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Avatar the Last Airbender
Young Justice
Justice League
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Game of Thrones
Doctor Who

I found it funny that overall I enjoyed the cartoons more than most of the live action TV shows I also watch.

Misfits is the show that completely took me by surprise at how much I loved it. None of the characters were immediately likeable but they felt like real people and I truly grew to love all the characters. The show is also hilarious and I just wish there was more of it.

I was also very happy at the quality invested in Game of Thrones. I was worried it would be like Legend of the Seeker. (Not that I didn't find Legend of the Seeker highly entertaining but it had a rocky start).

The show I don't admit to loving in public is the My Little Ponies, though my sister and I talk about it over the phone because she's watching it with her kids. But MLP is the show that makes me happy and is so funny and heartwarming. I need that in my life.

I also can't express how much I'm loving Young Justice. It's the show I have to watch right away. I love the entire team of characters and I'm interested in seeing what they do next.

Justice League lured me in and next thing I knew I was staying up late watching one episode after another and then I went and found all the movies and stayed up late watching those too! I discovered that I love Wonder Women, Hawkgirl, and Black Canary. I also loved John Stewart's Green Lantern (why they didn't use him in the last Green Lantern movie boggles my mind!).

Avatar I should have watched sooner because so many people had told me how awesome it was, and it was AWESOME! I couldn't stop watching once I started and season 2 broke my heart and then season 3 put it back together again. I wish I had the words to adequately express my intense love for all the characters and their journeys. I also appreciate that the writers didn't drag out the story until it was full of filler.

Doctor Who is Doctor Who. I love Matt Smith as the Doctor and Amy, Rory, River.
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This isn't going to be a shock to the few friends I talk with frequently in real life but I've been watching a lot of cartoon TV lately. (Like avatar the last airbender, Justice League, Young Justice, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and My Little Ponies)

I don't know why I'm surprised when I discover an actor (from a TV show/Movie) I like is a voice actor for a character in another show I like? I just realized Bruce Greenwood is Captain Pike in the Star Trek Reboot and he's Batman in Young Justice and Under the Red Hood. It makes sense that they hire real actors for the voices for the characters because if they don't have good voice actors the characters will fall flat.

I was also impressed with the voice actors/actresses for Avatar the Last Airbender and had no clue that Aang and Sokka had teenage voice actors. I also had no clue that the Fire Lord was voice acted by Mark Hamil.

On another topic, I'm not sure if I should be concerned that I'm currently more fannishly involved in cartoons than I am live action TV. I think the last time I felt like this I was deeply into Anime and in love with Fushigi Yuugi and Escaflowne.
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I don't get how I could have watched 4 whole seasons of the Justice League cartoons and am only now figuring out that Michael Rosenbaum plays the Flash!!!! I only found out because my brother pointed out that Nathan Fillian was going to be in the new Justice League: Doom movie so I decided to go see if they have the same actors for Batman and Superman and saw Michael Rosenbaum name!!!

Apparently he was doing the voice acting around the same time they were filming Smallville. I loved Rosenbaum as Lex but I LOVE his take on the Flash.
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One of my favorite characters in SGU Lt. Tamara Johansen also played Black Canary in Smallville!
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Okay Eztv has them listed to come out today but so far it's already 5pm my time and nothing? :( Depending on torrents isn't always the most reliable way to watch tv...
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Guys, I'm totally watching Stargate Universe and I can't wait to see next week's episode.

I don't know when this happened (I suspect it was the episode with the aliens that borrowed into everyone's bodies and killed them, but due to a wormhole time travel plot happened more than once! which was rather awesome) but from that episode on it got better. The characters are seriously flawed (and more like real people than I thought they could pull off) so anyways, the characters have grown on me, the plot has me interested in seeing what happens next, and they actually show characters in bed together. (really in all the time I've watched Stargate I've wanted to see more of that)

So I guess I'm glad I decided to give it a shot and stuck through the boring first few episodes and also they finally stopped using the stones to connect to earth so I think that's helped make the show stronger. (but it's still not really sci-fi because they focus more on the character drama stuff, it reminds me a bit of Lost actually) However it fulfills my weekly need to watch TV where people explore planets and travel around on a spaceship. I think also the actors have figured out their characters a bit more so they aren't as exaggerated as they were at the beginning?

in other news, I believe my SPN Big Bang will definitely be ready by tomorrow. I got another 2,500 words written today bringing my total up to...

