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I said during one of the panels that I'd try to make a con report only I'm not sure what to say except that I had a great time and I hope next year more people on my flist are able to come. The panels I attended were interesting and fun. :) There was a good mix of specific/general fandom panels as well as the tech panels.

I had a blast at the Marvel panel on Saturday. It was fun meeting other fans of the comics/movies, in hindsight I should have asked them for fic recs as well as comic recs.

I spent more time this year in the con suite than I have in previous years and I had a blast! I can't recall everyone's names but I do know by the end of the convention my voice was almost gone. I don't normally have the opportunity to talk about fandom stuff to this extent, I may have gone a bit overboard.

I think some of what I like about going to the conventions is the social aspect. I like telling people in person, how much I loved their story, vid, or artwork. It's also much easier to squee when you don't have to type everything out.
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I signed up to moderate two alternate panels on Friday and I think I'm now having a mini-freak out.

The only panel I sort of feel comfortable with covering, and I am by no means an expert, is the DCU panel. Here is my brief description, "Introduction to Young Justice, popular slash pairings, and comic recs. Discussion about the new reboot and whether or not it worked."

The other panels for Avengers and I'm reading the fan fiction and I've watched all the movies but I haven't read the I'm not sure what to say about it yet. I may have to come up with a list of my personal favorite fics and maybe just see what people at the panel want to talk about.

Here is the description I submitted for the panel, "Discussion on popular pairings, hoped for pairings, and favorite stories in Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. What sparked off the fan fiction explosion? What do fans hope for in the upcoming Avengers movie?"

I only really have this weekend to prepare...I'm also completely willing to accept the help of anyone willing to co-moderate the panel with me.

I've moderated panels before but I'm not sure I'm the most exciting person to lead a panel. A lot of the time I really depend on audience participation. But I'm still really exited because I get to squee about Avengers and DCU with fellow fans. :)

In random other news. I'm testing out DW new beta posting interface and I really love it.
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I'm signed up for Escapade and I realized I don't know who else on my flist is attending????

If you'd like to meet up drop me a note. :)

In other Escapade news, the panel listing is out and I'm a bit confused as to why there are no Avengers related fandom panels? Or X-Men panels for that matter. I can kind of see why there are no DCU panels, but X-Men and Avengers seem like really big fandoms. On my A03 Marvel feed I saw at least 400 new stories posted in one week (I'm sort of hoping that's because there are duplicates for the overall Marvel tag, otherwise I'll never be able to read all these stories!)

In hindsight, I probably should have suggested the panel and volunteered to lead it but I assumed someone else would. Ah well...maybe next time. I suspect after the Avengers movie comes out and Iron Man 3 the fandom may grow.

I'm still super excited to be going this year and I figured there is plenty of time to talk fandoms outside of panels. :)
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I made it back and now I have to get ready for bed.

I had a wonderful time hanging with my best friend and roommate [ profile] lovesrain44 and meeting new people, who I hope to meet at future conventions. :)
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I'm turning off my computer and packing for the night for an early flight out tomorrow morning. I really look forward to meeting my friends at Escapade. :)

Based on previous experience with bad internet connection at the hotel the odds of me reading or posting anything online are slim so I'll see everyone when I'm back on Tuesday. Though I may ask for a summary of what happened because every time I leave for 5 days I come back to over 900 entries.

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Here are a list of links and recs that were brought up during the panel.

Important info: American Air-date for Merlin

June 21 NBC 8pm (Sunday)

Communities on LJ.

[profile] merlin_flashfic

Rec Lists

Amalthia's Delicious Merlin Recs
Merlin Instant Recs by Amalthia

Specific Story Recs

Drastically Redefining Protocol by [personal profile] rageprufrock
The Crown of the Summer Court by [personal profile] astolat
Danver's Merlin fic

I'm 99% sure I'm missing something..but it's kind of late and I've been drinking a bit.

So this is it for now.
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I got myself a Merlin t-shirt because [personal profile] lovesrain44 said I need at least ONE fannish t-shirt. Plus really Merlin is completely it's all cool.

Secondly, still on a search for a ride to the Grand Rapids Airport on Monday. I made signs asking for a ride (with willing to pay for gas) now I just need tape.

Okay panel about SPN starts about now..have to go!

hope everyone has a fun weekend.
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Tomorrow, at 5am I have to get up and get to the airport...and then my friend and I are going to start our drive to Lansing, Michigan from Denver. I've been looking forward to this for a few months now. :)en

I don't plan to be active online this upcoming weekend, week, and next weekend. If I don't get a bit drunk at MediaWest then I will have failed at vacationing! Um but I swear I'll eat first before drinking! and not driving anywhere.

I will be checking my emails mostly for archive related questions.

