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I've been looking for torrents and nothing. :( plus my flist is completely silent which is odd because I have a ton of SGA people friended. very puzzled...I could have sworn there was a new episode tonight.
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I think that was my favorite episode this season. Weird.

more about episode behind cut )


Apr. 23rd, 2007 07:59 pm
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This is not a complaint, just curious, where did all these Teyla/Rodney fics come from?? :) Normally, I really have to hunt for these fics and now the newsletter has a bunch!

okay now need to bookmark for future reading.

edit: hmm I guess I should read the author notes for the story. :)
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Okay SGA wins at life! :) Um when's the next season supposed to start again? Basically, I really enjoyed this episode and I think season 4 has a lot of potential. Um this is my second favorite season finale after the Seige part 2. Martin Gero and Martin Wood should always work together.
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Okay for those who the episode any good???? I just realized that most people when they post about the episode put EVERYTHING behind a spoiler cut...but I don't consider "this was a good episode, or this sucked!!!" to be spoilers. So I really just want to know if this was a decent episode or not without having to click on spoiler cuts.
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that's me for today. I'm trying very VERY hard to avoid spoilers for the Atlantis episode that aired last night in canada. I plan on watching it when I get home but that's ten hours away from now...I think I'll be fine going to the gym after work but until then self control that's the key word here. I actually find that I enjoy the episodes more when I don't know what's going to happen.
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Today, I felt restlesss, jittery, anxious, and kind of hyperactive too. It's weird. Basically, I was visiting the gateworld forums reading about Irresponsible, mostly to see if I was the only one that was kind of meh about the episode.

Well that was a mistake. I'd forgotten why I hate forums so much. A bunch of opinionated vocal people with opposing viewpoints, oh joy. Naturally, I responded to just about every post I disagreed with because I felt like I just wanted to fight with someone all day! Hence I feel weird.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to seeing Supernatural later and I'm going to work on my [ profile] sga_santa story. I have 0 words written for it and I'm running out of days. :( I think next year I won't sign up for this because I'm not really feeling inspired by SGA these days. Maybe I overkilled on the fan fiction but my husband says SGA has been kind of boring since season 2 so who knows maybe it was my love of Sheppard and McKay that kept me watching all this time.

Or maybe I shouldn't have watched Irresponsible after Hero's episode Fallout (awesome episode btw)
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but are there going to be 20 episodes of SGA and SG-1? I went to gateworld and so far they only have 19 listed titles.
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Does anyone know where I can find the preview for the next episdoe of SGA - Common Ground???? I read some stuff about the preview and now I have this gotta see it for myself urge. :)

ETA: SCI.COM/atlantis has the preview listed now. And OMG this upcoming episode looks like it's going to be really good. :) I'm still unsure how they are going to fix things by the end...but wow I think I got more excited watching the trailer than I did for this last episode. (to be fair I gotta admit Weir isn't my favorite character and I thought they did a better job wtih this concept in Buffy. However, overall this was a good episode and I did enjoy it for the backstory and there were some good creepy moments)
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I think I posted some time ago that three of my music videos were nominated in the Stargate Fan Awards. On the front page it says it's okay to let people know voting is open and if you were nominated. :)

Am considering using one of those graphics to put next to my videos but considering my arm is starting to hurt I think I may go watch another episode of Psych.
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I rarely post my thoughts about SGA. I love the fandom. I enjoy the show but for the most part I'm not exactly great at describing why some parts work better for me than others. Thank god there are other people out there who give more thought to the show than me. I found meta/essay? tonight that really gave voice to one of my main problems with SGA after season one.

Emasculating Rodney by [ profile] rivier

I love Rodney as a character, he's one of the reasons I really looked forward to season 2 however they've changed his character from the quirky scientist I really liked.

I'm not going to stop watching the show because for the most part it does entertain me, and there is a lot I still love about the show.

cut for some of my thoughts about Irresitable and why I haven't written anything about the episode until now )

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