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Star Trek

Our Emotional History is in the Kitchen by [personal profile] raphaela667 (Kirk/Spock) I liked the outsider pov and this was heartbreaking in some ways.

cut and fucking paste by crimsonclad (Kirk/Spock Gen Spock/Uhura) I LOVED Kirk's character voices here!

I Had The Best Idea by [personal profile] frostfire this was VERY hot and I kind of hope she decides to write more...


I'll Be Watching You by zenamydog (Sam/Dean) This was interesting and I liked Castiel's pov.

Circuit by ebolacrisis (Sam/Dean) This was hot.

United We Stand by [ profile] smallcaps (Gen) This was cute.

Supernatural and Stargate Vid Recs

Above and Below by counteragent (vid:recs:spn) This was good.

Open Your Eyes by scifi-tv-addict (vid:recs:sga) (John/Vala) This was really awesome. I loved the constructed story and it worked.

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dodecagon by eighth_horizon (Sam/Dean) I really liked the imagery and use of magic.

Stargate Atlantis Vid Rec

Changes - Sheppard vid by atlantis_vids (vid:recs:sga) This vid really took me by surprise. I loved the editing, the transitions, and the story it told.

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Stargate Atlantis

A Boyfriend For Christmas by scribblinlenore (Sheppard/McKay) This was romantic. :)

Vid Recs

Open Secrets of the Pegasus Galaxy by yevgenie (Stargate Atlantis Vid Rec) (vid:recs:sga) This was a interesting video. I liked the song and clip choices.

Stll the One (multi-fandom slash) by karitawyr (vid:recs:misc) This was fun.

the special two by everydamnthing (Supernatural Vid Rec) (vid:recs:spn) I really liked this vid. The song was lovely and I loved the manips.

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Defying Gravity by YFish42 (vid:recs:firefly) I watch this vid anytime I feel down and need a pick me up. I loved the song, the theme, and yeah this just worked for me. This vid makes me feel good about myself and like I can accomplish anything.

Hey You - Children of Dune video (vid:recs:childrenofdune) I liked the song, the effects, and the clip choices. Wonderful vid.

Map of the Problematique by silver_autumn (vid:recs:sga) I liked the song choice, the fast paced editing, and the effects were used well.
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The Only Rock I Know by [ profile] kuromatic (Sam/Dean, futurefic) I loved Bobby's pov and seeing how things may be 16-20 years from now for the guys and Bobby.

Drown and float away by [ profile] fleshflutter (Sam/Dean) This was kind of hot. :)

Asking Nothing, Leave Me Tweed by [ profile] angel_grace by [ profile] monimala (Sam/Veronica, Veronica Mars/SPN) I loved this story. :)

That Mourns In Lonely Exile Here by [ profile] erinrua (Gen) I really liked this missing scene from A Supernatural Christmas. Sam's character voice felt real and it worked for me.

Then I Crashed Into You by [ profile] amand_r (Dean/Amanda, Highlander/SPN) this was fun. :)

Stargate Atlantis

The Cat Is an Existentialist by SGASanta. (Sheppard/McKay) I liked this.

Four Years by [ profile] wistful_fever (Sheppard/McKay) VID INSTANT REC!!!! I loved the song choice, the editing, and wow what a wonderful squeeful vid. :)

Harry Potter/House

Magical Malady by [ profile] sahiya (Gen, Harry Potter/House) this was funny and I loved the character voices. Also I can't get enough crossovers. :)


The Tenth Year of Stargate by [ profile] suzvoy and [ profile] nel_ani (SG-1 INSTANT VID REC) This was wonderfully funny and imaginative and the song hilarious! it doesn't hurt to read the lyrics ahead of time.
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The Desperate Kingdom by [ profile] vaingirlfic (Sam/OMC, pre-series) I love all the stories in this series and I liked seeing Sam and Dean from the outside pov. :)

next stop, dinner theater by [ profile] regala_electra (Sam/Dean) This was short but funny and hot. :)

Arousal, Head, and Sex by [ profile] calicokat (Sam/Dean) I loved all three stories, they were hot, kind of angsty, and I liked that this weirded them out. :)

Or Die Trying by [ profile] britomart_is (Sam/Dean) this was so funny, and hot. :)

The End of the Summer by [ profile] mcee (Dean/Jess, pre-series) This was hot and bittersweet.

supernatural vid rec

Running Up that Hill by [ profile] skroberts I loved the song choice, the effects, and this really is the perfect song for the episode she picked. :)

Stargate Atlantis

Jump by [ profile] velocitygrass (Sheppard/McKay) this was sweet. :)
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Supernatural Recs

Further North by [ profile] blue_soaring (Sam/Dean) I really liked the imagery and thought this was hot. :)

Palatine by [ profile] setissma (Sam/Dean) INSTANT REC!!!! I loved this story, the character voices were spot on, it was hot and sexy, and I laughed more than once.

You Speak My Language by [ profile] fleshflutter (Sam/Dean) this was hot, and I loved the imagery, and I had a lot of fun reading this story. :)

The Old Block by [ profile] fleshflutter (Gen, pre-series, attempted-rape) INSTANT REC!!! I loved this story, the character voices, the situation, I liked seeing the Winchester's from the outsider pov.

At least I remember taking them and not a lot else by [ profile] merihn (Sam/Dean, pre-series) This was hot.

SG-1 Vid Rec

Solsbury Hill remaster by [ profile] astolat I'd never seen this vid before so for me it's new. :) I liked the song, the clip choices, and the journey it showed.

SGA Vid Rec

Jan. 7th, 2007 11:16 pm
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"Mr Invincible, Captain Untouchable" by [ profile] _gater_ I'm not sure why I liked this video so much it probably had to do with the song and the clip choices. :)
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Welcome to the Black Parade by [ profile] kitakatzz (spoilers: up to The Return Part Two (scenes used from that episode don't spoil the plot)

I loved the editing, the song choice, the pace of the video (it's kind of slow at first but it's one of those songs that builds up and when it starts going, it's awesome.) I loved that this video is about John and Atlantis.
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How to Save a Life by [ profile] obfreak I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is the BEST Carson Beckett music video I've ever seen. The song was fitting, I loved the editing, and the flow of the video.

Vid Recs

Oct. 1st, 2006 01:22 pm
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Hunter by [ profile] greensilver creepy and good Supernatural vid. :)

I'm Always True to You (In My Fashion) by [ profile] dkwilliams SGA I had fun watching. :)
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Leave by [ profile] ana_br I liked the editing, the song choice, and I'll probably end up watching it a few more times. :)
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There was a death in my husband's family (his brother) and basically my way of dealing with loss is to read a lot of stories and try not to think about my husband flying by himself to Belgium (because I couldn't take off from work for 2 weeks to be there with him). I'll miss my brother-in-law, he was a really cool guy, and a good person.

Rabbit, Rock and Twig
by [ profile] giddygeek Funny and kind of sweet.

Good Luck Charm by [ profile] lamardeuse This was charming.

Candle in the Dark by Sholio. This was a good action story, with spot on characters, and some real tension.

But trailing clouds of glory, do we come by Unknown Author. I liked this Quantum Mirror fic, it had plot, good characterizations, and it was fun to read.

Dear Lucius by [ profile] spankmonkeyjack VID REC...The song choice was very fitting for the episode.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Stargate by [ profile] porthos1013 I couldn't help but laugh while watching this. :) it was cute and I thought well done. :)

SGA vid rec

Jul. 8th, 2006 10:08 pm
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Drag by [ profile] ana_br I loved this Sheppard/McKay video, loved the motion, the pacing, the clip choices, and the song was kind of catchy. :)

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