Nov. 10th, 2006

amalthia: (Angel)
I went through the Angst Archive and found the epic sized hurt/comfort stories listed there. Turns out there were a lot more than I expected.

Just a few that come to mind... )
amalthia: (Supernatural)
a mount rushmore for assassins by [ profile] tripoli8 I loved Dean in this story and each of the five moments.

Chimera by [ profile] innie_darling I loved the plot, the creepiness, and the character voice for the OC really worked.

Dancing Shoes by [ profile] pheebs1 Lovely Gen fic, pre-series. Dean's first and possibly only dance.

I bet you look good on the dancefloor by [ profile] pheebs1 (Sam/Dean) Dancing in a club and I thought this was hot.

Indelible marks by [ profile] pheebs1 Gen/Pre-series fic about Sam's scars.

Exeunt The Flesh Mob by [ profile] deadspeaker I find it highly amusing that I'm finding all these wonderful Halloween stories way after Halloween. I loved the OC and how the story unfolds. Awesome character voice.

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