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Dec. 6th, 2011 07:49 pm
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I'm back from visiting my family in Texas. It was loud, I ate a ton of awesome food, and my niece can talk! I'm glad I had the chance to visit. :) Having said that, it's still kind of nice to be back home again. I missed my cats.

In other news, I'm still applying for jobs. Tomorrow I'm going to revise my resume again to see if I can make it better. I'm trying to stay optimistic and positive about finding a job and there are days I feel overwhelmed and it's all I can do to not give up. My husband has been awesome and supportive. He listens and encourages me to not give up.

I'm also graduating December 16. It's taken me two and half years to reach this point and it will be nice to be finished with school. :)
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Today was the last day of my summer school and I now have a two week break before the fall semester starts. It may take a few days for it to sink in that I have free time again and after taking 3 grad school level classes in two months I suspect next semester of only taking one class may seem easier. (hope I didn't jinx myself)

In other news, I'm officially obsessed with My Little Ponies:Friendship is Magic (still need to find icons!). I started watching to see what the fuss was about and it ended up being my comfort tv show when I needed something happy and bright to look forward to. I LOVED all the characters and the show was really funny and sweet. I plan on buying my niece the DVD set because I figured it's good...and my sister-in-law may enjoy the show as well. it's a tough balance making a kid show that's also entertaining for adults.

My new current fandom is DCU (in the sense that I download artwork like crazy, read every story I can get my hands on, and am outlining stories I'll probably never write) and to be more exact Young Justice. The Young Justice cartoon is good but there are only 10 episodes and I have no clue when they are going to air the rest of season 1. I also surprisingly enough really want to read more about Wally West and the Flash Rogues. I don't really have a OTP in Young Justice/DCU verse and I've been reading more Gen than I originally anticipated. It's kind of nice to be in a fandom with a large cast of likeable characters and the pairings aren't skewed to just one pairing. I sort of wish they could make a live action version of Young Justice or Teen Titans. I'm also reading the Red Robin and Green Lantern comics, and I suspect Batgirl, Blue Beetle, and Secret Six are next on my list of comics to check out. There is a lot of canon in DCU. The weirdest part is that cartoon canon does not match comic canon and when I read fic I have to remember that YJ cartoon isn't like YJ comics, it threw me off when I first saw the cartoon because I expected to see Tim Drake and Bart Allen, not Dick Grayson and Wally West. Basically, DCU is a really big playground.

I had high hopes in Smallville when the Justice League characters were introduced that we'd actually see more Justice League missions. The biggest disappointments were we never met Wonder Woman or Batman in Smallville universe.

I still read a few SPN, Merlin, and SGA stories...but the recs may become few and far between so if you're following me for those recs in those fandoms I'm a-okay with anyone defriending/unsubscribing.

I haven't been so great with posting recs lately or keeping the ebook library up-to-date these last two months, but school had to come first. I also think with the A03 now offering epub/mobi downloads the Ebook Library isn't as needed as it was initially.

I'm sort of in-between stories so I think this is a great weekend to pick up on adding stories to the archive. I've still been creating ebook versions of fic and now I have this huge backlog.
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I literally spent all weekend on my final term project for my Introduction to cataloging class. I finished it at 10:45 pm and I've submitted it so now I just have to wait for the grades to see how I did. I'm rather nervous about this project because I really felt like I had no clue what I was doing trying to find subject headings at the using Classification Web. I'm glad I had a good professor this semester because seriously she was still answering questions at 8pm Texas time. In my database class you had to ask questions DAYS in advance if you wanted any help.

more behind the cut )
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I have a research paper due on the 17th and a headache that won't go away. :( This hasn't exactly been a good Saturday.

