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I've seen more requests on how to use Calibre plugins to download fic from archives into Calibre and how to merge series into a single file. This tutorial will first cover how to install plugins. As well as how to use the plugin Fanfiction Downloader to download fic from archives into Calibre and then the use of the plugin Epubmerge to merge series into a single file.

Install plugins )
How to setup Fanfiction Downloader )
How to use Fanfiction Downloader )
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This weekend I spent far too much time trying to figure out how to automate some tasks in Calibre. Normally I have to use Bulk edit metadata to remove all my tags, then select stories one by one to add a cover, especially if I have a group of stories from various fandoms.

What I learned this weekend fixed all of that and I posted my findings at [ profile] fanfic_ebooks

Calibre FFDL Plugin - Replace Metadata and Generate Cover automatically
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I updated my Calibre tutorial over at the FanFic Ebook Community

The direct link to the Calibre tutorial is image heavy because I made a lot of screen caps.

I'd appreciate any input that can help this tutorial make more sense for novices.

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