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I mean I knew United States was starting to look more and more like a fascist nation but this one is like a big wake up call for all United States citizens.
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I got this from [ profile] davidology and it's too good not to share

A New York Times editorial Death of an American City

Election :(

Nov. 3rd, 2004 12:07 pm
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My mom sent me this stupid chain letter that says if you don't like this country move out. grrrr I don't want to leave my home, you shouldn't have to. But I get the feeling we are going to face even more pollution, more job layoffs, more deaths in Iraq, and more bullshit from President Bush than ever before. I swear, I can't believe people actually voted for a man who lied! They almost impeached Clinton for lying about getting that blowjob. And here Bush lied about something far more important and people re-elected him. I'm sorry, maybe it's just me, but if someone lies to me, I don't trust them again, ever.

I'm deeply saddened by the choice my fellow citizens in the United States made in voting for Bush and for making gay marriage illegal in many states. :(

Anyway, I have the feeling for the first time in a long time there is going to be a mass migration out of the United States from people looking for civil rights/liberities/and a fucking job someplace else.

Vote now!

Oct. 19th, 2004 12:28 pm
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i'm just writing in here to remind anyone who reads my livejournal that early voting has started, you don't have to wait until Nov 2 to vote. I recommend going early and getting it out of the way. Just please don't forget to vote this is an important election year. Though I do prefer if anyone does listen to me and votes that they should vote for Kerry and not Bush...
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I'm signing petitions, and I'm calling both Texas senators on Monday and letting them know I will not vote for anyone who supports adding any form of discrimintation into the constitution. I'm tempted to make some poster signs and start a rally in Austin, Texas. I think people need to know that this is more than just a gay issue. this is discrimination. How are we supposed to "give" freedom to Iraq, when we are taking it away from our own citizens. :(

Even if I had never seen the 911 movie, I would never ever vote for Bush. I'd rather vote for a monkey than let that asshole back in office. That any president in these times would go against freedom for it's's beyond my comprehension.

for anyone reading this, please write, call, email your senators. Let them know if you do not support this proposed amendment.
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Just saw an article about 3 japanese men who were kidnapped in Iraq...I'm reallly hoping someone is able to rescue those men before they are burned alive. :( I hate terrorists. I just don't understand how someone could do something so cruel to a person who did nothing wrong to you. Those Japanese men they kidnapped weren't even soliders. 2 were aid workers and the other is a photojournalist. I can't help but feel like I want to get even with these terrorist groups. :(

maybe I just don't understand the what they are fighting for, however it does not help their cause when they car bomb resturants, kidnap innocent civilians, and wreck havock on a city. Martin Luther King JR accomplished a lot without resorting to kidnapping, car bombings, and threats of murder. Maybe if they had some good speech writers in their organizations and a great public speaker they could gain support for their cause...I realize, however, our countries are different..but I don't think they'll be stoned to death if they do sit ins or peaceful marches.

If I had seen these groups try peaceful methods of gaining their objectives I'd probably support them, but I haven't seen that instead they go out and murder. Then they are shocked that no one listens to them or wants to do what they want. No one even wants to compromise with murders.

Anyway, reading that article in yahoo news..kind of made me wonder why I stress out so much over frivolous things when there is so much more happening in the world and real people are suffering. :( I suspect tomorrow I'll be back to worrying about myself and my own problems, however I think it's good to take time out each day and acknowledge there are bigger problems in the world, other than how I'm going to pay for my next credit card payments.
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I found the State of teh Union address very disturbing, and it was made more disturbing because my mom loves this guy. :( She completely approves of changing the constitution to prevent the possiblity of gay couples marrying.

I'm back from the holidays and i'm not sure if I'll have much time to keep this journal updated.

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