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I like the idea of uther wanting to take Merlin to bed but Merlin doesn't want to have sex with Uther at all and feels too embarrassed to talk to Arthur or Gaius. lots of questionable consent stuff.
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Instead of concentrating on homework I'm trying to figure out what would happen if an Angel's "Grace" was stolen and given to Sam and Dean...if it's possible, would it change them completely? Would they go insane? And what the hell would happen to the Angel who's Grace was stuck in the body of two humans?

Also, I can't get this one vid I saw out of my head. So I downloaded the song and am listening to it way too often.
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I just realized I want to read an AU where Dean and Jess are Death Angels who are watching over Sam who is a 12 year old and terminally ill with throat cancer and then one day Sam sees Dean and Jess and kind of freaks out. But they agree to help him turn into a 16 year old Sam so he could try out for this music singing competition not thinking he'd win!

And sometime between Dean and Jess helping Sam realize his dream to be a very famous pop singer Dean realizes that he loves Sam and stuff happens along the way.

I also realized I don't think I can pay anyone enough money to write this AU so I might actually have to do it myself!
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I think i'd like to read a story where sam and dean are in phoneix and somehow run across Alison in a case where they are suspects.

John appears to Alison to try and get her to save his sons.

maybe having something where John finds out Sam and Dean are in a relationship.
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I signed up for [ profile] sam_slut_a_thon because well I'm really enjoying what people are posting so far and I feel motivated, and I think this will help me continue writing.

here's my table at the's kind of empty but I hope to get it completely filled sometime between now and next year, if not sooner. :)

002.Hands 003.Food
005.Weapons 006.Public 007.Sleepy 008.Rimming
011.Porn 012.Sloppy, Imperfect Sex
014.Pregnancy Scare 015.Toys 016.Water
017.Illegal 018.Writer's Choice Cliche 019.Writer's Choice Kink
020.Writer's Choice
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I saw X-Men wasn't as good as the first 2 fact it kind of sucked in terms of storytelling, character development, and pacing. However after seeing this movie I keep thinking of all these X-Men/SGA crossover ideas, most of which are cliche. But I thought it would be interesting to figure out how the Stargate program would work if there really were mutants and would the government enlist their add in fighting against these alien threats like the Wraith...(wonder what Rogue's power would do to a Wraith...)

I have way too many story ideas considering how little I actually write.
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Mix and Match - Stargate Atlantis Slash Crossover Challenge

I signed up for this one because the deadline is the end of June and I've been wanting to write a SGA crossover in forever. Basically I don't really think of mary sue characters I think of mary sue plotlines and crossovers with SG-1 and SGA are just awesome.

Um anyway, not sure how the story will turn out. I selected the pairings now I just need to think of a plot I haven't daydreamed about to death. I think I'm going to let my inner child out on this story.
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I just finished re-reading this novel and for some god awful reason I really want to see Anita Blake/SGA crossover stories.

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