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This weekend I spent far too much time trying to figure out how to automate some tasks in Calibre. Normally I have to use Bulk edit metadata to remove all my tags, then select stories one by one to add a cover, especially if I have a group of stories from various fandoms.

What I learned this weekend fixed all of that and I posted my findings at [ profile] fanfic_ebooks

Calibre FFDL Plugin - Replace Metadata and Generate Cover automatically
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Changing Mindsets: Digital Publishing is Not Simply a PDF I hope more Supernatural fan fiction authors (okay and any other author who thinks PDF is a good format) would read this before they only share a PDF single file version of their fic. I think at this stage in fandom I know many fans who are reading fics on a variety of devices where the PDF format ruins the flow of an author's story. (in the sense that weird stuff happens to fics in PDF format when read on small screens)
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Thoughts about making the Big Bang more accessible

Here's a short passage that spoke to me.

"In the past some fans have volunteered to create PDFs or ePubs but this is not sustainable and some are having to pull back because of time commitments (and also because the difficulty of converting multi-part files into a single ePub/PDF). My thinking is that perhaps the Big Bang maintainers could make an announcement listing the availability of resources that will improve accessibility for fans. Exc: "The A03 is a one stop solution for fans who want to make their fic more accessible in multiple formats with little extra effort. The A03 also allows fans to assign their fic with a Challenge tag for easy sorting/finding." The message could also include a request for volunteers to create PDFs/ePubs for those who are not putting their stories on AO3. And for those fans looking for an alternative archive the mods could point them to other archives. For the Supernatural Big Bang: Sam Dean Slash Archive, Sinful Desire (slash and J2), and Supernaturalville (gen). For the Starsky & Hutch Big Bang -- the Starsky & Hutch Archive.... and so on.....

By simply referencing available resources and not requiring their use as part of the Big Bang we keep it optional and user/volunteer driven. But more importantly by discussing these resources we will help raise awareness of the need for greater accessibility in fandom. I know that some Big Bang community maintainers feel that even mentioning that these resources are available is somehow dictating to authors how and where to offer their fan fiction but I disagree. Raising the issue of disability and accessibility is not inherently an offputting topic. Or rather, it should't be seen that way."

I would love if the SPN community would raise some awareness of accessibility issues that Morgandawn brings up in her post. Since I started making ebooks I've met many fans who have shared similar stories of tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and other disabilities that prevent them from sitting at computers for any stretch of time to read long stories. The invention of e-ink screens was a lifesaver for me and for others who would still like to participate in fandom but are unable to sit at their computers to read any of the longer stories.

The A03 makes ebooks on the fly for readers who do have need of the feature and it would be great if more authors took advantage of what the A03 has to offer, or at least offered a single file version like HTML or RTF/Word.
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Screw You, We're From Texas by makeit_takeit (Jared/Jensen) INSTANT REC!!! I had a blast reading this story. I loved the premise, the characters felt real and I completely believed how the two guys fell in love. Overall I loved how real this story felt and I believed the conflict the guys had to overcome.

In other news, the OTW archive has added an export to mobipocket/pdf/epub/and html feature. I've been experimenting more with it tonight and learning how the epub editor Sigil works to see if I can replace the blank paragraph space with an indent. The tests have not gone well and my css style-sheets haven't quite worked right, so I think until I figure it out I'll be creating my own epub formatted fan fiction. The other options is to figure out how to edit the beginning part of the story, reload the epub into Calibre and re-convert to epub so it fits my preferences. My whole setup is geared towards doing it myself and now I need to figure out how to change my conversion flow to adapt the A03 epubs while not changing anything drastically so that I can still convert stories from LJ/DW and

I'm not a coder but I imagine it's not easy to set up a way for everyone to enter their personal preferences on such things as font type, font size, margins, space between paragraphs or indents, and etc... I think in time the stories will have cover art, summaries in the metadata, and users can set their download preferences in their Preferences panel. It's amazing to realize that the archive is still in beta and offers such a wide range of features. :)

I'm probably not going to use the export to epub feature right away but I can't deny it's a huge step forwards in helping users download ebook friendly fan fiction stories. I'm incredibly happy that it's happened because now there are over 100k stories available to read on Kindles, Nooks, Sonys, the Iphone/iPad and other portable devices. I've been looking forward to this for years now and I really do hope within a year the Ebook Library is obsolete and no longer needed. Though I suppose as long as authors don't archive their fics and only post to LJ then there may still be a need for the Ebook Library.
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I'd like to be clear up front, this post is for people who are merging fan fiction into a single file, though it is possible some of the tips may help authors who would prefer their fic to retain as much of the original formatting as possible and not lose whole sections of their stories, or lose section breaks when someone else merges their story.

