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It's been a few years since I've made a favorite fics of the year posts. I thought it was time to start it again. Sorry if my reviews aren't all that great, I try very hard not to give spoilers, and I sometimes hit that point where it's hard to find new ways to say a story is amazing...The stories are listed in no particular order.

Marvel (Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, X-Men, Spider-Man) )
Stargate Atlantis )
Teen Wolf )
Rise of the Guardians )
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Stargate Atlantis

canis_lupus - Decade INSTANT REC!!! I could not stop reading this story once I started. I loved seeing the expedition members from the pov of Jack O'Neill and figuring out what had happened during the 10 years Earth lost contact with the Atlantis expedition.



Arvensis5 - Tapestry I loved seeing all the "what if" threads of fate and the character voices.


CatKing_Catkin - Days and Steps INSTANT REC!!! I loved this series, the character voices felt spot on, the recovery for Loki worked for me, and I loved how Loki and Thor learned how to be brothers again. Parts of this series made me cry, which was awkward because I was on jury duty while reading the fic.


I planned to have more recs this week, however since Pinboard went down a few days ago, my "Pinboard to Dreamwidth" script hasn't quite worked. I've made test bookmarks but they aren't being pushed out to my Dreamwidth account.
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It took my grandparent asking why I hadn't posted to my LJ/DW in so long for me to realize it's been well over a month since I've posted any recs.

I was distracted by Escapade and going to Texas for a week during Spring Break. Plus I'm learning how to ski this winter. :)

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Star Trek Reboot

aldora89 - The Lotus Eaters INSTANT REC!!! This was an excellent story to read while trapped on a plane because it completely sucked me into the story and kept me entertained for hours. I loved the concept, the imagery was vivid and interesting. I also loved the relationship buildup. This was a truly awesome story.

Stargate Atlantis

michelel72 - Darkness Is the Only Sound INSTANT REC!!! This was an awesome team fic and I loved the concept so much.


rageprufrock - Limited Release I loved all the characters and I really enjoyed the world building and seeing how different this world is as a result of one big change.

Yahtzee - The Hidden Heart I liked the use of mutant powers in the story and I had a lot of fun reading this story. :)

dvs - The Last Spartan This was so much fun to read. I laughed more than once and it was really fantastic crack fic.

dancinbutterfly: Lab Rats and Tin Soldiers I loved the concept and once I started reading I couldn't stop. This was an engaging story.

manic_intent - The Geometry of Chance I loved the concept and character voices.


gyzym: Momentum INSTANT REC!!! This was an awesome mirror to the story Ready, Aim, Fire. I couldn't stop reading once I started. I cried more than once and I loved the Tony, Steve sees.

Penumbren - Indelible INSTANT REC!!! I loved the concept, the character voices, and the world building. I couldn't stop reading the story once I started and I loved the author's writing style. :)

manic_intent: The Tower of Yesterday I loved the concept of Tony being the one that was frozen in time and woken in the future. The author did an amazing job with the character voices and the action.

DCU/Iron Man

freakyperfume: The Billionaire Boys Club This was a fun crossover story. There really aren't enough Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark fics.


feverbeats - Only Smile When I Lie I loved the concept and completely bought this pairing. :) I'm not sure why we don't get more villain romances????


MK_Yujji: The Promise Within This was probably one of my favorite Merlin Big Bang stories. I loved the concept and how Arthur dealt with his new magic powers. Uther is still a flawed but interesting man and I loved how the one change in Arthur changes all of their destinies.

DCU/White Collar

C_R_Scott - Confidence Lost I had a blast reading this story. I loved the concept and seeing how the author merged White Collar and the DCU universe.
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I survived my capstone week and am now able to post recs! :) I'm also looking forward to using my new My Little Pony Icons (um LJ users won't be able to see them...) Now onto the recs.

Iron Man

dorcas_gustine - This time tomorrow (where were we?) (Pairing:Tony/Steve) INSTANT REC!!! I absolutely loved the plot, the character voices, and the relationship felt real.