I figured I'll do the easier portion of what's actually due tomorrow and then work on my research paper when my eyes aren't hurting. Normally research papers come easily to me but this topic is rather dry. Which is weird because I normally love talking and reading about archiving (in fandom) but when it comes to real world libraries the cataloging papers aren't saying much. I guess I'd prefer to talk about a controversial issue but there's not much controversy in cataloging. Unless you consider the Library of Congress dropping series headings from their catalog a controversy. (I think that's what they dropped recently?)
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Just writing to let everyone know that I did not fall into a black hole, unless you count taking two 3 hour grad school level courses a black hole? If so then I was sucked in way back in September and this upcoming month is already eating up all my free time.

The main reason I'm making this post is to complain about my Database Development class. The instructor is not helpful at all and my current assignment is to make SQL statements.

For example, here is question 3.

Write an SQL SELECT statement that can find all coaches ( first name, last name, and the name of the team that each coach serves) in the city named “Jamesville”.

These are the 3 tables I'm currently using are




This is the query I wrote.


I kind of came up with that after four hours of re-reading the Lessons, my textbook, and the w3school website. So out of desperation I write to my professor saying I'm having trouble and I'm not sure if my code is correct and I'd like to make sure I'm doing it right before moving onto the next problem set, the response I got back was pretty much. "Once you learn Lesson 10 it'll make sense." :( Which was of no help at all! I'd already re-read the lesson mutliple times. I'm not sure anymore if we were already supposed to know how to write SQL queries before this class started because I and only two other people regularly write questions to the discussion board.

This class is pretty much eating up all my free time and I'm now rather convinced that maybe I'm not going to be any good at database development. I have a hard time with conceptualizing the entities aka tables, and the relationships don't always make sense. I don't think it would be so hard but taking a class like this over the internet maybe isn't the best way to learn.

I also have a 6-8 page research paper due on the 17th and I haven't even read any of the articles yet because I've been so focused on all the assignments from this class and it's taken up more time than I anticipated. On the 16 I also have another database assignment to turn in for my Term Project. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. But it's sort of my fault for taking two classes in a semester while working full time.

I'm very impressed that people are able to figure this out own their own.

This weekend my goal is to finish this one assignment and start my research paper.
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Fortress by glasslogic (Sam/Dean) INSTANT REC!!! This story caught me from page one and kept me reading way past my regular bedtime. I loved the characters, the premise, and the writing style. You should skip my ramblings at the end of the post and go straight to the story.

Sing Your Hymns Like Angels In Defeat by leonidaslion (Sam/Dean) INSTANT REC!!! I got tears in my eyes more than once reading this story. I loved Sam and Dean's character voices, the premise, and how the story ended.

In Arcadia Ego by glasslogic (Sam/Dean) I loved the character voices in this story and I'd really love a sequel. This is the first Sam and Dean aren't brothers fic I've ever read and I didn't think I'd like them not being brothers but I gave it a shot and I'm glad I took a chance becuase I could not stop reading this story either.

Funny Thing About Denial by dragonspell (Sam/Dean) I loved the angry sex aspect of the story a lot. :)

Stargate Atlantis

How Not to Fly by Toomuchplor (Sheppard/McKay) INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. Sheppard and McKay's character voices were spot on, I loved the kids, and I got tears in my eyes more than once. Wonderful storytelling.

In other news, I'm in love with my PRS-650. I added about 15 screen savers, mostly a combination of my favorite Battlestar Galactica and Supernatural wallpapers mixed with book cover artwork from Michael Whelan. (the guy that did the cover art for Tad Williams Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy, and the cover art for Joan D. Vinge's Snow Queen trilogy. I'm keeping an eye out for Legend of the Seeker artwork. I realized that dark hair does not show up so well in black and white so it looks like I'll need Cara wallpapers. (not a hardship at all because she's so beautiful) I like having a good mix but I don't want to go overboard either because the images take up a good amount of space.

The Touch Screen is also easy to use and responsive. But I think what impressed me most is that I added over 1000 ebooks to the device and it came back up in 3 minutes. On my PRS-505 if I were to do that it would take 30-45 minutes before I could even use my device.