Common Mistakes

Missing Chapters

My most common mistake when I merge stories hosted on LJ is I sometimes miss chapters. The easiest solution I've found is to first write to the author and ask if they have a single file Word Doc or HTML version of their story. Generally speaking authors don't mess up and forget to add chapters to their own story. Remember to ask politely because they are doing you a favor.

If the author does not have a single file version of their story you'll have to merge the story the old fashioned way, which is to copy and paste into a new empty document. I currently have a program called Office Tab installed on my computer which gives me tabs for every document opened in Microsoft Word. I normally, if there aren't too many parts, open all the parts of the story first in Word. I then go down the row of tabs copying and pasting each part into a new empty word doc file. After I finish pasting the chapter into the new single file document I close the chapter so it's no longer listed on my tabs. I've found that since I started this process I've had fewer missed chapters and parts.

However, one thing to watch out for is that you actually have all parts to the author's story. One of the easiest ways to find out if you've actually gotten all the story is check the author's word count against the new single file version of the story. If they match up you're good to go. If there is a big discrepancy it probably means you missed a part. This can happen when the author does not have a master post for their story or all parts listed. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and check to see if they have a Next link.

For stories listed on a website do not assume because it's on a regular website it's in a single file. Sometimes they are not. Scroll to the bottom and look for more chapter links.

Missing Scene Breaks

Missing section breaks are when the pov switches and you don’t realize it's happened until you're a paragraph or two in and realize this is someone else's pov.

Most authors use **** or ~*~ or something obvious to indicate the scene is changing. However, not all authors use obvious symbols. Many use extra blank paragraphs which on HTML browsers works fine.

This is why this error is harder to catch after the story is converted. Calibre when it converts HTML to Mobipocket or Epub removes all blank paragraphs and indents the paragraphs. Generally speaking this is good except when an author has used blank paragraphs to indicate a scene change.

There are two ways to fix this. One is to add ***** to those extra blank spaces yourself in the single file Word version before you convert to HTML, which is my preferred method. Or after you've converted to HTML add this HTML code


to create the scene break in the proper locations. The second fix is harder because generally when you convert to Plain HTML those blank paragraph spaces in Word are removed completely so it's harder to find the scene break.

If you try using < br > to create the space it does not work on epub. So you'll be left with no scene breaks.

I tried to think of other areas where mistakes can easily happen but kind of came up blank so if anyone has any recommendations or advice please feel free to share.
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Portable Document Format (PDF) is a format used by many publishers as a final layout format. I use it at work when we send publications to a printer to print. PDF is great for making sure if I sent the file to five different printers each printing company would be able to create the same publication. "PDF is used for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system." (wikipedia)

cut for length )
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I've been thinking of making a series of posts about typography in fan fiction ebooks. This is something I've been giving thought to lately because currently there is no set standard for how people create epubs and mobipocket ebooks of fan fiction.

The big question is should there be a standard?

There is a general standard for how people post fiction to archives, LJ/DW, and in other communities. Authors use a standard template of sorts to share relevant information such as Title, Author, Summary, Rating, Length/Word Count, Warnings, and Author Notes.

However, how an author formats the rest of the story is up to them, such as margins, font type, section breaks, indents or blank space between paragraphs. Through years of online fandom people came to a general consensus as to what looks best on a browser and as to what information is most important. Those that share their fic in purple font on black backgrounds in type 8 Times New Roman fonts are generally ignored by anyone with eyes that can see.

With ebook formats there isn't a fandom approved set standard.

I have a standard I've come up with after three years of trial and error. Reading on my device was the best teacher as to what works and what does not.

I've found that for myself I prefer to get as much out of my battery as possible and as a result I've chosen to go with indenting paragraphs instead of paragraph spaces. On smaller screens the indents make the most use of the limited screen space. What works on a 15-22 inch computer monitor does not work as well on 3-6 inch screens.

I've also stuck with Times New Roman because for me it's easier to read at a smaller font size. I find that I love when Chapters start on a brand new page with a certain amount of space between the header and the beginning chapter.