Stargate Atlantis

The Stars My Destination by Mad_Maudlin INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. I loved the concept, the characters felt real, and I was on the edge of my seat through the later half of the story.

Lay Me Down So by lovesrain44 (Pairing:Sheppard/McKay) I could not stop reading once I started. I loved the detail of the prison camp and I almost cried more than once.

X- Men

The Winter of Banked Fires by Yahtzee (Pairing:Xavier/Magneto Pairing:Rogue/Wolverine) INSTANT REC!!! I could not stop reading this story once I started. I loved the plot, the character voices, and I liked how the author brought Charles back to life and merged the canons from X-Men:First Class and the X-Men trilogy movies.

Vorkosigan/Doctor Who

And All Its Clear Relations by Dira Sudis (dsudis) I loved the character voices, the concept, plot, and could not stop reading once I started.

Wonder Woman Vid Rec

Vidlet: I NEED A HERO [Wonder Woman] by beccatoria (vid:recs:wonderwoman) I loved all the action in the vid and how fitting it was for the song. :)

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This is about a months worth of recs...I think this may be my only rec post for the month of February and second post of the month. I think school is keeping me far too busy. That and re-watching all of Farscape...I'd forgotten how awesome this series was and I'm having a tough time finding good fan fiction in the Farscape fandom.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Sex Ed Teacher by skydark - The Adventures of Roy Mustang (Pairing:Ed/Roy) INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. I don't think I've laughed this much from the antics of the characters in forever. I highly recommend reading the sequel, Better Living Through Alchemy and the 3rd story in the series is a WIP so read that one at your own risk. Basically, this was an all around fun story to read and I loved the character voices.

Window Dressing by thehoyden (Pairing:Ed/Roy) This was short but I loved the Roy's character voice and Ed's was spot on. :)

You and Your Fuck Awful Timing by lightgetsin (Pairing:Ed/Roy) I loved the character voices and the progressions in the story. :)


Ties That Bind by thehoyden (Pairing:Bruce/Dick Tim/Kon) This was hot and funny. :)

Stargate Atlantis

Character Witness by mad_maudlin I LOVED the premise and the character voices. This was short but said a lot.


These Castle Walls Bleed Lies by marguerite_26 (merlin/arthur) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the character voices, the plot, and I loved the ending.

Doctor Who

The Swan Princess by Mad_Maudlin (Pairing:Amy/Rory) I loved this fusion and the character voices were spot on and Rory was so awesome. :)

Harry Potter

In Loco Parentis by Dolores_Crane (Pairing:Hermione/Harry Harry/Snape) INSTANT REC!!! This wasn't like any Harry Potter fic I've read in ages. It's probably because it's told from Hermione's pov but it also it touches on some much deeper issues and I could not stop reading once I started. I'll also add that one part made me cry.


Rough Trade by whiskyrunner (Pairing:Arthur/Eames) It starts off with hot sex and just gets better. :)


One Brick at a Time by nutkin (Sam/Dean Sam/OFC) This was very hot. I loved the build up and the ending really worked for me.

Worship Not These False Idols by killabeez (Sam/Ruby) I loved Sam's pov and the sex was hot.

Some (Don't) Like It Hot by strangeandcharm (Pairing:Castiel/Dean Pairing:Castiel/Sam) I loved the concept and this was hot. :)

Farscape Vid Rec

Deep by rhoboat (vid:recs:farscape) This vid hit all my buttons and I loved how twisted it was.

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The stories below are listed in no particular order or fandom preference. This year it was again difficult to narrow down my absolute favorites.

Star Trek Reboot, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Merlin, Inception, Vid Recs

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Star Trek Reboot

Eye of the Storm by littlebirdtold (Kirk/Spock) I had a lot of fun reading this story and the sex was hot. I liked the merging of the chess verse the reboot verse.

A Mighty Fine Man by Zauzat (Pairing:McCoy/Pike) I loved this pairing and how the story unfolds with the guys becoming friends and then so much more. I would not mind reading more Pike/McCoy fics.

strive seek find yield (spoctoria) by waldorph (Kirk/Spock) This was a fun story to read. :) I loved the cast of characters and had a hard time putting this story down.

