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Stargate Atlantis

The Light of a Fading Sun by [ profile] friendshipper (Gen) INSTANT REC!!! This story blew my socks off. I loved this take on Atlantis and the small and big ways things are different and yet so very much the same. If you haven't read this story you should go and read it!

The Mute Shepherd by auburnnothenna (Sheppard/McKay) I loved the plot, the character voices, and this felt real.

Chuck Vid Rec

apple candy by dayln03 (vid:recs:chuck) This was awesome. I loved the song choice, the clips, and I couldn't stop watching.

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Live & On Stage by allamboy (Jared/Jensen) This was cute and romantic.

God Loveth His Children by mystic_reader (Jared/Jensen) This was interesting.

Queensguard by aramuin (Jared/Jensen) INSTANT REC!!! I love stories that take a leap out of the stratosphere. The concept really drew me in, I loved the artwork, the characters, the world building, and my only complaint is that there isn't more. I had a blast reading this story. Plus there were DRAGONS!!!!

Multifandom and Supernatural Vid Recs

New multifandom vid: Who Knew? by nel_ani This was good but sad. Do read the spoiler alert before watching though.

Sultans of Swing by spn_summergen (vid:recs:spn) I loved the pacing the song and the story. It also doesn't hurt that it's a rather good John, Dean, and Sam vid.

Update on mediawood website: I went through every html page and I only found one suspicious looking code embedded in the index file on I'm getting the impression that it may take a day for google to re-review my site and I'm also getting the impression that any other website on the domain is going to give an attack site warning especially if the malicious code was on the main directory. I'm also reading that the attack site does give some false positives...but I'd rather play it safe for myself and anyone else visiting the site. At this point, I think I did all that I could for the time being. Tomorrow when I'm back from work I'll see if the changes I made helped or not. I did search for iframes and javascripts. So that was my evening. I think I may go watch Doctor Who. I've been watching Season 4 backwards and wow it's still an awesome show and season 4 was really good.

Or I can keep reading the football J2 big bang story. Right now the guys are kind of hating each other.
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And You Thought We Were Joking by confiteor_3 (Gen) This was funny.

Sarah Conner Chronicles

Seven Sunday Mother-Daughter Mornings by hradzka (Gen) INSTANT REC!!! This story blew me away, I loved the character voices, the imagery, and this just really worked.

Stargate Atlantis

Country Roads (Take Me Home) by krabappple (Sheppard/McKay) I liked this.


Hell's Gates by ebolacrisis (Sam/Dean) This story had me on the edge of my seat, I loved the imagery, the violence, the character voices and I was pretty much on the edge of my seat reading this.

Psych Vid Rec

White" & Nerdy by talitha78 (vid:recs:misc) This was a very funny and awesome Psych vid about Gus. :)

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From Darkness Comes Light by beren_writes I liked this story.

In Turning We Come Around Right by janne_d (Merlin/Arthur) This was fun and hot.

Fleet of Foot by enjambament (Merlin/Arthur) I liked the structure and the story told.


Don't You Miss Her by ebolacrisis (Sam/Dean) INSTANT REC!!! This was haunting and I loved the flashbacks and the imagery. It was also heartbreaking and the mood of the story...I got shivers. Seriously, I haven't read a story like this in this fandom in ages.

X- Men

Proximity by ponderosa121 This was hot and very not work safe.


Change the World by talitha78 (vid:recs:smallville) I liked this vid.


Go Your Own Way by nowweretwo (Bruce/Gordon) I really liked this story.

Stargate Atlantis

The Red Dress by auburnnothenna This was very hot. :)


Wild Wood by stray_heart (Jack/Ianto) I really liked the imagery.

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A Year and a Day by linaerys (Merlin/Arthur) I really liked the imagery and the pacing of this story.


Dummy With the Rapture by hansbekhart (Castiel/Dean) I really liked the imagery in this story.

Orpheus Drowning by taelynhawker (Sam/Dean) I really enjoyed this story and I had a hard time putting this story down once I started. I especially liked the concept and imagery.


Meta: Thoughts on Dubious Consent by kowaiyoukai This was a very interesting essay and brought up some points I had not considered before when watching Supernatural 4x09

Merlin Vids

500 Miles by suzvoy (vid:recs:merlin) This was so much fun to watch. I liked the song and the clip choices. :)

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Go Fish by tahirire (Gen) I liked the character voices and this was a good episode tag.


Who's Counting Anyway? by phantomjam (Merlin/Arthur) INSTANT REC!!! This was incredibly hot and tense and wow I could not stop reading once I started.

Got Your Tongue by nightanddaze (Merlin/Arthur) I liked the concept.

Words which aren't names by black_eyedgirl (Merlin/Arthur) I liked this.

fragment by doompaw (Merlin/Arthur) I liked the writing style and this just worked for me. :)

Merlin Vid Rec

This is not a Merlin vid. by giandujakiss (vid:recs:merlin) I had a blast watching this vid. The song choice and clips were a perfect match.

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Stargate Atlantis

Or Something Like It by semivowel (Sheppard/McKay) I had a blast reading this story. I loved the character voices, the set up, and I couldn't stop reading once I started.


Being Human by privatetentacle (Gen Castiel/Dean) I really liked the interaction between Dean and Castiel.