I've also found that I like obvious section breaks such as ***** or +++++ or some other unique keyboard characters. This has more to do with actual converting html to epub/mobipocket. Section breaks that rely on blank spaces do not translate well and disappear. That one took me awhile to figure out what was going on. I had originally thought that the author's did not have a section break when they switched pov or scenes. It made for some very confusing reading until I figured out what was going on. Further investigation showed that the authors relied on blank paragraphs to create their section breaks. Earlier versions Calibre had stripped the blank lines in order to remove spaces between paragraphs and create indents. (this discovery falls into "wish I knew then what I know now") Now I know to watch out for extra blank paragraphs indicating a section break and manually add **** to indicate a section break. So when the file is converted the section break is not lost.

I also love having a Table of Contents. Not all stories formatted in epub or mobipocket have one. For shorter stories this is not much of an issue but for anything over 100k words it's nice to have.

I like the artwork in the story I'm reading to be centered.

These are just some general standards I have come up with over the years.

Ebook devices are growing in popularity in fandom but there is no real dialogue amongst those creating ebooks for portable devices. I'm not sure who all is even creating them. I've met a few authors who've done remarkable things when they created an epub version of their fan fiction stories. They did things I sadly do not have time to do like dropcaps, stylized chapter headings, and etc.

I'm not sure it's really possible to create a standard because most of us have our own preferences and I'm not sure if it's actually necessary. The only standard I can think of that is a necessity is the Author and Title not being left off the actual story.

My friend pointed out that it took years of fighting and wank before we have the general posting standards we have now for stories posted online in web browsers. And there is no real consensus for warnings.

Currently I don't know any two people who even merge stories the same way. I'm not sure we'll ever get to the stage of two people converting stories the same way. Though if the major archives make it possible to export into mobipocket or epub that'll maybe take the ebook fans a step closer to some sort of standard.

Not sure when or why I'm so interested in typography and standards but I've been noticing that many people who create ebooks off fan fiction treat the file as if it's going to be read on in a browser on a computer monitor that has a lot more space. I'm not sure if it's a style choice to keep the blank space between paragraphs or if it's something they would like to remove but don't know how?

But as to my original question as to whether there should be a standard.

I myself do not know.

I think on one hand if authors knew exactly how the epub/mobipocket story would turn out maybe they would be more receptive to sharing their works in multiple formats?

However, on the other hand what if everyone likes eating up their screen real estate with empty paragraph spaces? And would it kill ebook design creativity? I have some lovely epubs on my device that don't fit my current conversion style. I'd hate to never see anyone go full out on their own fic because they are trying to stick to a "standard."

I think I've narrowed down what is most important to me as a reader of ebooks on portable devices. That's a Table of Contents, clear title and author name, summary, indented paragraphs, clear section breaks (like *****), centered images, and chapters starting on a new page. I think if ebooks hit these bench marks then margins, font type, and font size aren't nearly as important.

I think tomorrow or later this week I'll cover why I don't think PDF is a good ebook format for portable devices.
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Master Posts are posts where an author lists their header information as well as chapters to all the parts in their LJ posted fic. This helps the reader find all the parts in the story.

The basic Master Post shares essential information about the story such as:

Word Count:
Artist: (Include link)

Most authors get this part just right.

The part many authors miss is helping the reader find all the parts to their fic. I don’t think readers are asking a lot. We want to read your story, we want to read it in the correct order, and we actually want to read ALL of the story.

Some authors use tags, which helps, but tags are not nearly as effective as a simple list of links leading to each chapter or part in the story.

But in doing that, sometimes the links aren't enough either because they lead to locked posts, they aren't in a logical order; in so many ways, writers shoot themselves in their own feet by making it difficult to read multiple post fic.

For example, what many authors do is list Chapter 1a but make no mention of 1b in their chapter post let alone at the top of Chapter 1a, which could lead the reader to believe that there are no links at the bottom of the fic. This is NOT good. Not everyone (like me) is going to scroll down 18 plus chapters to see if there is more at the end. Trying to read a story shouldn’t be like a scavenger hunt.

This sucks. And the author gets no cookie or brownie points from me or any other reader that has experienced this.

Another issue for the multi-part stories is that some authors make 2 Master Posts. For the reader this is confusing, first because it makes me ask why there are two master posts for the same story? Why not just have one master post and list all the links there.