Bang a Gong by waketosleep (Kirk/Spock) I had a blast reading this story. I loved the character voices, the dialog, the sex was funny and hot and it was lighthearted fun.

Feathered Frenzy by triskellion (Kirk/Spock) INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. I loved the premise, the character voices, and I loved the resolution.


The Curious Incident of the Harpies in Broad Daylight by kaydeefalls I had a blast reading this story. I also would not mind more stories of Gwaine and Lancelot's adventures together.

A Warlock's Worth by ella_bane (merlin/arthur) I had a blast reading this story. I loved Arthur&'s pov and the sex was hot.


Midnight Of the Century by glasslogic (Sam/Jess/Dean Sam/Jess Sam/Dean) I Loved the premise of this story and how Jess and Sam do their best to find Dean before it's too late to save him.

Immigrant Song by trinityofone (Pairing:Castiel/Dean) I had a blast reading this story. I loved the mini-episodes, the character voices, and the ending worked.

Revisionist History by nutkin (Sam/Dean) I loved the conversation between Soulless Sam and Dean. It also didn't hurt that the sex was hot. :)

Stargate Atlantis

Hell Is Empty by busaikko (sheppard/mitchell) This story pretty much hit one of my major kinks and the sequel was heartbreaking in a way.

Supernatural Vid Rec

| Love the Way You Lie by fatedcreations (vid:recs:spn) I loved the song and the clip choices.

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Fortress by glasslogic (Sam/Dean) INSTANT REC!!! This story caught me from page one and kept me reading way past my regular bedtime. I loved the characters, the premise, and the writing style. You should skip my ramblings at the end of the post and go straight to the story.

Sing Your Hymns Like Angels In Defeat by leonidaslion (Sam/Dean) INSTANT REC!!! I got tears in my eyes more than once reading this story. I loved Sam and Dean's character voices, the premise, and how the story ended.

In Arcadia Ego by glasslogic (Sam/Dean) I loved the character voices in this story and I'd really love a sequel. This is the first Sam and Dean aren't brothers fic I've ever read and I didn't think I'd like them not being brothers but I gave it a shot and I'm glad I took a chance becuase I could not stop reading this story either.

Funny Thing About Denial by dragonspell (Sam/Dean) I loved the angry sex aspect of the story a lot. :)

Stargate Atlantis

How Not to Fly by Toomuchplor (Sheppard/McKay) INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. Sheppard and McKay's character voices were spot on, I loved the kids, and I got tears in my eyes more than once. Wonderful storytelling.

In other news, I'm in love with my PRS-650. I added about 15 screen savers, mostly a combination of my favorite Battlestar Galactica and Supernatural wallpapers mixed with book cover artwork from Michael Whelan. (the guy that did the cover art for Tad Williams Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy, and the cover art for Joan D. Vinge's Snow Queen trilogy. I'm keeping an eye out for Legend of the Seeker artwork. I realized that dark hair does not show up so well in black and white so it looks like I'll need Cara wallpapers. (not a hardship at all because she's so beautiful) I like having a good mix but I don't want to go overboard either because the images take up a good amount of space.

The Touch Screen is also easy to use and responsive. But I think what impressed me most is that I added over 1000 ebooks to the device and it came back up in 3 minutes. On my PRS-505 if I were to do that it would take 30-45 minutes before I could even use my device.

I also love how the epub looks, the horrible side number on the margin is gone, it uses regular page numbers, and the fonts are crisp. I'm currently waiting for my cover to arrive before I start reading on my new device but so far I think I'm happy with it. I also love that the internal memory is 1.4gigs. I still have about 600 MB of free space left which is nice. It means I won't have to use my 2 gig microsd card for a long time.

I made it through the week, got my assignment 3 of doom completed with 3 hours to spare, finished my 3 day midterm today, and this weekend I have no assignments or tasks due. Which means I should get a start on assignment 4 but it's nice to know I have at least 8 days before I have another deadline.
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Stargate Atlantis

Unnatural Selection by auburn (Sheppard/McKay) INSTANT REC!!! If you love science fiction and action/adventure and a good mystery this is the story for you. I was hooked from page one and could not stop reading until I'd finished the story. I loved all the twists and turns this story took and how the characters are slightly different but still themselves. Seriously at this point you should already be at the story, not reading my post.