Go me!
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Star Trek Reboot

Illustrated Fic: La La How the Life Goes On by secret_weapon (Sulu/Chekov) I had so much fun reading this story! and the illustrations were awesome. :)

Writing Update

I made a goal to write at least 200 words a day and I'm meeting it. I should hopefully have a finished story before the May 1 deadline. I'm realizing this feels really slow! However, I'm writing and not feeling overwhelmed which I think helps. I also just realized if I can write about 8000 words a week then by next weekend I'll have 16k words and I'll be done before Escapade which is my actual deadline because I planned on sharing the story with my friend and beta reader while we are both at Escapade.

Tomorrow I planned to see Legion and then write. I know the movie only has a 19% at rottentomatoes but I saw Underworld 2 and that only had a 12% and I was entertained.

In other news, I'm re-watching Deep Space Nine from start to finish. It wasn't until season 3 (where I'm at now) that I realized Quark is a MAIN CHARACTER! I swear for the longest time I thought he was a secondary character (I was 13 when this first came out) but he gets more screen time than just about any other character besides Kira (who I am totally madly passionately in love with, she's just that awesome) In fact, instead of catching up on White Collar, Dexter, or any other show I've been watching DS9. I'd forgotten what it was like to watch TV that's 50 minutes long.
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Stargate SG-1/Supernatural

Corner of Your Eye by maychorian (Gen) I really loved the casefic and the character voices. This was a lot of fun to read. :)

Stargate Atlantis

Snakeheads: A Love Story by taste_is_sweet (Sheppard/McKay) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the concept, the character voices, and I could not stop reading until I reached the end. :)


With Flaming Sword by tetsubinatu (Merlin/Arthur) I love stories where Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic. :)

One Point Five, Tops by longsufferingly (Jared/Jensen) This was incredibly sweet and perfect. :)

Stick Together by maskedfangirl (Gen) This was funny! and I loved Castiel's pov and really I felt bad for the sells representative.

When the Stranger Comes Along by lotrabc (Sam/Dean) This story hit my buttons.


Hurt by ash48 (vid:recs:spn) INSTANT REC!!! This blew me away, I loved the pacing, the clip choices, and how the vid comes together at the heart wrenching ending.

In other news, I saw Pandorum on Sunday and I had a blast. It was scary, I loved the concepts, and I can't stress just how creepy this movie was. I actually had a nightmare about it which was awesome! Not many movies in the sci-fi/horror genre are actually that good. This was one of the better movies in terms of production values, acting, plot, and concept. I appreciate it when it looks like the movie creators put some effort into the story and visual effects.

I'm also slowly but surely catching up on Smallville, someone on my flist had said season 9 is better and they were right! I've been really enjoying season 8 and so far I'm hooked on the story they set up for season 9 it also helps that I really love the Justice League stuff aka Oliver Queen, Lois Lane, Choloe, the new really really hot guy (played by Brian Austin Green formally of Sarah Conner Chronicles and 90210) and I love Tess. Um I guess Clark is okay but I realized I'm pretty much watching the show for the women and special effects. If someone had asked me four years ago if I could ever love Smallville I would probably have laughed and said no way in hell...not sure what changed since then but I think the story lines are more interesting.
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Um, I don't suppose anyone on my flist would have any fan fiction recs for Legend of the Seeker? I don't mind slash, gen, or het...I just don't even know where to start looking!
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Guys, I know I said don't watch this but...I'm about ready to head on over to the living room to continue watching. :) it's actually kind of fun and entertaining and NOTHING at all like the book. (which could be a good thing based on how the series finally ended)

I kind of saw this one vid and was intrigued. :)

Don't get me wrong it's kind of campy but after the first two episodes it dove into the action adventure genre and Khalan is so beautiful...and the Seeker guy is kind of growing on me. Arthur and Merlin did too it took a bit to notice how attractive they are. :) I think for some guys I need more than just a picture I need character to figure out if I like a character.