One time there was a multi-part story with two master posts, and in master post #1 (which was part 1), there were (let's just say) seven chapters numbered 1 through 7. But in the master post #2 (which was part 2), there were eight chapters, and they were numbered 1 through 8. If you stumbled upon master post #2, you might think you were at the beginning of the story, but instead you ended up in the middle. Much confusion develops for the reader when trying to figure this out.

If you MUST have two master posts (though it boggles the mind as to why you would want this kind of maintenance nightmare), then the chapters should be consistently sequential from beginning to end. Like this:

Part 1

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Part 2
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6a
Chapter 6b

It’s the author’s job (if they choose to share their writing) to make the access to their stories clear and not confusing. It does not inspire confidence in a story if an author cannot share their story in a way that does not confuse the reader or cut them off from the rest of the story.

Many workplaces now block social networking sites such as Livejournal. Readers have found a few ways to get around these blocks such as downloading fic to usb sticks, emailing the stories to themselves, and etc…as a result when they (including myself) are at work and have the time to read the fic, this is not the best time to find out they missed downloading parts of the author’s story. Keeping in mind with a limited amount of time in the evening to download and etc…this happens quite often.

These are just some things to keep in mind if you’re an author posting a multi-chaptered story or splitting a story up due to LJ word posting limitations. The simplest solution would be a single file version but if that is not possible then it is rather important that the author make it as easy and clear as possible for their readers to find every part of their story in a single post.
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First, I love artwork in stories cover images are awesome and I love it when people use images to show section breaks and I’m all for artwork in stories.

However, there are some things to keep in mind if you plan on incorporating images into your story.

First, if the image contains a crucial plot point, please do not rely solely on the image alone. Especially if the image is hosted on livejournal, photobucket, flicker, and other websites that host images. A lot of work places do ban these sites and if someone is reading at work and they get to the scene where your picture with the letter/note/crucial plot point is located and they can’t see the image that’s kind of a problem.

There are ways around this. One is to write out the letter like the image isn’t there and make it part of the story. Another way is to host the image somewhere that's generally not blocked by filters at most workplaces.

One thing to keep in mind too is that you may want to use the < img scr=”image name.jpg” alt=”type your message given on the picture/graphic here” > this code will help vision impaired users to listen to your story and know what type of image you’re using.

I discovered this reading an RTF story on my ebook reader. I got to the section where the image had information that I needed to understand what was going on but because Sony never fixed the RTF display problems…I can only guess what was said on the picture that changed the character’s mind. That's just one example of what can go wrong if you depend on your image to impart crucial information. But I've had this happen before in the past when reading a fic on DW, my workplace has blocked every single photo sharing site I know of and so while I could read the fic I could not see any of the images hosted off DW.
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well for the first time in over a year I sent some concrit to an author. I enjoyed her big bang story it was good for one read but kind of forgettable and after some thought and talking about it with a friend we kind of figured out why it just didn't work for us. Well my friend was a bit too shy to contact the author herself so I decided since the author is decent to give it a try....

Guys, I figured out why people are leaving feedback to hate memes anonyomous posting places, after this response I'd be quite nervous about contacting an author to leave honest basically do not give [ profile] elless18 constructive criticism.

Here's the post. And the reason why many people would rather post their feedback to fandom secrets, spnsecrets, and hate memes (whichever version we're on now)


I'm sorry, did I miss the rule that says a story must have conflict in it in order to be good? What's wrong with having total schmoop? I think you completely missed the point of my story.

Honestly, I don't have to defend a story a spent more than SIX months working on to you. I certainly didn't write it for you. I'm sorry that these aspects ruined the story so much for you that you felt the need to write and tell me everything that's wrong with it. It's people like you that dissuade writer's from posting at all.

In the future, I'd appreciate it if you kept your "constructive feedback" to yourself. Same goes for your friend.

--- amothea wrote:

I enjoyed your story and I meant to send this sooner but kind of lost track of time.

I normally don't write to authors with constructive feedback because honestly if I have too many problems with the story I probably didn't finish or don't know where to start. And I kind of suck at this. I normally stick to shallow one line type of feedback.

But my friend and I were kind of talking about your story (over the phone) because we've been recommending stories to each other and she pointed out something I kind of missed but made a lot of sense. (and she was too afraid to write to you herself) But we both kind of agreed that the only thing truly missing from your story was a real conflict that would create dramatic tension. You have the writing skills, the character voices were engaging, but the lack of conflict of any sorts didn't help your story stand out per say.

