Media Studio Pro 8 is the best (for me) non-linear editing program on the market. I got all my layouts set up (one for clipping and then one for editing) I've learned how to rip and encode my own dvds (hurray for me) sadly I don't have a spare 100 all my new Supernatural encodes are still using xvid. (I know some video editors I think encode MPEG? or DV? Avi which will work on any video editor and apparently the quality is much better, but I don't know what it is or how to do it and from what I understand it takes up a lot more space on a computer)

So my goal for Januray is to finish my SGA vid, hopefully in time to submit for the Escapade convention vid show.

will need to check out the submission requirements.
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Please update your bookmarks I've switched hosts for my Music Video Website to

This will hopefully be the last and final time I switch hosts.
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I think my music video website is going to go down for a day or two. I'm switching hosts and basically as soon as the new site is setup I'm transferring everything to there and will post updated link here and try getting all the information updated elsewhere.
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Last night I started watching a Supernatural music video and I was enjoying the song, the clips were okay and then all of a sudden the characters were talking...and it wasn't like the Farscape music video Fix You where the words had meaning and it was just this one phrase and the way it was used made me cry. It was loud, obnoxious, and completely turned me off of the video. You tube link to vid

Um anyway the point is voice overs aren't bad, they are just badly used 99.9% of the time in vids, and I really think vidders should watch the music videos that have used voice overs effectively and decide if theirs is that good or not, and if it's not, remove their voice over because there is a good chance it's not needed. Technically, your vid should say something with the song/images not the characters talking.
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That I can get on board with....follow the link for details I for one am very interested in the prize. :)
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I finally have a few minutes to sit down and collect my thoughts (and naturally I should have been in bed sleeping 10 minutes ago) This last weekend I went to San Angelo to visit my brother, he and his g/f of one year had broken up...that was a long, LONG, and VERY LONG road trip but it was nice to see my brother again.

on the writing front...I'm so tempted to write something for the [ profile] sga_flashfic Bad Sex Challenge...there are so many things you can do with this type of challenge. :) I've already added it to my to-do list...though honestly it's been getting longer and longer and I only have one thing completed on it. I'm also sitting on this supernatural story idea with more plot than anything else. (I know I amaze myself sometimes too.) It hit me that I better write this story before I lose interest in the fandom or the story idea. And I actually would like my favorite SPN authors to maybe be interested in reading this story. I'll be honest...I do write for myself to some extent but 80% of the fun is finding out if your friends liked your story and talking about it afterwards. (this is just me, everyone writes for different reasons)

also on my mind...I found a song I think might be perfect for a doctor who video...I don't want to share it just yet because I don't want anyone else to make a vid to this song (okay I know I'm like a badfic writer afraid to share her ideas!) though I may need to talk with one of my vidding friends (okay maybe acquaintances by now. I feel like I've fallen off the face of the planet when it comes to talking with my online friends) um anyway...yeah I'm lame sometimes.

I'm now realizing I need to change the way I vid because I have a feeling I won't be vidding to just one fandom like I thought I would when I first started. I heard this song Save Yourself by Stabbing Westward a few years ago and it just hit me last week that this would also make a good Battlestar Galactica song to vid to...just need to figure out if I'm just going for action or if I want to tell some type of story.

However, in order to either write or vid I need to cut back on reading stories! :( that doesn't appeal to me in the least. grrrrrr
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Finished reading Martha Well's Reliquary (actually finished it a week ago, meant to write how much I loved the story but got distracted) in any case wonderful story. Once I got into the story I couldn't put it down. :) I'm also reading Anne Bishop's Black Jewel Trilogy (need to get third book sometime this weekend) pretty good so far.

