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The votes are in.

The majority picked 1 week posting frequency and the runner up was 1 month. I'll set a reminder for posting recs once a week and see how it goes, with the option to move it to two weeks on busier weeks.

Thank you for participating! I also appreciate all the positive comments. :)
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Hi, I realized that I don't post recs all that often anymore but have moved towards gathering a couple of months worth of recs and posting them all at once. I wasn't sure if this is too much of a gap in recommending. However, instead of trying to guess what my flist likes, I thought it may not hurt to ask those who do enjoy my recs what they'd prefer.

Poll #16082 Recs Frequency
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Please pick your preference for how often I update my DW/LJ with recs.

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I prefer 2-4 months of recs in a single post
3 (11.5%)

I prefer a rec post once a month
9 (34.6%)

I prefer a rec post once a week
15 (57.7%)

I prefer daily recs of 1 or 2 stories
2 (7.7%)

Other I'll explain in the comments
3 (11.5%)

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Does anyone know how to fix the new LJ friends page so it looks like my own LJ style? DW is my primary account but I still check LJ and it's painful to view now.

I'd appreciate any and all help.
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Am I the only one having issues with LJ comments lately? I can't see comments for non-screened posts and I see row after row of various ways to log into LJ. I've turned off ?style=mine and the issues persists.

EDIT: Mystery solved. I have Noscript add-on with Firefox and apparently I needed to add
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I'm looking for the fanfiction version of this story: I bring the Fire by Startrekfanwriter.

I know she's turned it into an original novel is now selling it, however I have zero interest in original fiction. Like at all. The only original novel I read this past year was House of Hades.

If anyone has a copy and would be willing to share it with me I will be eternally grateful.
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I'm curious to know who on my flist is in Supernatural fandom and posts about it???

Someone on my flist posted a SPN 2013 Big Bang rec and for the life of me I cannot find you!
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My friend described what sounds like a potentially awesome story, unfortunately she didn't know the title/author/link or any other really good clues that would help me locate it. Though she said she thought she found it on A03 (with over 10k stories in avengers/marvel fandom alone I really need help to locate this fic)

The basic plot is that Loki changes Darcy's brain in order for her to think more like an Asgardian so that she could build a rainbow bridge to get him home? The side effect is that after the bridge was complete she began to lose all her intelligence.

I'd appreciate any and all help locating this story.


EDIT: Found the story it's Entropy (Order and Disorder) by Sigridhr.
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I'm trying to find a fic where Peter seduces Stiles when Stiles is still in high school and they have a fucked up relationship in that they both kidnap each other, tie each other to beds, and then leave for hours. Finally they both have enough of this and start to have hot, dirty, wrong sex, at which point the story ends.

The next story takes place five years in the future and Peter has died and it's about Stile's grief and coming to terms with Peter not being in his life anymore.

For the life of me I cannot find this story! :(

I was hoping someone on my flist has read it and is willing to point me in the right direction.

I'd appreciate any and all help!

EDIT: Story Found!

It's Less Defined by FireEverything.
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At Escapade this year someone pointed out that there is a Teen Wolf fic where Stiles is bitten by an Alpha and kills the Alpha becoming one himself and he and Derek have to figure out how to work together in Beacon Hills.

I'd appreciate any and all help.

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I'm hoping someone on my flist either wrote this story or read it recently enough that they can point me in the right direction.

In the story Loki uses some spell to turn Thor into a mortal before kidnapping and raping him. Thor is returned to the tower hours later and tries to hide what happened to him from the team.

if anyone knows where I can find this story I'd appreciate it.


p.s. alternatively if anyone knows how I can filter Thor/Loki with Archive Warning: Rape/Non-con at A03 I can probably find the story myself. Currently there are over 3,500 Thor/Loki fics at the archive so it's not easy going without the filters.

EDIT: Found the story. It's called Transgressions by AccursedSpatula.
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I'm hoping someone on my flist can help me. I lost a story I was in the middle of reading when I had to reformat my computer. I know it was a kinkmeme for Avengers.

The basic premise is that the team is captured and held hostage by some shadow organization and they are all tortured in front of each other for days (while naked) and the main bad guy takes an interest in Tony and rapes him in front of everyone. The bad guy's name is Paul...

If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

EDIT: Found! Thanks [personal profile] verabell Here is the story link


Feb. 8th, 2012 06:24 pm
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Is anyone online right now and willing to test links I send their way to see if I have my Calibre content server up and running properly? I can't exactly test it from my home network.

If you're interested in helping please email me at amalthia at
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I'm trying to find a story I read some time ago where Dudley finds out/figures out that his parents are abusive to Harry and he helps Harry. I don't know why I didn't bookmark the story because I remember it was awesome and now I can't find it again.

I'd appreciate any and all help flist.


EDIT: Wow that was quick the story was found by [ profile] reefofhappiness Here is it for anyone that is interested. :)

A Hero


Nov. 10th, 2011 04:53 pm
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Um, am I the only one having problems today reading my email on gmail? I see the subject line but all the text is gone.

EDIT: Found a solution Here I can now view my messages properly. :)
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Does anyone know who else writes epic (in length) fic in the DCU fandom.

I already know about Te and Mithen but I'm not sure who else is writing stories over 100k words long or where to find them?

I've used delicious, LJ search, tumblr, and the Batman/Superman archive.

I'll appreciate any and all help and recs of course. :)

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