I'm not sure how else to describe it but I'd just re-read an old DS9 story that was kind of a kidfic on the last part of the trilogy and the child was sweet and smart but she also threw tantrums and refused to obey and got herself hurt. And was a pest and it felt real.

I was also curious as to why Jensen was so shy about going outdoors or meeting new people?

Basically, by the end I felt like everything was too easy for the guys and honestly after dating awhile I don't think anything ever fell into place that easily, not even when I met my husband. So it's just little things like that that for a romance I'm willing to suspend disbelief but I think it would have been a more powerful story if there was some sort of conflict to overcome. Though I'm guessing you were probably going for Jensen being shy as the conflict?

I did enjoy your story and I think you're talented and I really appreciate that you shared your story with us.

Best Regards,

EDIT: I crossed out the hate meme part because not having actually read through them I'm not actually sure just how bad it really is or if it's anything at all like the SPN Secrets. I just heard that people were talking about SPN big bang stories there I assumed discussion was happening anonymously. I don't have time to verify and I don't personally like visiting hate memes so I crossed it out here because it's not relevant beyond the anonymous part and why some people may like it. However, I don't think anonymous posting should be an excuse to say hateful things.
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One more reason I love DW. When you're reading your reading page if you want to un-subscribe to a feed or subscribe all you have to do is mouse over their icon figure and a popup box will open and give you options! It makes things so much easier, especially when reading discussions I can easily add someone to my reading list without having to leave the discussion or open yet another tab.

Um...since I'm saying something positive about DW I figured I better offer some invites to anyone that is interested. I have 3 invite codes to the first three people that comment here and request one. You may have to email me at amalthia at and let me know which email to send the invite to.

In other news, I ran across this today. The Death of Copyright I completely disagree with everything this writer had to say but that's not the interesting part of the post. It's how the writer reacts to those that disagree. It's a classic example of how not to respond...Basically if this was fandom I'd have submitted this link to fandom wank. I read the discussion and so far I think everyone has been polite, civil, and clear in their viewpoints even those that disagree with the author's statement about what would happen if there was no copyright. I personally think the author is grossly exaggerating. I also happen to think copyright as we know it nowadays is deeply flawed and can use some adjustment. I don't believe corporations should own copyrights on art, stories, or music for life + 70 years... I do believe authors deserve to be paid for their efforts but really the +70 is I think benefiting mostly corporations at this point. I could understand life + 20 because that would give the author's heirs a chance to maybe do something with their parent's work before it passes to public domain.

I'm thinking of all the novels that are currently in public domain that many movies and books are made based off them. Lost in Austen probably would not have happened if Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice was still in copyright (which if the corporations have their way) no work written today will be out of copyright for the next 200 years. I keep thinking of all these out of print books that are still in copyright and being held hostage by the publishing houses so no one can read them, or try re-printing the work themselves, or do anything with it. People far more articulate than I have discussed this topic at some length in various blogs, forums, and communities.

I just hate when people post articles pretty much saying everyone would steal and nothing creative and good would ever get produced again if money wasn't involved. Yes, I know many authors make a living off their writing, but just as many don't and they still write and share. Though, truly if I were a billionaire I can already list off the top of my head 20 fan fic authors I'd totally pay for them to stay home and write all day. (preferably really hot slash porn but I'm not too picky) :) I think if copyright truly did not exist I would not be the only one that would throw money at my favorite authors to help them out so they could keep writing. Or some other model would come out to support artists. As is we have a system that pretty much locks all creative works away from the public for so long I'll be dead and turned to dust before anyone is allowed to write spin offs, make movies, tv shows for His Majesty's Dragon. That actually makes me a bit sad. Because back to the BBC mini-series Lost in Austen...I'm reminded at how much creativity is out there and I'll never see something like that for my favorite novels written now.

At the moment people are kind of stuck using books written 200 years ago for shows. (not that that is bad but really there are only so many public domain novels people can use for movies, tv mini-series, and books) Which is probably why we have so many remakes for Pride and Prejudice.
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Yesterday evening I had a startling realization (hope that's the right word)

Right now, at DW they say the character posting limit with spaces is 300,000 thousand, for comments it's 10,000 characters. I did some math and opened a few stories in MS Word to use the word count feature, 300,000 characters with spaces is roughly 50k words a person can post at once.