Second...I haven't finished my vid tonight, mostly because I was reading fan fiction instead. :( But on the plus side the fan fiction was awesome. :)

third, someone else made a music video for SGA using the same song I used in my video. Captain Nemo...I downloaded and watched. Part of me was hoping it wouldn't be better than my video...but another part was hoping it would be better because I love watching really good vids and I still love this song. I was dissapointed in the video, basically just about everything that you can do wrong in a video she did it. (to be more specific I had issues with the timing, clip choices, lack of story, and I just didn't feel it. However there are some people who enjoyed the video so maybe I'm just too critical) This is the first time I made a vid and someone used the same song for their vid.

Okay and I think that's all for today. I'm goingto take a shower and try to get to bed by 1130 latest. This morning at work I took allergy medicine (big mistake since I don't have any of the non-drowsy kind) but I think if I was more awake to begin with it owuldn't have made me so sleepy. (though to be fair to myself I'm not exactly a morning person). It takes me about 5 hours and another meal aka lunch before I'm really awake.

I think next week I'll be done spamming my flist about this new job. I'm still WAY to excited about the fact that I'm working. It's kind of scary. Okay I'll probably be done by tonight because tomorrow I really need to work on my vid if I'm going to post it in time to be eligble for voting.
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Okay today went much better than yesterday. Actually got to do something at work and time passed more quickly. Though, the shoes I wore today might as well go into the trash...the back of my ankles were killing me...anyway lesson learned try on the shoes before you decide to wear them to work.

On another note, I had a good time this evening. I saw another episode of Farscape "Hidden Memory." My husband and I are watching season 1-4 at the moment and we are just now getting through season 1. I love Farscape. It's still one of the best shows I've ever seen and even though I've seen all the episodes at least 2 times I still enjoy this series.

So after watching TV and eating some dinner, I went to the gym, did laundry, and now I'm getting ready for bed. I didn't really get a chance to read anything tonight but I plan to do some reading tomorrow...hopefully I won't get distracted by making cds for the car (it takes me about 45 minutes to drive to and from work I needed some new music) I'm also burning SGA DVD commentaries to CD-RW so I can listen to something other than music and it's a great way to catch up on all these commentaries I've downloaded.

Um that is about it for me tonight. If I don't get to bed soon I'll turn into a zombie at work tomorrow and I don't think caffeine will cure me. (I'm still happy about having a job, even though I'm not exactly happy with waking up to go to the job...however I'm not that enthusiastic about waking up even when I don't have work. Honestly, I love sleep, I think we should have 28 hour days so we'll have plenty of time to sleep and get other stuff done too)

Edit: I'm coming to realize I'm probably not going to finish the two videos for the Kawoosh music video challenge. I know I had six weeks to work on this but I really only found the music last week. :( I think I could finish 1 of the videos by the 16th...anyway tomorrow I'm going to work on the shorter of the two videos. (each song is about 2 minutes long...but the songs are kind of fast and I really don't want to share a hastily done video...I may just do the two videos and post them later even though they'll be too late for the challenge)

vid update

Mar. 19th, 2006 05:33 pm
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I got the first six seconds locked in, I can already tell this vid is probably going to kill me. I picked a song that has very defined beats and timing is going to be a bitch. but the good news is I got the hardest part done....(adding titles between pictures, not as easy as I thought it would be) and I'm kind of getting the hang of Media Studio Pro 8, figured out how to make the timeline pictures look bigger. go me. :)
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Vid Meme

Yesterday, I decided on further reflection to not enter the Writing Meme, mostly because I think I'm more sensitive about my writing. However, I don't feel the same way about my vids, for me this is still a new medium and I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong or right.

Direct link to my post
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Song Title: Run
Vidder: Amalthia or [ profile] amothea
Artist: Snow Patrol
Category: Drama
Characters: Sam, Dean
Comments: I made this vid as a xmas gift for [ profile] maygra She wanted a Sam video to the song Run by Snow Patrol. This vid never would have happened if she hadn't shown me the song and the fandom. :) I'd also like to thank [ profile] existentialism for all his help.
Format: WMV and AVI
Lyrics: Run
Links: Amalthia's Music Videos

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