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Well I started my porn battle story, but it's not done yet and Supernatural is about 5 minutes away from finishing it's I think I'll have to finish this story tomorrow evening when I'm home from work. I'm having a blast with this story. :) and kind of just going all out on it.

So tonight's been fun. :) I really think I love writing! maybe not as much as reading because well reading is easier but I hope with time and practice maybe writing will come more easily to me.
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I had a blast today/tonight! Sang karaoke, ate a ton of food, talked with just about everyone. :) And pretty much just had a fun relaxing time. Just got home and now I'm going to finish writing my secret santa fic it was due today and I'm not going to bed until it's finished. I think i'm going to have to do some serious groveling and apologizing for being so late on this story.
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I signed up for [ profile] sam_slut_a_thon because well I'm really enjoying what people are posting so far and I feel motivated, and I think this will help me continue writing.

here's my table at the's kind of empty but I hope to get it completely filled sometime between now and next year, if not sooner. :)

002.Hands 003.Food
005.Weapons 006.Public 007.Sleepy 008.Rimming
011.Porn 012.Sloppy, Imperfect Sex
014.Pregnancy Scare 015.Toys 016.Water
017.Illegal 018.Writer's Choice Cliche 019.Writer's Choice Kink
020.Writer's Choice
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I think anytime I make a plan to write people start to post all these good stories and I have like ZERO self control when it comes to reading fics by my favorite authors or checking out any case there are 2 more days of nano and at this point I think I got to be happy with my 5000 words. Anyway, in December I need to at least finish my [ profile] sga_santa fic.

I'm loving season 3 of SGA so I feel inspired again which is awesome. :)

In other news, Thanksgiving turned out okay until my sister's fiance hit my brother's dog Brownie over the head with a big stick, because he thought Brownie was going to snap Boxer's neck (my sister's dog). Anyway, lots of drama, both sets of dogs are all right. I get that my sister was scared of Brownie because he's a pit bull but he's still one of the sweetest dogs I've been around, hell he even obeys my commands and he basically did not deserve to get hit over the head.

After that whole incident my legs were shaking, my brother left my parents home and drove 3 hours back to San Angelo (mostly beause my sister's b/f started cussing out my brother when my brother returned from Austin shopping) Personally, I think my sister/ her fiancee should not have opened the cage with Brownie in it if they didn't want their dogs playing or getting in fights with Brownie....which I find kind of odd because Brownie plays well with other dogs, hell my parents let their 1000 dollar shih-tzu play with Brownie. Nothing bad has ever happened to any dog or human around Brownie. I missed what started everything but I'm convinced that my sister and her finacee don't really know much about dogs, otherwise they would have had their dogs associating with Brownie with my brother there and some daylight.

Me, I was nervous when I heard my brother got a pit-bull so every time I visited I made an effort to play with Brownie with my brother there supervising, then I played with him by myself a little, and Brownie is very affectionate and obeys commands. Nothing bad ever happened to me or any other dog that's been around Brownie.

I even took Pepper and Brownie out of their cages (the ones my dad set up for the dogs my sister brought as well as my brother's two dogs) anyway I took the two active dogs out of their cage and played fetch and they ran around playing with Wookie (the shih-tzu) chasing after them and they rough housed a bit together but when I said it was time to get back in their cage they went back in. They both sit when I said sit and they behaved very well. I'm not sure why my sister is scared of Brownie. But anyway, I really worried about Brownie until I heard from my brother that the vet said he was okay, the stick had cut his skin above the eye, and my brother was worried that he might have had worse injuries. But after all this happened Brownie walked steadily and he seemed rather confused as to why someone would hit him over the head with a big stick.

My sister is lucky Brownie's jaws didn't lock, the beagle wasn't yelping or anything, he was rolling over onto his back. I think it's a dog thing except my sister and her b/f panicked and then blamed my brother for getting a "violent" dog.

I have a hard time believing that Wookie (which is still half the size of my sister's beagle) spent three weeks with Brownie at my brother's home and my brother had to seperate Wookie from brownie to protect Brownie! apparently Wookie was licking a sore spot into Brownie's neck or something.

I hated that night. I didn't know what to do because I cared about Brownie and well I kind of hate my sister's dogs, but...she loves them. and I just hated not knowing what to do and I know getting between two fighting dogs is just asking for trouble but hitting a dog over the head with a big stick doesn't sound like a good solution either. I have no clue what set the dogs at each other but in this one I think it's my sister's fault for not checking to see if the cage was empty before she opened it and then for not socializing her dogs iwth Brownie and Pepper with my brother there to keep his dog under control.
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Okay not a lot is actually happening. For the first time in weeks I actually feel like I got enough sleep, watched Lost and another episode of House while crocheting a hat for my grandmother. meandering thoughts about writing and stuff... )
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I finally have a few minutes to sit down and collect my thoughts (and naturally I should have been in bed sleeping 10 minutes ago) This last weekend I went to San Angelo to visit my brother, he and his g/f of one year had broken up...that was a long, LONG, and VERY LONG road trip but it was nice to see my brother again.