Now, when DW first came about and I saw this I was VERY HAPPY. I think I was unrealisticly optomisitc or stupid. I thought that authors would see that this is better than what's offered from LJ. (and maybe they do...)

So far during the closed beta, what I've seen is a lot of authors cross posting, and yesterday I ran across a story that's supposed to be 100,000k plus words but the author is posting it over the next few weeks and I think at the end it's going to be 14 chapters. Luckily she said she'll provide a single file when it's done getting posted. However, that's not the problem.

I ended up writing to ask why is she posting the story in such small chapters at DW since technically the limit should be around 50k words...I found out she's cross posting to LJ and well as everyone knows LJ has a 10k word limit (give or take a few hundred words) Not going to go into a whole other rant of authors that have completed stories (or so they say) but don't post it at once for a variety of reaons that only sound good to them. Truly if your story is still in editing mode it's not complete so please don't lie and say it's complete, I find that highly annoying. Be honest, it's a wip. And if it's completely complete post the damned story already! This dragging out stories by posting 4k word at a time for a 100,000 word story is annoying and if you're a so-so writer chances are your story really isn't good enough to convince people to come back for the rest later. If you're a good author you drive people like me to want to pull a Kathy Bates in Misery on your ass. No I'm not picking on any one particular author because lets face it too many have done this by now (including some of my favorite authors ever). And well truly I think all my real friends know this is my biggest pet peeve ever in the history of fandom.

Moving back on topic....

This is problematic. If everyone posting stories via DW but cross posting to LJ then they are kind of downgrading to LJ limitiations, so then what's the point of even moving to DW then???

I do hope communities move over to DW because really I could not have been the only one overwhelmed with Master Posts at the Big Bang Challenges where there are 20 plus chapters because the LJ posting limit is so small that anyone that wrote over 100,000 words really had a lot of chapters.

After last night I figured maybe it's not a bad idea to take a break from fandom for awhile because I got rather upset (more so than I actually expected) and I thought I did rather well on keeping my anger in check and not take it out on the poor author who had the misfortune to be the last straw on this camel's back. I think I'm tired of merging stories to read. I can't read at work (LJ is blocked) I don't have the energy or time to open 40 chapters and save them (okay I could but I really don't feel I should have to just thinking of it makes me want to cry) So anytime I see a story that's over 3 posts I just don't even want to go there anymore. At this point it's less work converting OCR novels from IRC to ebook format than fan fiction. Hell, at this point I'm revisiting HP because they have these lovely places called archives where I can get a 300,000 word story into a single post with a click of a button. I'm also reading more Doctor Who fan fiction because it seems like a much bigger fandom when you see how many fics are archived at A Teaspoon and an Open Mind

I think I was getting tired of LJ as an archiving community long before DW came out and when I found out that DW had increased posting limits, I think I got my hopes up high so it kind of hurt worse when they were dashed.

I've been a fan fiction writer and reader so I think I can kind of see both sides, but for this issue I'm coming at it as a reader that just wants long stories in single files. I know it's a lot to ask and I shouldn't feel entitled to it but it's one of my biggest wishes.

Basically, in my head I feel like I have two seperate issues mixed up together but ultimately I think I'm burning out, between work, school, converting stories for the Ebook Library and it's making it harder to feel reasonable when I see 100,000 word stories posted in 10 plus chaptered posts.

One last thing before I stop talking and dig myself a deeper hole...

Does anyone have a single file version of [profile] fleshflutter's Someone you might have been ??? She said she was working on creating one but it's been a month and at 39 chapters...I haven't had the time to even open all the chapters and save them. Also I know she's busy working on her Big Bang.
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About six months or a year ago I ran across a journal article (think it was a journal article) that talks about Sam and Dean and incest and it factored in all the reasons why incest is a high probability for Sam and Dean. I think the person used percentages in the article. I was looking for it and I was hoping maybe someone else knows what I'm talking about and still has the site linked or bookmarked?
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Thamiris is an amazingly talented fan fiction writer who died a little over a year ago. I don't know if it's okay to archive her works or not since I can no longer write to ask her permission?

I know a few years ago she was a-okay with me hosting a story of hers in the Angst Archive but I'm not sure if that's enough.

I'd appreciate any and all help from my flist in answering this question.

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