Dragonlord by Icarus (Sheppard/McKay) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the concept and the writing was engaging.


But the House is Haunted and the Ride Gets Rough by dreamlittleyo (Pairing:Arthur/Cobb) This hit my kinks rather hard and I loved it.


Praise The Lord (And Pass The Ammunition) by nekomitsu (Pairing:Castiel/Dean) INSTANT REC!!! I had so much fun reading this story. I loved the humor, the way Dean learned to navigate his new situation, and how he came to realize how much he loved Castiel.

Quartering The Odds by eighth_horizon (Sam/Dean) This is an AU of the Turn of the Wheel series and though it was short she packed a whole bunch of good stuff in this story. But I think I was pretty much sold at Hooker!Wingfic! and then Sam and Dean being themselves. :)


I Keep Going Over the World We Knew (Over and Over) by Mellacita (merlin/arthur) I loved the concept of reincarnation and how Merlin and Arthur found each other again.

What We Have (and What We Have Left) by morcalivan I had a blast reading this story. It was sweet and Merlin's voice sounded spot on. I loved the premise of Merlin going to Camelot to kill Arthur and ends up shagging him instead. It was hot. :)

Doctor Who

Vita Longa by sam_storyteller (Pairing:Amy/Eleven Pairing:Rory/Eleven) I adored Rory's pov in this story.

Star Trek Original

Personal Effects by jesmihr (kirk/spock) This story made me laugh and I loved the concept of an android made for Spock. :)

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Steam by new_kate (merlin/arthur) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the use of technology in the story and all the small details as well as the histories woven into the story. I loved the way Merlin and Arthur fell in love.

Little Thief by scribblemoose (merlin/arthur) I had a lot of fun reading this. I liked the plot, the character voices, and I loved Merlin's voice in this story.

The Sorcerer and the King by winterhill (merlin/arthur) INSTANT REC!!! I could not stop reading once I started. I loved Arthur's pov, the plot was intense, I loved the use of magic, and how the story unfolds. This story blew me away on many levels. I also truly adored the OCs introduced.

Doctor Who

Moments from a Non-Linear Life by wishfulaces (Pairing:Amy/Rory) I loved all the moments shared in this story. It was sweet, funny, and at times sad.

Stargate Atlantis

Beginning's Endd by irony_rocks (Sheppard/Weir) INSTANT REC!!! I was hooked as soon as I read the summary. "During "Before I Sleep" the alternative version of John Sheppard lived as well" And the story did not disappoint. There was action, romance, and a good mystery to solve as Sheppard and Weir figure out how to save the expedition from 10k years in the past. I could not stop reading once I started.


Camdon Inn by dragonspell (Sam/Dean) This story hit my kinks in all the right ways. I loved the case, the atmosphere, and the sex was very hot.

Hearts Brighter Than Starry Skies by locknkey (Sam/Dean) I loved Dean's character voice in the story and the sex was hot. I also loved the idea of the guys in the woods doing survival training and falling deeper in love. :)

I'm your villain by fleshflutter (Pairing:Dean/Crowley) I loved the banter and the sex was incredibly hot.

I'm your villain by fleshflutter (Pairing:Dean/Crowley) I loved the banter and the sex was incredibly hot.

White Collar

Broken Road by hoosierbitch (Peter/Neal) This story broke my heart and made me cry. But it felt real in a way many stories that have rape-recovery and non-con, don't.

Prison by hoosierbitch (Pairing:Neal/OMC) This hit about all of my kinks.

Crossover Bingo: Round Three by captanddeastar (Peter/Neal) I had so much fun reading this story! I loved Peter's character voice and that Sam and Neal got along and the ending was perfect.

Exquisite by sam_storyteller (Nathan/Peter/Elizabeth) INSTANT REC!!! I loved the way this story unfolds and Peter and Neal's character voices felt spot.

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