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It's been a few years since I've made a favorite fics of the year posts. I thought it was time to start it again. Sorry if my reviews aren't all that great, I try very hard not to give spoilers, and I sometimes hit that point where it's hard to find new ways to say a story is amazing...The stories are listed in no particular order.

Marvel (Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, X-Men, Spider-Man) )
Stargate Atlantis )
Teen Wolf )
Rise of the Guardians )
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This is a huge list of recs that go all the way back to October. In retrospect, I should have at least tried to post recs once a month. Hadn't realized how much time had passed since my last rec post.

Thor )
Avengers )
Teen Wolf )
Merlin )
Crossovers )
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I'm using the cut tag because I have a month's worth of recs and I didn't want to kill anyone's bandwidth. :) I'm also about a month behind on updating the Ebook Library. But I think I needed the break. School for the semester is almost over but I'm going to take 2 classes in a 5 week period for Summer I so I'm not sure how that'll go in terms of time required? I suspect updates may be few and far between until summer is over.

Recs behind the cut! )

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