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updated: 12/24/10 I decided to use ♣ to indicate personal favorites aka the stories I've read so many times I can probably quote them backwards and forwards.

Drama/Action/Adventure/Romance, First Time, Darkfic, Genderbending/Cross Dressing/Body Switching, PWP/Humor, Crossovers, AU, Future/Post-Series, Curses/Charms/Amnesia/Shapechanging/Other Powers, General


1) The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes [ profile] stakeaclaim (Merlin/Arthur)
2) Tintagel [ profile] seperis (Merlin/Arthur)
3) truth is a whisper [ profile] seperis (Merlin/Arthur)
4) The Crown of the Summer Court [ profile] astolat (Merlin/Arthur) ♣♣♣♣
5) Onfindan [ profile] astolat (Merlin/Arthur) ♣♣♣♣
6) slán sábháilte[ profile] dotfic (Merlin/Arthur)
7) The Sorcerer and the King by Winterhill. (Merlin/Arthur)

Curses/Charms/Amnesia/Shapechanging/Other powers

1)A Thousand Different Skins [ profile] tarayith (Merlin/Arthur, shapechanging)♣♣♣♣
2) nightanddaze: Doubled Over With the Hunger of Lions [ profile] nightanddaze (Merlin/Arthur, Curse) ♣♣♣♣
3) a tree and a bee and a flea, fiddle-dee-dee [ profile] oxoniensis (Merlin/Arthur, Curse)
4) This Dark Road Will Lead Us Where We Want to Be by accordingtome. (Merlin/Arthur, Soul Bond)
5) Seven Magpies by Syllic. (Merlin/Arthur)
6) Post hoc, ergo propter hoc (‘After this, therefore because of this.’) by hitome bore. (Merlin/Arthur, time-travel)
7) A Study in Natural Philosophy by Mad Maudlin. (Merlin/Arthur)
8) You're A Mile Away and Your Have Their Shoes by Mad Maudlin. (Merlin/Arthur)

First Time

1) In Want of a Wife [ profile] syllic (Merlin/Arthur)
2) In Time of Trial [ profile] shinetheway (Merlin/Arthur)
3) The Mirror, The Sword and The Shield [ profile] aelora (Merlin/Arthur) ♣♣♣♣
4) Needlework [ profile] zarathuse (Merlin/Arthur)
5) An Unnecessary Freezing of Water [ profile] shinetheway (Merlin/Arthur)
6) so are they all, all honourable men [ profile] seperis (Merlin/Arthur)
7) The Tournament of All Magicks by Corilannam. (Merlin/Arthur)

Dark Fics/non-con/rape/torture

1) A Chuisle [ profile] exlibris_tenisu (Merlin/Arthur)

Genderbending/Cross Dressing/Body Switching

1) The Course of True Love [ profile] puckling (Merlin/Arthur) ♣♣♣♣
2) Woke Up New [ profile] ficbyzee (Merlin/Arthur)
3) Quickening days [ profile] mercurial_wit (Merlin/Arthur) ♣♣♣♣


1) On the Knob Training [ profile] morcalivan (Merlin/Arthur) ♣♣♣♣
2) astolat: Favorite [ profile] astolat (Merlin/Arthur) ♣♣♣♣
3) Damsel in Distress [ profile] thehoyden (Merlin/Arthur)
4) Who's Counting Anyway? [ profile] phantomjam (Merlin/Arthur)

Future Fic

1) Peach, Plum, Pear [ profile] sweetestdrain (Merlin/Arthur)


1) Drastically Redefining Protocol [ profile] rageprufrock (Merlin/Arthur) ♣♣♣♣
2) The Student Prince by FayJay. (Merlin/Arthur)


1) The Route to Advancement [ profile] magog_83 (Merlin/Arthur)

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