Waves and have a fun weekend everyone! :)
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Ten Weeks by shinetheway (Merlin/Arthur) This was hot and I loved the character voices and I couldn't stop reading once I started.

Star Trek

The Language of His Body by calicokat (Spock/Uhura) I really loved Uhura's voice and this was good.

I've been working on homework for the last two hours. Needless to say, didn't get much reading done beyond selection policies for libraries. The paper is due tomorrow night and I still have one section to go and then I actually need to read this sucker to see if it makes sense. :( I'm so sure I'm going to lose points on this. Though I guess it's a good sign that I'm almost done and I still have time to work on it.

Also, after tomorrow night I'm going to start getting my stuff together for my vacation and MediaWest which is coming up in two weekends. I'm flying out on Saturday to Denver and then [ profile] lovesrain44 and I will drive from Denver to Lansing, MI for MediaWest. It sounds like a fun trip. :)

If anyone on my flist is going to MediaWest and would like to meet while we're there, please drop me a note. :) I'd love to meet more people on my flist in real life.
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I made it in safe and sound and rather late tonight. I had a really fun time at the convention, I enjoyed the panels, didn't sleep nearly enough and ate too much food. :)

The hotel was right on the beach and it was beautiful every day I was there.

Don't really have much else to say, I'm kind of sleep deprived.
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Other people are making con reports, all I really wanted to say is I'm back, my trip went well, I had a blast, and I meet so many nice people and had a great time visiting. My throat still hurts from talking so much. the rest of my con experience behind the cut )


Mar. 18th, 2007 07:07 pm
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I had fun on Saturday. [ profile] wyrdfae and I went to most of the panels (had a blast with the Supernatural, RPS, Heroes, and bdsm panel) Well okay those were the panels that I remember. Stargate Atlantis/SG-1 panel was frustrating because not everyone, actually I don't think anyone had actually seen the endng of SG-1 or the rest of season 3 Atlantis and yet the topic was "where is SG-1 and SGA going from here?" but mostly we just talked trash about Carter (well not season 1-3 Carter because everyone agreed she was great until season 4). I think it was agreed by most that M&M are incapble of writing women or their way out of a wet paper sack.

Anyway, this was a small low key con, mostly women fan fiction readers and writers it seemed like. I was able to browse the dealers room. (the only problem for me is that I'm trying not to buy zines anymore because I don't have room on my bookshelves) I had a lot of fun going through the photos but didn't buy anything. I didn't get a chance to see the music videos entered for the contest because I was at the Heroes panel..I was a bit dissapointed about that.

Oh and I think I managed to maybe convince a few people to check out Torchwood. :)

I'm not a zine maker but I gotta wonder if people are really buying zines the way they used to?


Mar. 14th, 2007 11:43 am
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Is anyone going to this convention?

I plan to be there Saturday. So far the panels sound intriguing and the best thing is, it's in Houston. :)

(okay there's a Supernatural and Heroes panel that I really want to go to) :)
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I had a great time at Escapade and I met a lot of new people. It's just it hit me that I kind of regret not getting to actually spend time with some of the people who went that I originally intended to spend time with or at least have a good 5-10 minute conversation and it just never happened.

[ profile] maygra comes to mind first. She bought me a drink!!!! which was awesome. I got to see her at the vid show and the SPN: Nature of Evil panel. We got to talk a little but I kind of wish I had more time. Next year I'll have to kidnap her or something. (I think I get nervous meeting someone for the first time within a group of people. I can do it but I feel overwhelmed)

[ profile] destina is another person I'd loved to have more time to talk with in person.

Strangely, I met all the SGA people I planned to meet. I even got to talk with [ profile] permetaform and she was sick. I didn't even talk vidding with her which I find somewhat funny. :)

Basically, next year I think I'll stay until Monday because during the day on Friday/Saturday, I and just about everyone else was going to panels and it seems like Sunday evening would have been a good time to unwind and just visit with people without worrying about getting ready for panels or not missing panels.
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Bad Blood by [ profile] astolat (Sam/Dean) I almost died laughing reading this story and I re-read it again and again. This was funny and very hot.

In other news...I'm back from Escapade. :) Now I'm just trying to catch up on my LJ and I'm kind of happy to be home but kind of wish I had more time. This weekend just flew right on by. I met a lot of really nice people and laughed a lot and drank a bit too much Friday night. I watched a lot of Supernatural with [ profile] robin_serrano, [ profile] aerynvala and talked about Sam's hair and kept making Dude jokes with my roommate, who does not have a lj yet.:)

The vid show was lovely, I really feel like watching Life on Mars now.

I think my panels went well. I think I could have been more organized was still a lot of fun and I think some people enjoyed the informal feeling and being able to talk. I also never realized how bad I am at spelling until I was in front of a group of people trying to spell out eighth_horizon without spell check. :)

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