I also love how the epub looks, the horrible side number on the margin is gone, it uses regular page numbers, and the fonts are crisp. I'm currently waiting for my cover to arrive before I start reading on my new device but so far I think I'm happy with it. I also love that the internal memory is 1.4gigs. I still have about 600 MB of free space left which is nice. It means I won't have to use my 2 gig microsd card for a long time.

I made it through the week, got my assignment 3 of doom completed with 3 hours to spare, finished my 3 day midterm today, and this weekend I have no assignments or tasks due. Which means I should get a start on assignment 4 but it's nice to know I have at least 8 days before I have another deadline.
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This is the 6th weekend in a row where I spent most of it on homework assignments, and I still have this database assignment that is currently incomplete that is due on Tuesday. I think I'm reaching that point of stressed out depression where I don't want to do anything anymore. I had a low grade headache almost all weekend and the previous week I felt rather apathetic on getting started.

I need to find my motivation, or at least hold out until Thanksgiving break...

This upcoming week I have a midterm along with completing Assignment 3. I'm halfway done. I kind of forgot my textbook at work. :( so I did the part I could based off the Blackboard notes...

But really I just want this semester to be over and I don't think I'll take two classes again while I'm working full time. I hate feeling disquieted and stressed all the time.

EDIT: Forgot to add so my email isn't all doom and gloom.

I did have fun on Friday night. My husband and I went and saw Secretariat and it was a lovely evening. It's nice to watch movies with a happy ending and dinner turned out be rather good.

I also went ahead and bought myself the Sony PRS-650 Black from the Sony Style store. :) So I'm looking forward to it's arrival next week.
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Before I start doing homework today I figured I should post a few recs. School has eaten up a lot of time and writing so as a result I'm re-reading favorite fics (because I already know what happens I can stop reading which is helpful for finishing assignments and writing)

Also my friend [personal profile] elf is looking for a roommate for Escapade. If anyone who is going still needs another roommate please contact her and let her know. She's rather awesome.


Break the lock if it don't fit by fleshflutter (sam/dean) I loved the premise and the imagery.


Simple Things by regann (Chuck/Bryce) I loved the details and the OC pov on Chuck and Bryce.

Writing Update:
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Right Place, Wrong Time by regann (Shawn/Lassiter) INSTANT REC!!!! I could not put this story down! I loved the premise, the character voices, and had so much fun seeing how the story would unfold.


Follow Me Down by libraryofsol (Sam/Gabriel) This was hot.

The Accompanist by gretazreta (Dean/OMC) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the plot, character voices, and I could not stop reading once I started. Wonderful storytelling.

Serpent and Staff by trinityofone (Castiel/Dean) I liked how the story unfolded and trying to figure out what had happened.

Stargate Atlantis

Team Loyalty by seikaitsukimizu I love this verse and I loved Lorne's voice and the plot.

Random school life stuff under the cut )
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The Gauntlet (Master Post) by lovesrain44 (Gen) I had a blast reading this story it's a great continuation from Soldier's Son and I love Sam's story.

Supernatural Vid Rec

Behind Blue Eyes by ash48 (vid:recs:spn) INSTANT REC!!! This was an awesome Sam vid.

Writing Update

I didn't get as much written as I'd hoped however I did get some amount of my homework started so that's something.
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Star Trek Reboot

Burn It Down by vaingirlfic (Kirk/Gaila) this was hot.

Battlestar Galactica Vid Rec

Hurricanes by dayln03 (vid:recs:bsg) I liked the song, the clip choices, and this was honestly a pairing I'd never considered! But it's interesting.


His Own Hand by mpoetess (Merlin/Arthur) This was HOT and funny and just the right kind of uncomfortable. I had a blast.

In other news, I'm still on season 3 of Deep Space Nine and I had this horrible thought watching the episode tonight but I'm actually curious about this. Did anyone ever write Quark slash? He's such an interesting character! I'm shocked that there isn't more fiction for him or for the rest of DS9 for that matter.