Merlin, Supernatural, and Sarah Conner Chronicles Vid Recs

Non Lievi Alchun by halcyon_shift (vid:recs:merlin) I loved the song and the pacing and the story told.

Low Red Moon by untrue_accounts (vid:recs:spn) I liked the song and clip choices.

Dance With The Devil by wolfpup2000 (vid:recs:spn) I really liked the song and clip choices. This was a good Sam and Dean vid for season 4.

So Cold by azuremonkey (vid:recs:scc) I liked the song choice and clips.
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"Next Time, I Will Remember This And I Will Say 'No'" by paperclipbitch (Merlin/Arthur) This was hot and funny and I loved the plot and character voices.

And Still by imperfectcircle (Merlin/Arthur) I liked this story.

Disguises and Imposters by entangled_now (Merlin/Arthur) This was incredibly hot and funny and I loved the concept and the way everything plays out.


Freeze and Break by [ profile] dsudis (Don/Charlie) I really liked the imagery and character voices.

Merlin Vid Rec

Every Fear You've Ever Faced by the_orange_nin (vid:recs:merlin)


Sam Winchester and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (1/2) by leonidaslion (Sam/Dean) This was funny and kind of romantic too. :)

Incriminating Evidence by timewillbe (Jared/Jensen) I loved the character voices, the conflict, the sex was hot and this really worked for me.

"Do Winchesters Dream Of Electric Impalas?" by kellifer_fic (Gen) I really liked the concept.

Next to godliness by fleshflutter This story gave me shivers.

Dirt On Our Uniforms by beckaandzac (Jared/Jensen) I had fun reading this story.

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Arguing on the Internet Is Like... by with_a_kay (Jared/Jensen) This was funny and sweet. :)

Accidents Happen by causeways (Jared/Jensen) This was short and sweet.

You and Me on Milk Cartons by candle_beck (Sam/Dean) I loved the imagery, character voices, and the sex was really hot.

if we keep living this fast, no one will have time to die by oxoniensis (Sam/Dean) I really loved the imagery.


The Epic Love Story by proofpudding (vid:recs:spn) (SPN vid rec) I really liked this vid.

sundrenched world by proofpudding (vid:recs:GilmoreGirls) I keep coming back and re-watching this vid. I love the song, the clip choices, and the effects. It's also without doubt my favorite Rory/Dean vid.

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the u.s.s. enterprise by marycontraire (Gen) I really liked this episode tag to In the Beginning and John's pov worked for me.

In the Kingdom of the Damned, the Yellow-Eyed Man is King by thenyxie (Sam/Dean) I really liked this coda.

The Air Moves in to Fill the Spaces Where My Body's Been by britomart_is (Sam/Dean Sam/OFC) This was incredibly hot and I loved Sam's pov and did I forget to mention HOT?

Double Blind by thenyxie This was REALLY HOT.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep by laceymcbain (Gen) I really loved the character voices.

A Rain of Feathers by laceymcbain (Castiel/Dean) This was hot and I really liked the imagery.

Stargate Atlantis

Mr Woolsey's Guide to Etiquette in the Pegasus Galaxy by busaikko (Sheppard/Woolsey) I really enjoyed this story and the pairing worked for me. :)


Encounters with the Enemy by legoline (Gen) I liked this story.


Droit de Seigneur by derryderrydown (Merlin/Arthur) This was hot and the character voices spot on. :)

SPN Meta of sorts

Letters to a Hack:Eric Kripke & the Lost by 2_cents_worth

Misc vid rec

BASCon 2008 intro by bradcpu (vid:recs:misc) This was funny and so appropriate for the intro to a vid show.

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A Threefold Path to Redemption by rei_c (Sam/Dean Sam/Ruby Sam/OMC Sam/OFC) INSTANT REC!!!! This story had me on the edge of my seat and riveted. I loved the concept, the character voices, and how everything plays out.

To Him Ascribe All Sin by liath (Castiel/Dean) This blew me away. I loved the imagery and Dean's character voice and the flashbacks of hell.

Pirates Of The Carribean

On the Lesser-Known Hazards of Piracy by penknife This was a lot of fun. :)


Somewhere I Have Never Traveled - Index by seperis (Clark/Lex) I really loved the character voices, the plot, and how everything plays out.

Merlin Vid Rec

Merlin Vid by mamoru22 (vid:recs:merlin) This was a lot of fun to watch. I liked the clip choices and how it went with the song. It also pretty much highlighted my OTP for this fandom. :)

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Stargate Atlantis

Convenience by kassrachel (Sheppard/McKay) This was short but said a lot. :)


Lessons by annella (Castiel/Dean) This was fun.

The Narrow Path by regann (Gen) This was interesting.

Up From Perdition by vain_chan I really liked the imagery and Castiel's pov.

An Angel Close By Me by zelda_zee (Castiel/Dean) INSTANT REC!!!! This was incredibly hot and I loved how Dean just doesn't know when to stop pushing.

B-Reel by big_pink I really enjoyed the plot, character voices, and I liked Sam and Dean working together to solve a case. :)


But What Are Your Thoughts on Yaoi? by with_a_kay (Sam/Dean) This was funny. :)

Supenratural Vid

Destiny Calling by dragonfly_sg1 (vid:recs:spn) I liked the song and the editing. :)

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