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This weekend I was sick, again. Seriously, I was so pissed off when I figured out I caught the cold my husband had. I really thought I was in the clear after I got better last time but less than two weeks anyways I was very VERY grateful my grandmother had snail mailed Nightquil D to me because it really helped. However, I still didn't get much done this weekend because I don't know about everyone else but I have a hard time concentrating when I can't breathe.

I haven't hit panic yet in regards to my paper but it's probably because I'm lots of cold medicine drugs and well I'm too tired to work myself up into a state.

In other news, I think I figured out the importing thing so I'll probably do that Tuesday or Wed for DW. I have to go back and compare my JF and LJ accounts to make sure the two sites have everything before starting the transfer.

I'm also very tempted to make a music video for SPN to either of these two songs (someday when I have a life that is)

Vince Gil's I Still Believe In You and Whenever You Come Around
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I discovered I really like a lot of 30 Seconds to Mars, I got their entire album and I'm not fast forwarding through any of the songs which is very rare for me. I'm also enjoying Breaking Benjamin, which is weird, normally I don't care for mainstream music but I'm not fast forwarding through their music as much as I thought I would when I got the album.

here are a few songs that I'm in love with this week

The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars

So Cold by breaking benjamin

Breath by breaking benjamin

Look at You by Screaming Trees

It's Not Over by Daughtry

Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

Misery by The Moffatts

p.s. Last night I watched Doctor Who and my husband turns to me and says "that was pretty damn slashy" or something to that effect. :) I was thinking maybe I was the only one that noticed! I love this show.
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Stargate Atlantis

Maybe Oracle by [ profile] spike21 (Gen) I loved Telya's voice, the imagery, and how Teyla reacts to the gender change.


Eight Times Emerging by [ profile] sevenfists (Gen, pre-series) Dean gets a pet kitten and it's cut and sad and I just loved this story.

Pavlov's Bell by [ profile] lyra_wing (Sam/Dean) This was hot, like a burning sun hot. I loved the biting and Dean's reaction and the sex.

Take a Long Line 1, and Take a Long Line 2 by [ profile] derry667 (Gen, SPN/Numb3rs, WIP) I loved these two stories because they both do a great job of showing Dean and Sam's characters. I haven't seen Numb3rs but I'm willing to bet the author nailed their character voices as well. I also love the plot and basically I got butterflies in my stomach and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

One Hundred Calories Per Serving by [ profile] albydarned (Sam/Dean) This was hot and funny and in case I forgot to mention, very hot. :)

Familiar Lullabies by [ profile] eloise_bright (Gen, pre-series) I liked this moment in time and the imagery and Sam's pov.

Freak by [ profile] zillah_fic (Gen, pre-series) This story made me cry. I felt so bad for Dean and I loved Sam trying to fit in and the ending!

And also because I can't get the song Screaming Trees- Look at You out of my head and while I'd love to watch that scene in Supernatural - Heart another 20 times it's kind of hard to watch and read at the same time...and okay I don't want to overdo it. :)


Jun. 25th, 2006 12:19 pm
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I was tagged by [ profile] midnightzstorm

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your livejournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1) Vast -I don't have anything

2) Cold- Happens All the Time

3) Rob Thomas - All that I am

4) E-Nomine - Mitternacht

5) NIN - Closer

6) Arslan Senki - Ryoute Ippai

7) Suzanne Vega - Undertow

Tagging: [ profile] dustandroses, [ profile] campmotha, [ profile] little5150d, [ profile] kyrieane, [ profile] yami_chan, [ profile] yin_again, [ profile] kerfect
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Here is a playlist of the songs I've been playing repeatedly this last week....

1) Ryoute (YSI link) (A song from the ending title of the Heroic Legend of Arslan (a really old anime OVA) The show wasn't so great but this song is kind of haunting...

2) Rod Stwart - Broken Arrow

3) All that I Am Rob Thomas. I saw that Harry Potter vid and basically came away with a big love for this song.

4) When you Believe

5) Mitternacht this is a german song that I'm vidding to at the moment. It just struck me that this would make a good Wraith vid.
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I finally heard the song Something's Gotta Give by KANE and I can't figure out what album the song comes from. I've been to the band's website, it only lists two albums. Basically, what I want to know is where did this song come from???? because I'd really like to hear more of this band's music.
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I decided after my last post that I should probably at least offer people the chance to download the Children of Dune soundtrack 135MB

If you don't want to download the whole soundtrack but just want to get a sample of what the music sounds like....follow this link 35MB
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I got the soundtrack for Children of Dune and I absolutely love it. All the music fits together and the songs are haunting and the fast paced ones are rather good too. I think one of the best things about this mini-series was the music. If anyone else is interested in trying out the music send me an email or reply back to this message...


Nov. 28th, 2005 12:11 am
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Okay I'm not sure why I'm just now discovering how much I like VAST. I mean why hasn't anyone else recommended this band to me??? actually if anyone would have recommended this (and it's possible someone on my friend's list did, I just can't remember) it would be [ profile] kerfect VAST seems like a bad she'd like. I also downloaded Nine Inch Nail's song Hurt because I wanted to compare the original to the Johnny Cash cover. I've heard a lot about it and wanted to find out myself which I liked more. I ended up enjoying both versions, I can understand the lyrics better with the Johnny Cash version.

Anyway, back to VAST my two favorite songs at the moment are, "Here" and "Pretty When you Cry".

Lately i've been trying out a lot of music I've never tried before. I guess I'm getting tired of my music playlist.
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I love the music from this movie, not all of it but the end credits, the Serenity theme, and a few others. It makes me want to watch the movie again but it's already out of ALL the theaters in Houston! :( I can't believe that. :( it was such a good movie. But anyway, I guess I can get the DVD when it comes out before X-Mas. It's just a shame it didn't do better in the box office.
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Well I went to bed early last night but didn't wake up until 1pm...seriously I fell asleep at 2am but then I woke up at 530 and it took me an hour to fall back asleep and basically had a restless sleep last night. Which sucks. I think it's a sign that I'm still kind of blah...

but enough about that....

I found this song by Bruce Springsteen that I really love called Trapped and apparently there are no studio versions, just various live performances! I don't get why people like live performance music, the clapping gets on my nerves. However since I can only find the live version...I'll just have to live with it. but wow what a great song....I'm amazed I never heard it on the radio, but that's just proof that the radio doesn't play a lot of variety. Hell they don't even play Sarah Brightman or any of the other music I really love. If it weren't for my love of music vids and just downloading random stuff off DC++ I'd never find new music. Well actually watching TV helps me find new music too because lots of TV shows use musicians as their background music, Joan of Arcadia is what introduced me to this song Trapped. (just an example) Found some other good music watching the series too.


Sep. 4th, 2005 01:45 pm
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I don't know if a lot of people know this, but I'm a big soundtrack fan. I go around downloading soundtracks for various shows and movies. Well one of the best soundtracks I've found in months is actually from Battlestar Galactica. One of the reasons I love this show to death is the music. I hadn't realized there was already a soundtrack out but anyway I found it on torrentspy and if anyone else likes the music from is the link. :)

BSG OST it's a torrent site. I don't know if anyone else is sharing this soundtrack any other way...

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