Tonight has been busy, I meet up with my friend and we ate at Japanese sushi restaurant and it was very good. :)

Well I hope everyone else has a fun night!
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Sarah Conner Chronicles

These Things My Mother Taught Me by halcyon_shift (Gen) I loved John's pov and yes I'd love to read more of this type of story! :)

Star Trek

I Get By With A Little Help by [personal profile] frostfire (Kirk/McCoy) This was hot! and funny and the voices felt spot on.

Not In Love Song by [personal profile] waldorph (Kirk/Spock) This was sweet.

At a Window by magstopia (Spock/Uhura) I loved Uhura's voice.


Where I Lay My Head by parenthetical (Jared/Jensen) This was romantic.

A Complicated Love and Affection Between Two Men by certainentropy (Jared/Jensen) This was a lot of fun to read.

X- Men

Rough Trade by [personal profile] blue_soaring (Victor/Logan) This was hot.

edit: Loved Torchwood tonight! Can't wait to see tomorrow night's episode. :)
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A Thousand Different Skins by tarayith (Merlin/Arthur) INSTANT REC!!! I could not stop smiling after reading this story. It was funny, I LOVED the use of magic and the sex was hot.

Star Trek

Full Circle by ashkitty (Kirk/Spock) I really loved the outsider pov and this was good.


When I am with you I feel flames again by fleshflutter (Sam/Dean) I loved Dean's voice and the imagery and this was dark but had hope.

Also, True Blood is AWESOME. I'm really loving this season.
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Last night while watching True Blood my mom and brother started yelling loudly. We were upstairs in the room with the tv, door closed, and we could not hear the people on screen talking. I was so annoyed because hello, I'd told them watching show please don't bother me. And instead they start screaming and yelling because mom lost her MS Office 2007 cd and was blaming my brother and then my brother called me on my cell phone to ask for my help to find the cd so I missed a good 10 minutes of the show and it was so annoying. (still have not found cd and so my mom was blaming my brother for losing it and my brother was saying he never had it...and it went downhill from there)

I really don't want to be here Thursday night when Supernatural Premieres I really miss being able to watch TV in peace and quiet with only the cats sitting on my lap and maybe the occasional phone call which is okay because I hit the space bar on computer and pause the show. Can't do that when you're watching live. It's just incredibly frustrating when you can't watch tv for 50 minutes without my mom yelling about something.

Anyways, I really want to go home. :( Luckly my husband is letting me borrow his clothes since I ran out of clean clothes and my mom's washer and dryer are off limits and she hasn't had time to do laundry.

I love my family but it's not restful or peaceful to be around them.

edit: my mom can be awesome. She went through her old clothes and got me clean underwear and shirts so I'll have something clean to wear tomorrow.
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Okay I finally finished the series and wow they really did ride off into the sunset together. People had told me this but it really was something you have to see to believe. :) I'm now offically reading Due South fan fiction.

In other news, I got into Grad school!!!!! So now I just have to register for classes and apply for finanical aid and I'm still kind of thinking I'll get a letter saying they made a mistake or something. (I guess I didn't actually believe they'd accept me because I had to write a Statement and Purposes Essay) and though I tried my best it was a tough essay to write. But then again, how many people actually apply to grad school to become a librarian? I predict once school starts I'll be wondering what I got myself into but then I just have to remind myself of my last pay raise (which didn't even keep up with inflation) and keep on going.

I was going to make a post tonight about why it's a good idea to not have two people dating in the same department at work, but I think I'll save taht for another day. Recs coming right up.

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