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I got my beta's comments on my story. I read through them all and there were a lot of areas to think about! She's so awesome. But now I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I didn't really listen to all the advice I read that said to wait three days because I really wanted to get to work fixing up my story.

So today I started, I've added a lot to the beginning to flesh things out and etc...except now when I re-read it I'm not sure if it's any good! And I hate doubting myself. I think before I continue onwards I may give it a few more days to settle.

I have until July 19th to have a fully polished story and I've read that other people go through multiple revisions before they post. I'm not sure why I thought my story would escape that fate considering I actually do want people to enjoy reading it. I'm also listening to my beta reader because I do trust her judgment and she came up with some brilliant ideas to help refine the story and make it even better. I think I've officially spent more time on this story than any other I've written in years, and this is probably a good thing. :) I really don't feel like writing anything else until this story is completed, revisions and all.

The story is currently past the 30k mark but I may end up deleting a whole I'm not sure anymore what the final word count will be though at the rate I'm adding to the fic it may very well be around 30k by the time I'm done.

I think a lot of my self doubt and worries come from the fact that I've had a cold for the last three days (Tuesday I called in sick I felt so miserable) So maybe I'm just tired and it's hard for me to stay positive when I feel like this. Plus breathing through my mouth all day really sucks. :(
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My posting date for the story is July 19 and this is my story summary. :)

Whisper of the Heart

In the middle of a case Sam and Dean wake up one morning as Care Bears.

I'm kind of glad I have a little extra time for revisions. I turned the story draft in at 25k words and it's now at 26k words and the word count is climbing because I'm adding a scene.
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Okay I'm officially done with my first draft!

I still need to think of a title and write the summary..but the draft is complete. :) This is a good feeling.
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Guys, I'm totally watching Stargate Universe and I can't wait to see next week's episode.

I don't know when this happened (I suspect it was the episode with the aliens that borrowed into everyone's bodies and killed them, but due to a wormhole time travel plot happened more than once! which was rather awesome) but from that episode on it got better. The characters are seriously flawed (and more like real people than I thought they could pull off) so anyways, the characters have grown on me, the plot has me interested in seeing what happens next, and they actually show characters in bed together. (really in all the time I've watched Stargate I've wanted to see more of that)

So I guess I'm glad I decided to give it a shot and stuck through the boring first few episodes and also they finally stopped using the stones to connect to earth so I think that's helped make the show stronger. (but it's still not really sci-fi because they focus more on the character drama stuff, it reminds me a bit of Lost actually) However it fulfills my weekly need to watch TV where people explore planets and travel around on a spaceship. I think also the actors have figured out their characters a bit more so they aren't as exaggerated as they were at the beginning?

in other news, I believe my SPN Big Bang will definitely be ready by tomorrow. I got another 2,500 words written today bringing my total up to...

Go me!
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I'm past 20k words and I think I have two more days to wrap this story up before turning in the draft. :)
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I'm making progress but I'm worried I won't finish by the deadline. I'm also debating on the merits of gen vs Sam/Dean. Right now I'm almost 18k words in and there hasn't been much romance or sex or anything remotely hot except the weather.

I guess I just have to see where things go in the next 16 or 17 days.

Edit: fixed word count...commas are not my friend. I need to repeat that about a hundred times now. :)
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14584 / 20000

I don't know why I'm nervous about not making the 20k mark. I think what worries me is that the story is going to be longer than I originally planned or it's not going to be long enough. 5k doesn't seem like enough space to wrap up my story as it stands now. But still this is more than I've written in some time. :) Plus the story is fun.
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Before I start doing homework today I figured I should post a few recs. School has eaten up a lot of time and writing so as a result I'm re-reading favorite fics (because I already know what happens I can stop reading which is helpful for finishing assignments and writing)

Also my friend [personal profile] elf is looking for a roommate for Escapade. If anyone who is going still needs another roommate please contact her and let her know. She's rather awesome.


Break the lock if it don't fit by fleshflutter (sam/dean) I loved the premise and the imagery.


Simple Things by regann (Chuck/Bryce) I loved the details and the OC pov on Chuck and Bryce.

Writing Update:
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The Gauntlet (Master Post) by lovesrain44 (Gen) I had a blast reading this story it's a great continuation from Soldier's Son and I love Sam's story.

Supernatural Vid Rec

Behind Blue Eyes by ash48 (vid:recs:spn) INSTANT REC!!! This was an awesome Sam vid.

Writing Update

I didn't get as much written as I'd hoped however I did get some amount of my homework started so that's something.
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okay this was pathetic for today in terms of how much I wrote, however I will try to do more tomorrow. :) I think I hit a spot where I'm not sure how to bridge and I'm terribly self-conscious of every sentence and word choice.
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Star Trek Reboot

Burn It Down by vaingirlfic (Kirk/Gaila) this was hot.

Battlestar Galactica Vid Rec

Hurricanes by dayln03 (vid:recs:bsg) I liked the song, the clip choices, and this was honestly a pairing I'd never considered! But it's interesting.


His Own Hand by mpoetess (Merlin/Arthur) This was HOT and funny and just the right kind of uncomfortable. I had a blast.

In other news, I'm still on season 3 of Deep Space Nine and I had this horrible thought watching the episode tonight but I'm actually curious about this. Did anyone ever write Quark slash? He's such an interesting character! I'm shocked that there isn't more fiction for him or for the rest of DS9 for that matter.

Writing Update:

It's slow going this week. Grad school started and I've been reading the syllabus and organizing my calender and also trying to figure out what is required.
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Star Trek Reboot

Illustrated Fic: La La How the Life Goes On by secret_weapon (Sulu/Chekov) I had so much fun reading this story! and the illustrations were awesome. :)

Writing Update

I made a goal to write at least 200 words a day and I'm meeting it. I should hopefully have a finished story before the May 1 deadline. I'm realizing this feels really slow! However, I'm writing and not feeling overwhelmed which I think helps. I also just realized if I can write about 8000 words a week then by next weekend I'll have 16k words and I'll be done before Escapade which is my actual deadline because I planned on sharing the story with my friend and beta reader while we are both at Escapade.

Tomorrow I planned to see Legion and then write. I know the movie only has a 19% at rottentomatoes but I saw Underworld 2 and that only had a 12% and I was entertained.

In other news, I'm re-watching Deep Space Nine from start to finish. It wasn't until season 3 (where I'm at now) that I realized Quark is a MAIN CHARACTER! I swear for the longest time I thought he was a secondary character (I was 13 when this first came out) but he gets more screen time than just about any other character besides Kira (who I am totally madly passionately in love with, she's just that awesome) In fact, instead of catching up on White Collar, Dexter, or any other show I've been watching DS9. I'd forgotten what it was like to watch TV that's 50 minutes long.
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Today was somewhat productive. Ended up writing and getting some stuff done on the Ebook Library. :) Plus got my next list of stories ready to convert into LRF/epub/and mobi.
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Okay I'm at a place where I think what I'm writing really really sucks, but I wrote until I finished the scene. I figured I can go back later and hammer out the details or make it less sucky. Right???
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It's Friday night and in about five or ten minutes plan on making crepes for desert and then my SO and I will watch more DS9. :)

I've also started writing my spn_j2_bigbang story.

Here's my word meter.

Tomorrow I planned on writing more, as well as returning my now overdue library books.

And I had hoped to post my macros.

That's it for now.

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