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Before I start doing homework today I figured I should post a few recs. School has eaten up a lot of time and writing so as a result I'm re-reading favorite fics (because I already know what happens I can stop reading which is helpful for finishing assignments and writing)

Also my friend [personal profile] elf is looking for a roommate for Escapade. If anyone who is going still needs another roommate please contact her and let her know. She's rather awesome.


Break the lock if it don't fit by fleshflutter (sam/dean) I loved the premise and the imagery.


Simple Things by regann (Chuck/Bryce) I loved the details and the OC pov on Chuck and Bryce.

Writing Update:
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Star Trek

To the Best of my Recollection by svilleficrecs (Kirk/Spock) I love mind meld fics and this one hit all my buttons. :)


Ghosts, Spies and Campfire Lies by spn_summergen (Gen) I had a blast reading this story. I loved the character voices and especially loved how all the characters worked together. :) This was a truly fun crossover to read.

Terminator Salvation

The Events at Elgin Avenue by hollycomb (Marcus/Kyle) INSTANT REC!!!! This was HOT, heartbreaking, and I could not stop reading until I reached the end.


The Theory of Two Centres by sam_storyteller (Jack/Ianto) INSTANT REC!!!! I loved the plot, the character voices, the concept. I could not stop reading this story once I started it's one of those long lovely stories that is perfect to read on a rainy day. :)

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breathing by numbers by [personal profile] oxoniensis (Chuck/Bryce) I liked this.


This Wide Night by [personal profile] aesc (Gen) This was a really good episode tag for episode 4x20.

Better Angels by [personal profile] rivkat (Sam/Dean) I liked the concept and would love to see more of this verse if the author wrote more.

The truth is written in the curve of your lips and the bow of your head is a benediction to me by memphis86 (Sam/Dean) I liked the imagery and character voices.

I know you from somewhere by annella (Jared/Jensen) This was cute and I liked the concept.

Circumference by thenyxie (Castiel/Dean) I loved Castiel's pov and the imagery.

Star Trek

A Point of Vulnerability by [personal profile] green (Kirk/McCoy) I liked this.

through water by sans_pertinence (Kirk/Spock) This was very HOT and I loved Kirk's voice.

How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership by sparky77 (Gen) This was funny and I LOVED the character voices.


Wild Magic by shinetheway (Merlin/Arthur) This was kind of hot.

Supernatural Vid Rec

SUBTEXT FOR DUMMIES ! Dean & Castiel (vid:recs:spn) This was truly inspired...


Darkness, Darkness by pwcorgigirl (Gen) I really liked Sam and House's character voices and the case was interesting.

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Four Times Chuck Was a Hero by Being Nerdy by dotfic (Gen) This was fun.

Hikaru No Go

Square One by murinae (shindou/touya) I had a blast reading this story.


The Trouble With Unicorns by astolat (Merlin/Arthur Morgana/Gwen) This was short but funny and hot. :)

Sarah Conner Chronicles

Cinderella, Made of Steel by David Hines (Gen) I liked Cameron's pov and all her moments with the Conners. :)

Tin Heart by Amethyst Shard (John/Cameron) I liked Cameron's voice and confusion in this story.


A Matter of Time by demotu (Jack/Ianto) INSTANT REC!!! This story blew me away on many many levels. I loved the plot, character voices, the sheer storytelling that went into this story. I could not stop reading once I started. Run don't walk to this story.

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Easy Listening by emungere (Gen) I loved Casey's pov this was funny too.

(tags: gen recs-Chuck f3)

The Road to Hell... by sparky77 (Chuck/Bryce) I liked this.


Atonement by eighth_horizon (Tony/Steve) I could not stop reading this story once I started.

Stargate Atlantis

Paper Ring by monanotlisa (Gen) I liked this episode tag.

The Dance by mamoru (vid:recs:merlin) I liked the song and this was sweet.

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Mistletoe Kisses by yuletide (Chuck/Bryce) This was really sweet and perfect.

Chuck Versus the Purple Haze by yuletide (Chuck/Bryce) I liked Chuck's pov.

Four Things Bryce Larkin Regrets and One He Doesn't by yuletide (Chuck/Bryce) I liked this.


That Shall Achieve The Sword by yuletide (Merlin/Arthur) I really enjoyed this story and I liked how it ended. :)

Buggre Alle This by yuletide (Merlin/Arthur) I had a blast reading this story. :)

exigent by xsmoonshine (Merlin/Arthur) This was interesting.

Walking into Legend by yuletide (Merlin/Arthur) INSTANT REC!!!! I don't even know where to start. I loved the story and how the years progress and Gwen and Morgana are awesome.

Tentacles by yuletide (Merlin/Arthur) This was kind of wrong but funny and hot.

Sarah Conner Chronicles

Tell Me How This Ends by yuletide I really loved all the character povs.


I love the bones of you by fleshflutter (Castiel/Dean) I liked the pacing, imagery, and Castiel's pov.

While You Were Sleeping by leonidasden (Sam/Ruby) I liked this.

Galaxy Quest

Thespians, Aliens and a Damn, Stupid Hammer by yuletide I really enjoyed this Galaxy Quest story.

The Rebirth of Brandon Wheeger by yuletide This rec is mostly for [ profile] lovesrain44 and well everyone else on my flist that loves Galaxy Quest. This was funny, kind of sad, and the perfect story for what happens next. I always wanted to know what happened with Brandon at the end. :)

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selves unimaginably mine by yuletide (Chuck/Sarah) I really liked this story.

Eight Crazy Nights, night six, crossover edition by rivkat (Gen) I really love crossovers with these two fandoms. And I really liked Chuck's pov of Sam and Dean.


Why I Hate Christmas I found myself hard pressed to disagree with anything pointed out here.

(tags: recs-Meta)

Sarah Conner Chronicles

Joseki (John/Cameron) I liked Cameron's voice.

Stargate Atlantis

The Axis of Pythia by packyrsuitcases (Sheppard/McKay) I liked this.

Kashmir by rinsbane (Sheppard/McKay) INSTANT REC!!!This story really blew me away. I loved the character voices, the sex was HOT and so very wrong and Sheppard was awesome. Really I can't explain why I liked this story so much.


Fides by rivkat (Sam/Dean Castiel/Dean Dean/Ruby) The sex was really really hot.

Eight Crazy Nights, night six, crossover edition by rivkat (Gen) I really love crossovers with these two fandoms. And I really liked Chuck's pov of Sam and Dean.

Behind the Curtain by renjifan (Jared/Jensen) I liked the story and the sex was hot.

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every home was like alcatraz by green_postit (Bryce/Chuck) INSTANT REC!!! I adored this story and truly there aren't enough Bryce/Chuck stories. I also really liked the character voices.


Dangerous Cargo by Nestra (Mal/Simon) this was cute. :)


Man And Dog by esohpe (Gen) This was pretty messed up in a good way.

Okay fixed review counts, delicous blog is now posting my recs to my JF, and I was really busy with work today so didn't do much reading.

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