Writing Update:

It's slow going this week. Grad school started and I've been reading the syllabus and organizing my calender and also trying to figure out what is required.
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Ten Weeks by shinetheway (Merlin/Arthur) This was hot and I loved the character voices and I couldn't stop reading once I started.

Star Trek

The Language of His Body by calicokat (Spock/Uhura) I really loved Uhura's voice and this was good.

I've been working on homework for the last two hours. Needless to say, didn't get much reading done beyond selection policies for libraries. The paper is due tomorrow night and I still have one section to go and then I actually need to read this sucker to see if it makes sense. :( I'm so sure I'm going to lose points on this. Though I guess it's a good sign that I'm almost done and I still have time to work on it.

Also, after tomorrow night I'm going to start getting my stuff together for my vacation and MediaWest which is coming up in two weekends. I'm flying out on Saturday to Denver and then [livejournal.com profile] lovesrain44 and I will drive from Denver to Lansing, MI for MediaWest. It sounds like a fun trip. :)

If anyone on my flist is going to MediaWest and would like to meet while we're there, please drop me a note. :) I'd love to meet more people on my flist in real life.
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Well I got it turned in on time but I'm nervous about it because while I think I full filled the terms of the paper, I'm not sure if I did it well enough? And it's been about 6 weeks since I turned in my Needs Assessment paper and I've yet to hear back about that one (no one has gotten their grades yet) so this is was the second to last paper of the course and it's really nice to know ahead of time if you need to step up the effort or if you're doing okay.

anyways, it's out of my hands now and I"m going to try and read and relax a bit before going to bed. the max limit for the paper was 15 pages but I got about 9 pages before I ran out of steam. I thik that more than anything else had me worried but truly I was afraid if I messed with it anymore I'd mess something else up.
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This weekend I was sick, again. Seriously, I was so pissed off when I figured out I caught the cold my husband had. I really thought I was in the clear after I got better last time but less than two weeks later...so anyways I was very VERY grateful my grandmother had snail mailed Nightquil D to me because it really helped. However, I still didn't get much done this weekend because I don't know about everyone else but I have a hard time concentrating when I can't breathe.

I haven't hit panic yet in regards to my paper but it's probably because I'm lots of cold medicine drugs and well I'm too tired to work myself up into a state.

In other news, I think I figured out the importing thing so I'll probably do that Tuesday or Wed for DW. I have to go back and compare my JF and LJ accounts to make sure the two sites have everything before starting the transfer.

I'm also very tempted to make a music video for SPN to either of these two songs (someday when I have a life that is)

Vince Gil's I Still Believe In You and Whenever You Come Around
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Harry Potter

Transfigurations by resonant8 I really liked the plot, the character voices, and how the past is slowly revealed.


Fostered by rageprufrock (Merlin/Arthur) I had so much fun reading this story. The character voices were wonderful and I loved the plot.

The Tower by astolat This was hot.


See the world in green and blue by parenthetical (Castiel/Dean) I really liked the character voices and this was low key and enjoyable.

SPN Vid Rec

Breathe Me by smokeyfizz (vid:recs:spn) I liked the song, the transitions, and this was sad. Also, does anyone know how to download vids from the Bam Valt???

In other news, I have a paper due on Tuesday that I haven't even started yet so today and tomorrow I plan on avoiding the fun stuff and concentrate on the school work. I also got myself a Zune layer that has 120Gigs of space so I'm rather excited about finally having all my music, podfics, commentary, and audio books housed in one location. I hear this version allows users to share stuff through the Zune network? I'm still not sure if I made the right choice because my other option was the Ipod classic and buying a device just to play Tetris on it doesn't seem like enough of a reason. I'm hoping I can find a tetris like game for my Zune...but I'll have to look for it later when I don't have a deadline 4 days away.

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