on the writing front...I'm so tempted to write something for the [ profile] sga_flashfic Bad Sex Challenge...there are so many things you can do with this type of challenge. :) I've already added it to my to-do list...though honestly it's been getting longer and longer and I only have one thing completed on it. I'm also sitting on this supernatural story idea with more plot than anything else. (I know I amaze myself sometimes too.) It hit me that I better write this story before I lose interest in the fandom or the story idea. And I actually would like my favorite SPN authors to maybe be interested in reading this story. I'll be honest...I do write for myself to some extent but 80% of the fun is finding out if your friends liked your story and talking about it afterwards. (this is just me, everyone writes for different reasons)

also on my mind...I found a song I think might be perfect for a doctor who video...I don't want to share it just yet because I don't want anyone else to make a vid to this song (okay I know I'm like a badfic writer afraid to share her ideas!) though I may need to talk with one of my vidding friends (okay maybe acquaintances by now. I feel like I've fallen off the face of the planet when it comes to talking with my online friends) um anyway...yeah I'm lame sometimes.

I'm now realizing I need to change the way I vid because I have a feeling I won't be vidding to just one fandom like I thought I would when I first started. I heard this song Save Yourself by Stabbing Westward a few years ago and it just hit me last week that this would also make a good Battlestar Galactica song to vid to...just need to figure out if I'm just going for action or if I want to tell some type of story.

However, in order to either write or vid I need to cut back on reading stories! :( that doesn't appeal to me in the least. grrrrrr
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I have this incredible urge to write Supernatural fan fiction. It's an awesome feeling. haven't really felt this way in months. Now I just need to get some sort of outline so I don't get halfway through the story and end up scratching my head wondering what happens next. :)

I also finished reading the Robin Hobb Farseer series, all NINE books. If anyone hasn't read the Assassin's Apprentice I highly recommend giving it a try.

Next book on my list is Martha Well's Death of a Necromancer....I'm kind of hoping it's not too good because then instead of writing when I get home from work I'll probably be plopped down on the couch reading until bedtime. But that's not such a bad thing either. :) It's a really nice feeling to find a book that captivates me.

I also got caught up on my flist...I really feel bad for the rabbit. I felt like crying when I read the story. do not read if you are easily depressed. That anyone could do this to any animal makes me want to take a horse whip to that person...and I appreciate that there are people who want to help and make the effort.
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I have loved all the remix challenges but for some reason always find out about them after the deadlines are over...well I found a community where there is no deadline... [ profile] revisit_me I put my stories up for anyone who is interested in remixing...I'd really like to see what someone else could do with the stories I wrote.

When I write it's because I want to read certain types of fics and if I don't write them it's just not going to happen. I'm also browsing by the authors and trying to figure out which stories I'd like to try and remix. :) Should be interesting.

Also I finished watching the pilot episode Sherman's March? the one with Joe Flanigan...I kind of liked the show...though I think some of the acting was weird but he was hotter in this pilot episode than he was in all of Cupid. I guess there's just something about him getting angry and frustrated that just really works for me.
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I only have one paragraph done of my Left Behind challenge fic, I figured after dinner I'll tell my husband I'm writing and actually finish the story instead of reading fan fic like I did last night. :( I'm so bad. hangs head in shame.

need beta

Feb. 26th, 2006 05:32 am
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I wrote a fic for the post secret challenge and before I post it I figured it might not hurt to see if anyone is willing to beta read it? Um anyone?

edit: the story is only about 2000 words long and it's Mckay/Sheppard.
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the great writing meme

I'm still debating on if I should join, however some of my favorite authors are getting rather negative responses so I'm like, dude, assuming anyone does respond to my's bound to be rather bad. Not sure I can take it right now. I'm okay with my beta pointing out all the problems in a fic...but if I'm not planning on going back and fixing the story I don't see any point in asking people to flay it alive, so to speak. However, it might help to get some honest responses from people. When you ask someone personally what they think, they rarely come out and say straight to your face "your story sucked big donkey balls" or something like that even if that's the first thing they think.

So I'm going to give this some more thought, maybe go and review some other fics...only I already give feedback for a ton of fics, though I'll admit there are plenty of times I feel like I want to say more but am afraid of hurting the writer's feelings or giving one of those backhanded compliments that I'm so good at and authors never really appreciate.


Jan. 5th, 2006 10:03 pm
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I suck at writing. I'm working on this genderbending story and it sounds so much better in my head... I think I'm just tired. I think I'm coming down with a cold.
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[ profile] amothea has [ profile] svmadelyn‘s summary: -- Ronon, WEird, John and Rodney are all transporated back into time and they all have to work together to survive and wier and Ronon have to have to get together to save John from warlocks or vampires (read to find out which!) and maybe also Rodney.

100-1000 Words, due Friday by 6pm.
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I finished all the corrections for the fic. the person who beta read the story for me is a goddess. I don't know what I would have done without her help. I just wish it didn't take me so long to figure out what story I was going to tell because once I found the story I realized I think I had more I could have written about.

Anyway I shipped the fic off to [ profile] moonlettuce Titles are not my friend. But anyway I'm done and now I can really focus my efforts on the vid I'm currently working on.

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